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How Do Vitamins, Herbs, Other Supplements, Or Medications Affect My Spiritual Progress?

By on April 20, 2015 in Health
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How Do Vitamins, Herbs, Other Supplements, Or Medications Affect My Spiritual Progress? in5d in 5d

by Max and Lana,
Guest writers,

Do you find that even high-quality supplements and medications don’t help your system as much as they seem to help others? Do ‘healthy’ products appear to cause more side effects than benefits for you or fail to work after a short period of time? If you consider yourself ‘hypersensitive’, empathic, intuitive, and/or ‘on a spiritual path’, then it is very likely that your genetics, including higher personal frequencies, make your body function differently than most of the population. As a result, your approaches to supplements and medications also need to be different or fine-tuned from the typical recommendations of Eastern, Western, and Integrative Medicine modalities.

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Clearly, each person is unique and requires an approach that is customized to his or her situation, goals, resources, history, and strengths. However, we have found that people who are of higher frequency share some unusual similarities due to certain innate proclivities involved with higher vibrations, especially as higher frequency individuals “awaken” consciously, mature, and magnify their gifts along their journey.

For example, the higher frequency system is “programmed” to fight everything it is given, even helpful ingredients; is highly sensitive and is easily overwhelmed; but is also resilient and can quickly develop a tolerance or resistance to the same routine over time. Furthermore, what are considered “normal ranges” for hormone levels and ratios, body temperature, blood count, dosing instructions, and recovery times very often do not fit or apply to higher frequency bodies.

By taking certain steps and by taking notice of your body’s responses and signals, you can be more confident that your health care routine is actually supporting, rather than thwarting, your progress. After all, when supplements, medications, and other nutrients aren’t the right fit for higher frequency systems, their bodies are forced to devote their energies to “battling,” detoxing, and recovering– rather than toward manifesting the outcomes and lives they desire, deserve, and dream.

If you are considering supplements or medications at this time–or if you are currently taking them and still experience unwanted physical symptoms, emotional swings, or fatigue– here are some points that may be helpful for you:

1. When introducing a product, the higher frequency body usually needs to acclimate to supplements and medications at a lower dose for 2-7 days (depending on the type of supplement or medication as well as the condition of the body).

WHY: The higher frequency system is built to defend itself against everything–even supplements and medications that might be beneficial. As a result, we strongly suggest gradually introducing a product at half of the “suggested daily dose,” in order to allow the body to adjust and actually use the supplement or medication– rather than “kick it out” of the body. The process is much like desensitization, which is now being used effectively to help people overcome life-threatening allergies.

2. In most cases, taking more than 5-7 supplements total on a daily basis, even high quality ones, will tax the higher frequency body more than help it.

WHY: Once it is acclimated to a supplement, the body still must spend its energies to filter, digest, utilize, and excrete each nutrient. If bombarded and overwhelmed by too many vitamins, minerals, herbs, or medications, the body becomes burdened and over time will likely exhibit the exact opposite results of what the products were intended to produce.

3. Taking any supplement with more than 4-6 ingredients (or a multi vitamin with more than 30-35 ingredients) also usually taxes the system more than helps it.

WHY: Any capsule, shake, or powder with lots of enzymes, formulas, or “proprietary blends” is typically too overwhelming or not in the correct ratios for the higher frequency body– and ends up exhausting the system instead of nurturing it.

4. Synthetic and overly processed supplements and medications are not well-absorbed, often at only 3-20%, and frequently burden the system more than help it.

WHY: Toxic colors, additives, preservatives, isolates, and fillers are just a few of the ways that synthetic products assault the system. Fortunately, on the other hand, supplements made from whole food sources are much easier for the body to process and utilize. For example, most forms of Vitamin C (like the popular form ascorbic acid) can work, but are not efficiently accepted by the body; must be taken in larger amounts; and then force the body to exert more efforts to process those quantities. In contrast, Amla C from Amla berries is a much more whole, readily absorbed, and effective source of Vitamin C in supplement form. As a result, lower doses of the whole food supplement achieve the same, if not better, results and without taking as big a toll on the body.

5. Less is best when it comes to probiotics. For higher frequency bodies, most probiotic foods and formulas end up causing– rather than preventing– bloating, digestive issues, depression, and decreased immunity.

WHY: Almost all higher frequency people are sensitive, if not allergic, to milk and soy products. Probiotic products, which usually contain milk and/or soy, are often too much for the body to handle and balance. In the rare cases that antibiotics or other triggers have caused a bacteria/yeast imbalance, formulas with the least number of strains can be helpful on a temporary basis. One that seems to do well for higher frequency people is Acidophilus Pearls, and is found in many pharmacies and health food stores as well as online. In some cases, apple cider vinegar in liquid or capsule form can address similar digestive issues even more quickly and effectively, and without the bloating associated with a probiotic.

6. Minerals, amino acids, and “cleansing” clay supplements are best taken at least 2 hours before and after other supplements or medications.

WHY: Since these products dominate the digestive tract and/or bind, they will likely not allow other nutrients to be effectively absorbed if taken simultaneously.

7. Magnesium is just as crucial to bone health—if not more– than calcium, and without the potential dangers of calcium.

WHY: Although the dairy industry has done a great job hiding the facts, science has proven that calcium supplementation can actually make bones more brittle as well as interfere with cardiovascular health. While calcium does build the exterior of the bone, magnesiumbuilds the more flexible core of the bone, which allows for strength, resilience, and malleability. Magnesium can even be turned into calcium in the body if necessary. So, if bone health supplements are part of your routine, your system will thank you when the magnesium

ratios you take in are high enough to offer the full spectrum of bone and other benefits, and do so without the complications of calcium intake that is too high or unbalanced.

8. When higher frequency people choose a supplement, bottled juice form is best only as a LAST resort– after freshly squeezed juice, pill, capsule, and spice forms.

WHY: While there are a number of well-known and expensive supplements that can be purchased as bottled juices, unfortunately, they are pasteurized or flash pasteurized and therefore compromised in up to 90% of the nutritional value listed on the label (even more if the juice is made from concentrate). All that is left is the sugar effect and calories, and without the fun of getting to eat ice cream or cake!

9. Flax seeds are fantastic, but only in the right form (whole seeds vs. ground) for your specific needs.

WHY: Clearly, flax seeds are wonderful sources of omegas and touted to assist with eye, heart, digestive, brain, breast, and hormone health– just to name few. However, it is important to keep in mind that whole flax seeds are a terrific source of fiber, and therefore wind up leaving the body before having most of flax’s anti-estrogenic effects. If your estrogen levels are high (relative to your progesterone or testosterone) and/or breast cancer runs in your family, then ground flax will likely benefit you more than whole flax for balancing the hormones and removing estrogen. In general, ground flax is great for women who are still menstruating and for men—and whole flax is terrific for post-menopausal women or others whose estrogen ratios are already quite lower than optimal.

10. Milk thistle, a popular remedy for the liver, can do more harm than good for people who experience seasonal allergies, especially allergies to ragweed.

WHY: Since ragweed and milk thistle are similar, Dandelion Root (in capsule or tea form) is often a better choice for those who suffer from seasonal congestion or related symptoms.

11. Skin products can lead to undesired physical effects if they duplicate supplements you are already taking orally, contain a plethora of toxic ingredients, or contain items to which you may have a food allergy.

WHY: The skin of higher frequency individuals is quite sensitive and like a sponge. Too much of an ingredient, even topically, can create symptoms that are not the intended or desired results!

12. Before adjusting doses or products, it is best to determine whether your symptoms are from too little or from too much of an ingredient (or too many similar ingredients).

WHY: The physical, emotional, and energetic symptoms of toxicity are often the same as those of a deficiency. In other words, your body’s reactions to having too much of a vitamin, mineral, herb, medication, or nutrient can be identical to those that appear from having too little of that ingredient. So, before augmenting the dose or adding in more products touted to address the same issue, it is important to make sure that the symptoms you are experiencing are not the result of having a toxic level instead of a deficient one. For example, too many sleep aids can actually cause insomnia!

13. Your supplements, medications, topical products, and toiletries will work better for you if they are shifted, substituted, or even temporarily discontinued at certain points to reflect your new tolerances, changing needs, and changing goals over time.

WHY: Because your body and environment are dynamic and constantly shifting, you will likely find that some of the same products do not have the same positive effects after a certain number of weeks, months, or years of using them consistently. In such cases, it can be beneficial to wean off, substitute, change brands, or temporarily discontinue a product so that if and when you need it again, your system will respond favorably. Obviously, any drastic changes to current medications or essential supplements should be supervised by a qualified practitioner.

14. The touch of your hand may be the best tool to predict the effects of a supplement or medication in your body.

WHY: Since the skin is a large and sensitive organ, approximately 30% of higher frequency individuals will develop the ability to touch a supplement or medication– and quickly know how their bodies will react if it is ingested. Practice makes perfect and it is important to practice “blindly,” without knowing what type of pill or capsule you are touching. A great way to practice is to choose two pills that are similar in size, but have distinct and preferably opposite effects on your system, like a sleep aid and a stimulant. Place the pills in two separate cups that get mixed around, or have someone use a napkin to hand one of them to you without your knowing which one. Close your fist over the pill and notice what you feel in your body for the next 30-90 seconds. With practice, you will begin to see if what you feel, sense, or “pick up” from the pill in your hand matches what the pill does in your particular body when you actually consume it.

By experimenting with the suggestions above; by listening to your body instead of to the latest health crazes online and on television; and by embracing the fact that your personal frequencies affect your wellness plans, you will undoubtedly determine approaches that work best for your unique system. When you do, you will absolutely find that many other areas of your life will benefit and fall into place more easily too.

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About the authors: Max, the Healer’s Healer, is an acclaimed energy healer, psychic coach, and medical intuitive. Max and Lana enjoy helping other twin flame partners make the most of this human experience.

Image: Pixabay

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