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You Are Going To See The Greatest Polarity Occurring Now

By on September 26, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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You Are Going To See The Greatest Polarity Occurring Now

by Lisa Brown,

You are going to see the greatest polarity occurring now, especially of the different dimensions, as we enter huge amplification energies again. The old unconscious ones are going to go to greater extremes to “break the energy” of those realities, while the higher dimensional realms are going to become more magnificent, more profoundly awesome. This has to occur. You are going to see on a collective level, huge things, more bizarre things…. this is how these frequencies work. As we go, this will continue, as more SOULS further wake up, the human’ness is what must break. Keep in mind “why” things occur. Remember the strength of stubborn, selfish, lack and separation energy. This is what is being broken, so hearts can open, the body can release, so more are OPEN to listening, honoring, connecting and ACTING from this place.

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You will see the extinction of old human everything. It all has to die… yes, literally if this is what that soul chose… This is not going to be an easy time for many. Each must go inward, each must connect, each must stop fighting themselves….. for that’s when the fight/struggle ends.

Consciousness shifts every reality, and “whatever it takes” is the frequencies we moved into a few months ago…. Whatever it takes to bring all fully conscious, faster…. You are going to see more extremes… because of these higher light frequencies activating continuously now.

The more separation, the more challenging. Everything is VIBRATIONAL and faster now.

Collapsing timelines means many things. For those who intentionally collapse, it’s easier because you are leaving the old behind intentionally and moving on. You are not waiting for things to happen. You are in flow according to your own soul.

There is always a huge separation/distance between dimensions, then a collapse, then they merge. This is how it works. The more we expand, the vaster the distance…. whatever needs to get worked out/resolved does, then we collectively contract into a new timeline in a multitude of ways….

NEW Earth is a collective of those constantly stepping up. Constantly contributing, constantly holding the highest vibration intentionally and intentionally clearing/cleansing whatever is ready to be seen/go. WE do not participate in old programs, we do not support them or feed our energy into them. That does not create anything other than more of the old programming…. which collapses faster now. The moment each’s heart opens and they open up to honor their own soul, EVERYTHING shifts….. and flow can be restored according to Universal Law…..

What you bring into/allow in your field of consciousness is yours. What you observe and realize what dimension it represents, then is your choice of which reality you desire to experience. It is going to be more necessary for everyone focus, work and exist intentionally. You can assist/guide without taking others stuff on or allowing their projections. As a MASTER BEING, you have capABILITIES you didn’t have an unconscious human. You may have to make some tough decisions…. It is part of the process in breaking the old realities so that all can unify back into the purity of their own soul now.

If you don’t break/dissipate the energy, it will break you…. You can do this as love and from a place/space of inner peace and power through kindness, yet requiring loving respect in response by transmitting this yourself first. Respect is for other’s choices, decisions, actions and “consequences” (the human word for receiving vibrationally due to unconsciousness). You are a Light House here to expose/activate others to a new way… They still have to choose.

Re-educating according to higher consciousness takes many forms. The first form is a love that is not breakable because it is pure. ♥

Observe and carefully choose where you focus your energy. This creates your reality you experience here. ♦

The flip side is the magnitude of the magnificence of expanded dimensions available to all holding this now. ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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