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Appreciate Your Hardships And Your Lessons

By on November 17, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Appreciate Your Hardships And Your Lessons

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by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing Writer,

I’m asking all of you to appreciate your hardships and your lessons. You learn the most with controversy. The repeated challenges wake you up to the core of your soul with the realization to find love and light in the simplest of pleasures. Again you are reminded that you cannot expect to walk into complete awareness and without the need for lessons. Our challenges are where we learn and soul grow the most from. The lessons we ignore will put us into this repeated cycle of the same… until we wake up and decide to turn the wheel of fate in a new direction. You always have the chance and opportunity to turn your own wheel of fate to the direction of your destiny. But that will also depend on whether you have fully learned what you need to in order to gain the strength to “crank the wheel” into an entirely different direction. I can encourage you to do so, but that is your Freewill to physically do it.


No one can “save you” but you. You hold the key ALWAYS. The key to your heart and soul opening is asking for you to love yourself completely and unconditionally. You are capable to first heal and transmute these past pains, dysfunctional attributes, and soul trauma. This is not easy to do. It is very painful at times. When you need to seek help, please do so. Ask your angels and guides to direct you where you need to go to compliment your needs whether it is physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, etc. As you begin to heal yourself, you may become more open and aware to hear your heart and soul intuition. This is the point to completely loving and healing yourself. You are fine tuning yourself into the high frequency and energy vibration of the New Earth.

It seems discouraging to give you requirements but let me rephrase this to be more highly encouraged. Choose to heal and love yourself completely. This is your soul formula. Suddenly you will find yourself breaking free from the locks and chains that have held you captive or rather “stuck” for millennia. It is painful to look within yourself and see all of those “ugly truths” you have kept secret about yourself or others. But we are being asked to shed light now on these dark places within our heart and soul that have held you back, truly keeping us from our truest potential. We cannot truly heal with ignorance, oppression, distractions, or despair anymore. We have entered a new energy that seems unforgiving in this area.

I have talked about recently how the energy is pushing us forward out of our comfort zone whether we approve, agree with it, or not. ❤️ You have to know that we are now in tune with the unity consciousness truth or some call it the Universal Law of One. The majority of the collective has called for transformation and change. We have banned together with the mantra of: desiring financial abundance for all, Peace and alliance amongst Earth and all alliances of the Cosmos, complete Healing and physical well-being of ALL. With those blessings we ask for higher guidance to reform us and guide us accordingly to this new way to live. You can either be “shoe in or shoe out.” The choice is always up to YOU individually here in question. No one is here to sway you one way or the other. You always are encouraged to feel the answers within your heart and no one should move you into a direction you are unwilling to travel.

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The energy is moving us accordingly to the collective consciousness. Your stagnation or hesitation may feel like you are left behind. You always have a chance or opportunity to catch up on your own time. It’s not a race by all means. However, I cannot promise that the increased energy will not shed light upon your weak spots or challenges. It may get more intensified or uncomfortable as time goes on. I will tell you that the energy is becoming unforgiving of the facade, lies, illusions, or the soul settling for what is no longer beneficial or complementary. There is no threat here. Only promise that you can hold yourselves into what is not your soul truth for only so long, before the foundation of your false life begins to first crack and then eventually will be rubble beneath your feet.

Again, this is the energy of the New Earth. Prepare to see, feel, and know within your heart and soul intuition ALL that needs to be healed, transmuted, and released. I’m reaching my hand out to grasp yours in this same effort to liberate yourselves, Earth, and all of humanity to move forward. Let’s do it now. Together, as ONE. It is time! Our time has been decreed. Our success is imminent.

So let it be.


And so it is. ❤️

Blessings to you today and always.

~Adeana M. Slater

About the author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empath, Lightworker, and Twin Flame who enjoys to write spiritual and inspirational articles in her free time to encourage the collective towards self love, soul empowerment, and higher consciousness.

Image: Pixabay

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