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Ascension In Pop Culture

By on May 13, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Ascension In Pop Culture

by Sarah,
Contributing Writer,

Today, I hope to unearth a seemingly far-less discussed topic in Ascension culture – the culture itself. Please, as with all things, discern what is appropriate for your own adventure. Respectfully, we are all at unique places & needing different tools and information.

For the longest time, I’ve struggled with various words and concepts in this cultural movement. It has been partially due to my healthy dose of skepticism, but perhaps more than that, a feeling that all was not coherent with my soul. Nor was it a denial of this process – in fact, I must admit this is very, very real, and more-so than many of us are ready to understand. But just like any business, corporation, group, or culture: one must use their heart to navigate what feels true, beautiful, and authentic. Note again, the heart.

‘Light and love’ is a phrase that is tossed around quite playfully among individuals in Ascension culture. Among many words, phrases, and concepts, these can be ‘kept in the intellect’, or intellectualized, as I like to say – instead of truly bringing this energy into the heart, the soul. Using that as a platform: Ascension culture itself can too, be intellectualized or, instead brought into the heart.

Let this be a wake-up call, if need be: This journey is not wholly about “I’m a light-worker” and “There are dark forces & a false matrix.” This is, however no doubt, an important step in the process, but it is not a place to remain. Eventually, you will be forced to confront why you have created these circumstances for yourself, and bring it all into your heart – in this process, you are creating unity consciousness, or oneness.

Again, this does not happen to you. Your work and expansion creates Ascension.

I must share a deeply significant secret. Without fail, every single time I have checked in with my own internal system, my discernment, and my higher wisdom, this is the message I receive about Ascension: it is already here, and it is in the heart. This, my lovely co-creators and consciousness reflections, is profound. Ascension is not outside of you, nor will it ever happen to you. This is something you create. This is a state of heart (not mind, not label, not identity), a state of being that you may learn to be aligned with at all times.

It requires practice, awareness, and surrender. This is what is called “doing the work,” or what I have recently adopted, “doing the play.” For individuals truly walking & living this path, they are on duty 24/7. The answer, the place of alignment, is always deep in the heart.

There are many stages of this process, and please do respect where you are & what feels right for you. At the beginning of my own journey, I identified more with certain labels or quite simply sought more support from others in the community. However, the more I developed a relationship with my soul, wisdom, and knowing, I have quickly been spit out into a place where I seek practically no external validation or support in my growth and connection. This, my friends, is where we all hope to be. It becomes deeply personal and individualistic – this is such a gift & something quite beautiful about creation itself.

With all that being said, note that I do not find anything inherently wrong with Ascension Culture, but I must admit that it is only a stepping stone. It is not the end game, nor is it the ultimate truth. This is something you must discover for yourself, and it is quite simply waiting, to be discovered.

About the author: Sarah is on the journey just as much as the next person. Her heart lies in awakening, remembering, and bringing different perspectives & language to the movement of ‘Ascension’ in modern culture.

Image: Pixabay

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