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Energy Update – Physical Cleansing, Pineal Gland Activation

By on September 25, 2016 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Physical Cleansing, Pineal Gland Activation

by Lisa Brown,

Aloha beautiful light family!

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Are you ready? Really really really really really ready? Frequencies are lifting us, we are going higher…. pineal activations commence.

For those experiencing the “PHYSICAL AFFECTS” OF your SOUL/Higher Self/Source Light activating INSIDE of your body (LightBody), honor this… it’s mega important!

Your entire physical being is going through an overhaul, cleansing, re-calibration…….

When gravity goes (as your heart opens), your head is taken offline, your body goes weak (for awhile, then this rarely occurs anymore), some call it “vertigo”…. a human word for your SOUL WAKING UP INSIDE……

Your eyes can’t focus, you can’t stay awake, you feel like you are walking in a foggy groggy dream, you can’t remember simple things, as you shift dimensionally…..

There is a HUGE SLEEPING TO AWAKEN phase, that all go through to “leave/transcend” the old 3rd/4th dimension of Consciousness and “arrive” in the 5th Dimension of Consciousness… Photonic light makes you feel drugged, releases DMT and Melatonin in huge doses, your entire OUTSIDE REALITY changes as your INNER REALITY does…..

Human looks for diagnoses, to fix it, is not patient, goes to fear….. AS your Body Evolves in Light, it Ascends… Your Soul Awakens inside your body so that you can FULLY FEEL and Experience with the PURITY of all of your existences returned.

If you are aware that EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE has to go through a huge overhaul/upgrade…. that it’s not going to be anything like you’ve ever experienced (as a human) before…. that it’s going to get bizarre, feel weird and your human is not going to be able to control any of it… (this is the point)….. The it will be sooooooooooooooooooo very much easier… (challenging your human/fun to your higher aspects that have waited for this)…..

All of your fears will be triggered, so the energy of fear can cleanse. All of your need to control, lack… it’s all triggered so that you can move beyond it…. so that the most DIVINE SACRED LOVE that you have ever known can emerge/return…..

Your body will break out, your brain/head will be affected, you will hear frequencies, you will forget everything from time to time, your speech patterns disrupted, your organs/glands go haywire, your heart will about beat out of your chest as it awakens and sends light to the rest of your body to awaken too…. There can be pain, as these areas that held suppression go numb/start to tingle/stimulate and release the programs held in every cell of your body. Your Spine will continually be re-worked as your new “center”, the crystals in your eyes activated so you can see more, so you won’t be able to focus or see at time, your skin color will change, your body will constantly change, you will have more gas/air/space inside the body as physical matter changes form….

EVERYTHING THAT OCCURS with your physical body is a part of your Awakening, Ascension, Embodiment process. It’s up to you to be aware of this and see how you can SUPPORT your body, honor your body, love your body , nurture your body as it is the VESSEL that holds your SOUL, the SUIT that holds your Light (BEing), the form that continually re-configures itself, re-tunes in ELECTROMAGNETIC energy so that you can WALK and EXIST fully on NEW EARTH……

This is the MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE, yet we have to go through our human mindsets, beliefs, fears and doubt to understand it….. we have to RAISE/EXPAND OUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS if we desire to understand/have a MUCH EASIER process. IF WE held out until the “last minute” then it takes more “work” (love and care) focused on the physical body to assist the process….. IF we diagnose it, give it labels according to old limited and unconscious human beliefs, then we are not open/listening/assisting ….IF we wait until our organs shut down, until we have no other choice… then the path to loving and respecting our bodies into a higher frequency bandwidth of existence is a much more intense one….

IF we realize that it’s not what we thought it was, if we SEE through our higher self heart, if we truly truly truly want to be a part of our own process here … WE open up to what we didn’t want to hear or see before….. If not, then we choose a different path……

AS all come out on the other side, cross that rainbow bridge, go through those vortexes to EMERGE on NEW EARTH… the body has to drop the density, clear, cleanse, purity, detox, dump and release all of the lower vibrational ENERGY that was trapped in the body, keeping it in discord….. It has to TUNE to a higher frequency, constantly….. for it holds your entire physical reality inside of it … the rest floats around in your energy field waiting to integrate and merge INSIDE………….

MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY…………. affects/touches every part of your life. Your physical body goes through a HUGE UPGRADE/OVERHAUL/RE-CONFIGURATION process that will challenge every part of you, until you understand….. You have to desire to REALLY KNOW….. you have to be open…. you decide how you experience everything…. fear and resistance or open, embracing, participating as love…………

These next months are going to upgrade the physical body HUGE…. as the Crystalline LightBody activates and integrates to SUPPORT SOUL EXISTENCE…..

EVERYTHING that you feel, experience, that occurs… your sleep patterns, your relationships, your experiences…. IS A PART OF YOUR SOUL waking up and anchoring itself INSIDE OF YOUR BODY….. your entire reality as you once knew it will completely be transformed for you…… All that you desire as a soul…. this is what comes forth…. your human will be greatly inconvenienced at times, as this is the point…… You are not human …. That was just a very small aspect of your existence…. WHO YOU TRULY ARE…. this is what you are here to become/experience/evolve into …. ♥

I love you! Get ready…. observe, open your heart/mind and SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. You are becoming fully multi-dimensional!

p.s. AFTER the huge part of our transformation process, how you are “affected” will change…. it becomes easy and just a part of the process as you are able to do more, be more, handle more… It’s awesome and we love it, we welcome it, we are excited for these much awaited upgrades and it doesn’t enter-fear with our realities anymore…. BE patient and honor you…. get out in nature… your whole system is activating light and crystals inside of it…..

p.p.s. “In the Beginning” (F)requency (L)ight (U)pgrades… with each mega blast of photonic light to detox your body. Then this ceases to occur. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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