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Are Your Dreams Becoming More Intense And Vivid?

By on March 16, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening with 1 Comment

Are Your Dreams Becoming More Intense And Vivid in5d

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, In5D.com

Have you noticed lately how your dreams have become more intense and vivid? If so, you are definitely not alone!

On Facebook, I made this observation and numerous people concurred.  Not only have people been experiencing strange sleeping habits lately, but their dreams have become more intense and vivid.

I keep a dream journal and for the most part, the entries are relatively short but lately, they have been quite lengthy and detailed.

In one dream, I was a scientist who was working on the genetic modification of plants and insects in the last days of Atlantis.  I was there, underwater (not sure if I was dead or alive but it was after the flood that wiped out Atlantis), looking at the things I had created and kept thinking to myself, “We can’t let this happen again!”

Part of the awakening process is remembering who you were.  Many people believe that we are not able to remember who we were because it would be too traumatic, especially for those who were around during times of cataclysms. As the veil is lifting, more and more people are beginning to remember who they were and what their purpose is in this incarnation.

For me, it wasn’t traumatic at all, even though I wasn’t sure if I was dead or alive in this dream.  The most important part was remembering the lesson from that dream of not making the same mistake twice.

Here are what my Facebook friends are saying:

Are Your Dreams Becoming More Intense and Vivid? | in5d.com

It’s certainly not a coincidence that many people are also experiencing a change in their sleeping patterns as well. It’s quite possible that both of these occurances are associated with the new energies that are arriving each day. Not only are we entering into the Age of Aquarius but we are also experiencing Pluto in Capricorn. Additionally, we have an upcoming Venus Retrograde.

Have your dreams become more intense and vivid lately? Comment below!
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