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Are You Waiting For Your Twin Flame? Global Reset? Money? The Wave?

By on April 12, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Are You Waiting For Your Twin Flame? Global Reset? Money? The Wave?

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by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

In this article, I will be focused on messages that a lot of us have received about waiting and how these messages may not be for your highest good. Waiting, from what I have seen and experienced often results in more of slipping back into victim consciousness where things are happening to us and we are waiting for possible things that happen to us to change our reality.


Messages about waiting often get our hopes up for something that will happen to us in the future that may never come.

A few examples of these I’ve experienced or observed in many others are:

  • Twin Flame concept
  • Money and/or currency reset
  • A big wave of energy that is going to come that leads us into the ascension

Twin Flame Concept

The Twin Flame concept never has resonated with me on a soul level, but I admit that I was caught up in the idea for a little while myself. It’s extremely enticing to believe in the idea that there is this other half of your soul that you are destined to be with no matter what.

I can’t say whether the twin flame concept is true or not, but I do fully believe that we all create our own realities so if you believe in this idea fully then you can easily create a reality in which you are experiencing it in some way. What I do believe, is that at least 90%+ of the information around this concept isn’t for anyone’s highest good. I believe that there is a lot of interference from negative energies involved in these connections and information.

The reasons for this is because MOST of what I have observed around people relating to themselves as twin flames is:

Someone constantly being told to WAIT for this other person they are destined to be with, even for years at a time. Waiting for this other person to awaken and come into their power so they can come into “union” together. All the while the person that is being told to wait has given their power away to this other person and has made their happiness dependent on this other person to awaken and come to them. Often times this other person is elusive, distant, and seemingly uninterested in even speaking with them. Other times they are in love with someone else, married, have a family, and/or are unavailable in one or more ways. They continue to receive messages that eventually something will change and this “twin” will be with them.


Mostly with these ones waiting, I’ve seen nothing but victim consciousness energy. How they feel that day and most of everything that is happening in their life and energetically is all related to their twin flame. Everything is happening TO THEM. When things are constantly happening TO YOU, that is victim consciousness. When you are constantly creating your reality you are embodying creator consciousness. They read about twin flame updates from various sources that tell them how to feel for the day or get there hopes up that something is constantly changing with that. Most of these messages I believe to not be for anyone’s highest good and are interference from lower energy beings.

I highly suggest that anyone that has been caught up in the twin flame ideology to take some big steps back and really try to see what the result of that belief is doing. This ascension is all about us coming into our own power, remembering we are creators of our own reality, and living in the PRESENT NOW moments. As well as embodying the divine feminine & divine masculine in harmony within yourself, which should not have anything to do with what someone else is doing or where they are at spiritually. If you are constantly receiving messages to WAIT then those messages are most likely not from higher consciousness or from beings that have your highest good in mind. If the result of what you have been guided to do is sit around and wait for something that may never happen, it may be good to step back and look at that from another angle. With romance, a perfect fit for you could be someone you already know or someone new that is ready to enter your life NOW if you are open to it. If you aren’t open to this because you are waiting for someone else that may never show up, especially one that is unavailable, you could miss out on something special.

All of this is of course my opinion, but this is what I have observed and seen so far with this ideology. If this Twin Flame concept is REAL, then I believe what others have said, that there are far fewer of them around then people think. Especially since it seems like out of 100 people that have been told they are a twin flame and have a mission around it… 1 of those comes into “union” and gets together with their twin, while 99 haven’t and being a twin flame is being used a justification to feel suffering.

Money and/or Currency Reset

The money messages are ones I’ve gotten caught up in myself. I found out later that it was interference involved, so the messages I thought were from my spirit guides weren’t from them. My experience was constantly being told to sit around and wait for an inheritance that has still never come. After 6-8 months went by, I was told to wait another 6 months and finally realized that something wasn’t right. I did KNOW somewhere within me that something wasn’t right with this message. I knew that higher consciousness is supposed to help guide me to empower myself as a creator and that this message of waiting to be magically handed something was suspect. However I was also trying the trust and surrender to believe it will all work out. So after a while I did realize that this message wasn’t from any being that had my highest good in mind. This was a perfect example of sitting around, waiting for something to happen to me, to change my life. This could have continued for years if I had let it. Any message that tells us to wait and not come into our own power as creators to change our reality for ourselves now, is most likely not a message intended for your highest good.

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I’ve seen this with many others regarding money. Being told to wait for this perfect job to come or waiting for this global currency reset to fix all of our money issues. I have no doubt that some sort of currency reset and change will happen at some point. It literally has to, because the current system is not viable when the collective moves into a higher consciousness energy. However, if you are sitting around on pins and needles being told to wait and that this is constantly right around the corner… I believe that to also be interference. Instead higher consciousness messages would help guide you to empowering your own life and take action NOW that can help move you onto a better path financially. Sitting around waiting is doing nothing but taking away your power as a creator in the now moment.

A Big Wave Of Energy

This is one that I’ve seen a lot lately. I’ve even had visions of a wave in meditation myself. A big wave came and all I had to do was ride the wave. I’ve also had a vision of a train pulling up to me and all I had to do was just get on it.

I do believe that it is certainly possible for a big planet wide wave of light/energy from the Great Central Sun/Source to come at some point and raise the consciousness level of Gaia and everyone here to a new level in a matter of days. The issue is more of getting people’s hopes up all the time with specific dates for this to happen. The newest one has been March/April as a possibility or even 2018 in general. There’s nothing wrong with putting energy toward this becoming a reality, I do that myself because I would like to support this outcome if it’s meant to be and for the highest good. The issue with it again is the waiting aspect of it. If you are not happy with how your life is at this moment and are waiting for this big wave to come to change everything for you, then you are not coming into your own power and taking control of your reality. And from that perspective, if this big “Event” wave came now it would be robbing many people of the opportunity to learn to come into their own power and manifest themselves out of the situation they are in that isn’t what they want. Because in the end, what is going to empower someone more… working hard, struggling, learning, experiencing, healing, clearing, and pulling themselves up on their own… or having a big wave of energy come in and magically pull them up for them.


There was this Pleiadian message on YouTube I remember seeing over a year ago. The message in the video made a lot of sense with the analogy that was used though. They were talking about waiting and using the analogy of cooking. If you have a pot of water that you are waiting for it to boil and sit there and stare at it, it’s going to seem like it’s taking a long time. If while you are waiting for the water to boil, you chop up all the rest of the ingredients and are DOING something else that takes your attention off the water coming to a boil, then it seems like everything went a lot faster. You take action while you are waiting and then everything comes together when it’s supposed to.


That analogy has stuck with me because I feel it’s a message that many need to hear. You can remain hopeful about something in the future happening that hasn’t happened yet and put energy toward that happening, but there are things you can be doing NOW. Actions that you can take that will lead you to what you are wanting to create or have in your life, while remaining open that the path may change. I believe that at this time of the energies, many patterns and the rest of what we have been holding onto that isn’t resulting in our happiness, is being let go of. This could come in the form of romance/relationships, money, careers, moving to a new geographic area, and anything else that can vary per individual.

Guidance and messages we receive from our guides and from a soul level within should always lead to self empowerment, happiness/love from within, and down a path that is for our highest good. If the result of the messages and guidance you have had up till this point has caused nothing but pain, disappointment, loneliness, lack of abundance, and constantly getting your hopes up for something that never seems to happen, then there is a chance the information is being interfered with and not coming from a place of love, light, and truth.

Love & Light


Image: Pixabay

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