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Finding The Peace That Passes All Understanding

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Finding The Peace That Passes All Understanding

by Amina Deb,
Guest writer,

We have all heard time and again that we are “created in the image of God”, that we are multi-dimensional, divine beings, that carry a pure spark, an aspect of, a piece love walking in physical form.

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It is no hidden esoteric secret that we are in a dense realm experiencing duality, learning what love actually is and the actions, thoughts & beliefs that support love through the process of creating and experiencing what is NOT love… what is other than love.

Looking around it certainly appears we have the “not love/other than love” part down pat. That being said, how do we actually know which choices, which thoughts, which beliefs and actions bring us back to the pure, divine, loving aspect we all carry?

Each & every one of us has a unique vibrational signature frequency that is different from everyone/everything else. To hold and maintain that frequency in its coherent vibration would be contributing to the whole, living our fullest potential, being our unique thread in the tapestry of life. We are each a piece, a very specific and unique piece, in this puzzle we call life.

The only way the whole can completely and fully unfold in a harmonious and loving way, is if we maintain who we truly are. By denying our true selves in an attempt to fit in or be accepted by others, we are not able to be the piece of the puzzle we were created to be; we are unable to hold our unique vibrational frequency in a consistent way. The result is that the whole cannot be complete because there is a part missing… our part. To fully and completely be ourselves is serving the whole because the whole can be expressed in its entirety only when our individual puzzle piece is firmly in place instead of there being a gaping hole in the tapestry of existence.

You know when you are feeling and experiencing your unique vibration in a harmonious way because you FEEL it. The mind chatter stops, you feel overwhelming joy, peace, perhaps ecstatic excitement, or maybe just the enjoyment of relaxation. You are in “the zone”. Your mind alone will never be able to take you to this “in the zone” feeling and keep you there in any lasting way through its arduous and detailed planning, its laying out of assumptions, expectations and intended outcomes.

Following our feelings of joy, no matter how simple and trivial they may seem in that moment actually takes you to and allows you to touch your unique spark of that pure divinity, your unique puzzle piece, your signature vibrational frequency. Joy is your birthright. Joy is what we are all here to live and in living it, we give it, vibrate it and radiate it out to all creation.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t be misled by our egoistic traits. We most certainly will be!! That is just part of this duality game we are all playing. This is merely a game of hide and seek we are all engaging in as our lower vibrational ego hides the loving truth of our core essence and our “higher mind” seeks to find it. It is being mindful of what we are feeling in each present moment that gives us the hints whether we are getting “warmer” or “colder” in our search for our true selves.

We will feel temporary bouts of joy, happiness and satisfaction as our egoistic self believes it has “won”, gotten what it wanted, gained control over another person or situation, etc. … But, it will not last! That is how our egoistic nature reveals itself as the one in charge at that moment. Any happiness gained will be fleeting thus requiring you to DO something else to once again gain the upper hand. Your mind will continue to ruminate over the details as you rehash and relive it all, over and over again. There will be no peace. A lack of feeling at peace means you are getting “colder” in the game of duality.

Are you at peace? Only you know and only you can feel what brings you the abiding peace because only you can FEEL what is in alignment with your signature frequency.

Where and what brings you peace may seem crazy to someone else. Vibrational alignment with your core signature frequency is the abiding peace that passes all understanding and this is a peace that no one else giving you the “should dos” and the “ought to dos” can impart because they are not you. They cannot and will never be able to understand completely what gives you your version of joy and peace because it is impossible for them to FEEL what unlocks your joy and your excitement.

Remember…. The peace that passes all understanding is in alignment with love, with Source, with All That Is, with God. Finding and living our unique peace, the peace that passes all understanding opens humanity to living in joy and harmony with all of Creation. It opens us to living our birthright… It opens us to living Joy and Love.

Wishing you each joyful and loving journeys, Amina Deb

The Trap We All Fall Victim ToAbout the author: Amina Deb Lewis has been a seeker and student in esoteric, spiritual and scientific studies for over 40 years. As the proverbial square peg in a world of round holes, her greatest joy in is sharing various perspectives and tools on living your Individual Unique Truth to its fullest capacity possible. Contact info:

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