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DNA Clearing Upgrade & Experiences With Reptilian Device Removals

By on May 7, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

DNA Clearing Upgrade & Experiences With Reptilian Device Removals

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by Matthew,
Contributing Writer,

There’s constantly new upgrades and tools available to us with all of the changes coming in with new energies. One of these was made known to me near the beginning of April. This upgrade ended up clearing my DNA and resulted in multiple hidden devices being able to be seen, so they could be removed. These devices were nasty and I want to share the information from this experience. The upgrade is still working currently and with great efficiently. I’m hoping many others can benefit from this and it will help you speed up your clearing process.


The upgrade that I was able to put into my DNA, from what I’ve gathered so far, looks more like a Christ Star (has absolutely nothing to do with religion) and could be referred to as a clearing star. Unlike other upgrades and clearings that I have done where you would replicate it and attach it to every cell of your being (over trillions of cells), this is just a single star that goes throughout your DNA. Both myself and a family member put this into ourselves when it was shown to us that it was available.

So far, it seems as though it will go through your DNA and repair the DNA that the Reptilians have altered to bring it back to the original template, as well as prepare your DNA to raise its frequency. It will bring up past lives, hidden devices, implants, and whatever else is important for you to clear. I’m sure this will vary from person to person as far as what comes up. Its brought a lot of hidden things up that were not able to be seen before. The star has needed to be moved in our DNA as well, to different places for each of us. It seemed as though getting it to the master cell was important. This will also be something you will have to figure out with your own resources as far as what is best for you.

The Pleiadians may be over seeing this upgrade as well, but I’m not certain on that.

Since putting this clearing star into my DNA I have removed an entity that was hidden in me, 3 nasty devices, cleared a couple past lives, removed more implants, and had to do other clearings as well, in just a matter of weeks. It’s working fast and efficiently! You do have to be at certain stage in your spiritual journey for this to be available to you, so if you aren’t able to get the upgrade now then just keep it in mind for later. I believe having 12 strand DNA is one of the prerequisites for this upgrade. You will have to check into this with your intuition, higher self, and your own resources/methods and see what you find out. Then ask for the upgrade if it feels appropriate for you. If you aren’t ready for it then it simply won’t be given to you, so there’s no harm either way. Keep in mind that the upgrade looking like a Christ Star is simply one interpretation, you may see it as something completely different and have a much different experience with it. What I do frequently is just ask my star family, my guides, and my higher self “Please give me any appropriate upgrades at this time.” You can also put your intention specifically on this upgrade and ask for it. If you have under attack frequently, this is an upgrade that will help with that. By clearing and raising our frequencies we will become invisible to the attackers and they will no longer be able to touch us.

I wanted to share my experiences with the devices I had to remove. They are in a whole other category than implants, are very technologically advanced, and from the Reptilians. I am also saying “I” removed them but I had assistance from either family or an advanced lightworker healer that has over 40 years of experience for each of these removals. As well as help from my guides and other higher consciousness beings.

Over the past 3 weeks, 3 different devices have been removed from me. The first device was behind my right eye. The purpose of this device was to act like a spy camera and the Reptilians wanted to see what I was seeing. I would get twitches and sensations around that eye so I knew something was going on there. I have a specific team of ET beings assigned to me to assist with removals and they were able to help me remove this one.


The second device was on the back of my neck and it was a control device and trigger device. This device also had something to do with my seizure condition that started when I was 18 years old (I’m 29 years old currently). This device acted like a trigger for another member of my family and would affect them. This was one my family member and I, as well as my removal team, were able to remove.

The 3rd and most recent device is the nastiest thing I’ve heard of in anyone so far. After removing the other two devices, as well as everything else throughout my awakening, the Reptilians could see I was no longer under their control. With this 3rd device it was different though. This was one that they were desperate to get back. A group of Reptilians swarmed our property from the etheric planes, the birds disappeared off the property, and the cat on the property was running around freaking out and warning us about them. They were trying to infiltrate my dreams and do anything they could to get this device back, as they did not want it to end up in our hands so that it could be studied. Fortunately, I had a very powerful barrier that they could not break through and they were unable to retrieve it. Had they been able to retrieve this device I’m sure they would have ripped it out of me and I would have been hospitalized.

On the morning of Wednesday April 26th, I was given a warning by the cat and my family member that a group of Reptilians were on the property trying to retrieve the device in me. I ended up scheduling an appointment with the advanced healer I work with and was able to get a session in within about 2 hours of calling him. After I had scheduled the session they started triggering the device and were trying to force me to have a seizure. That’s how badly they wanted this specific device back. Luckily, I have one of those copper pyramids you can buy online you can sit or lay under. I ended up creating a crystal grid in a circle, inside that pyramid and sat in the middle of it. After about 10-20 seconds of sitting in there the feeling that I was going to have a seizure went away and I stayed there until my appointment with the healer.

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When I got through to the healer, I explained the situation and we took a look. This device was in the middle of my head near my Pineal Gland. Nor myself, the healer, my removal team, my guides, or my star family were the right ones to remove this device. I had to sit back under that pyramid and create a sacred space. Then we had to call in a Pleiadian Technology Specialist just to remove this one. He was called in and successfully removed it. Then I was able to start healing the hole it left. I’m still healing from it and will be for another week or so. I knew how important this device was to get into higher consciousness hands so that it could be studied and measures could be taken to help others with similar devices. Mostly because of how desperate the Reptilians were to get this one. We had checked before removal and this device, the Arcturians wanted, which is very strange because normally the Pleiadians are the ones that study the devices like this (they ended up studying the one that was pulled out behind my eye as they had never seen that one before either). So the Pleiadians were able to pass it to the Arcturians at the 5th dimensional level.

This device had the purposes of controlling me (negative thoughts etc), being able to force me to have seizures, blocked my psychic (the clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairvoyance type abilities) and intuitive abilities. However, this did not only block my abilities, but they were actually absorbing my abilities. I don’t know exactly what that means, but it felt like they were absorbing my abilities so they could use my powers for themselves. It was cutting off my abilities to speak with spirit. Even though I had a very intense Starseed awakening in December of 2016, that was so intense my entire body was vibrating for weeks. Even then I was having difficulties with accessing my abilities I knew I had.

This specific device was put in me a very long time ago and was put in there by my father. It had gone through several “upgrades” like you would give a piece of tech a software upgrade over the years. It also seemed to have the intent to look back through my memories and knowledge I have. I’m a very ancient being that has had millions of incarnations just on Earth, as well as many other places. I believe I was a target and there was certain information they were trying to look back through my memories for, however, I’d imagine many others have similar types of devices or possibly the same type. If it weren’t for that DNA clearing upgrade, I’m not sure when these devices would have been able to be seen.

I had also checked in with my Guardian Guide and higher consciousness about these devices about being under Reptilian control for so long. I was assured this was not an experience I agreed to or a free will choice of mine. Since they were unable to get their devices back though, I believe this ended up working against them.

The most frustrating part is that if you end up reacting to any of this in a negative way, you only give them more power. Just showing love and wishing them the best is about all we can do, as well as to help each other heal and remove these types of control devices, since we are all one they are doing this to themselves too. They will have a long and brutal journey back to the light/Source whenever they get to that point.

I have seen a lot of attacks on people and experiences with these devices often originate from a family member or someone very close to them. When someone has access to the same type of DNA through family connections, it gives them a huge opportunity to get into you. It can often come from their higher selves who are within the Reptilian factions or controlling factions while their 3d self is completely oblivious to anything going on. There’s no need to fear any of it. In fact, these controlling forces are the ones that are afraid of us. They have always been afraid of us. It’s important to remember how powerful we are.

As far as the devices pulled out of me, I’d imagine both the Arcturians and Pleiadians have more information about them by now. You could check in with them for ways to remove them or deal with them that might be easier than the process I went through.

I know that Reptilians and the other controlling forces come off as really bad to most. I think it’s important to remind everyone that the ones doing this are a very small percentage of these groups. There are very nice, loving, and benevolent Reptilians and a lot of them are being controlled no differently than everyone else. There are benevolent Anunnaki and so on. Try to remember that we really are all one and that showing unconditional love to all is important.

If I find out more about the upgrades or information about device removal, I will be sure to share it. I’m working on being able to assist with removals of these devices in the near future as well.

Love and Light,

Image: Pixabay

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