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How To Navigate These Changes With Assistance From Above (From A 5D Perspective)

By on January 30, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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How To Navigate These Changes With Assistance From Above (From A 5D Perspective)

by Fred Greaves,
Contributing Writer,

My Story was told in my first article “How To Raise Your Vibrations, From A 5D Perspective”. In 2012 my Twin Flame who “passed” in 1981 began to awaken me from the other side of the veil, and now we are together 24/7, where she is not only my other half, yet my mentor as well. So I have been taught in the ways of the 5th dimension. I want all to realize though that the information I offer is from the 5D world, and just not an interpretation of events happening in, on or above our planet.

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The energies that are coming onto this planet now, have been arriving since 2012. It is just some are only experiencing the changes now. While some of us on the other hand have experienced these already and have been trained for years to be mentors during this period. We are here to help, although there is a way you can get help on your own…if wanted. Just go within, and connect with your higher self.

You can request assistance to help you navigate thru all these monumental changes now, so you do not have to be on your own.

To use a pendulum to connect with your higher self just follow these steps. A pendulum is simply a weighted object, tied to a string. A necklace or even a key ring tied to a shoe string. It doesn’t matter, just use the same one all the time. Just like meditating in the same spot anchors that area to your personal energies, it is the same here. Your pendulum, becomes “activated” by your energy signature. The universe is all about energy, as well as patterns and numbers.

1. Begin early am or very late night as the 3d energies are at their lowest then and the 5d ones are at their highest. Example: 2am-5am.

2. Make sure that you connect with an entity from the higher realms, and not from the lower…as there are many out there that will trick you. So ask it a question you are 100% sure of the answer first. Always speak in your head, telepathy is looked at as a higher form of communication and makes connecting easier.

3. Dangle the pendulum in front of your face, and ask it a question. Yes is back and forth, and a no is side to side. In circles means “I don’t know”, just rephrase the question. If you get a wrong answer to that first question that you are 100% sure of, just put it down for 10 seconds and pick it up again, and retry.

4. When you connect, you are there. Ask if you are now in touch with your higher self. The answer should be a yes. If by chance it is a no, it may be a “passed” loved one, even your Twin Flame. For further guidance there, you are going to have to contact me thru my website.

5. Now you are connected and you can ask whatever you want. Asking these questions at first may seem difficult, being only to communicate thru a yes – no conversation, although it will come. You are just used to regular conversations. You will get used to it. You are connected to the higher realms. How Awesome Is That?!

You can have verbal interactions with them also, although again that needs further guidance which is available and it all has to do with raising your vibration, and that is much easier than you may imagine.

Realize this, we are moving as a species back into the spiritual realms where we came from. We are to become Physical Angels and our bodies are being changed from carbon based to Crystalline. The Crystalline is to accept the higher frequencies and the light. We are a spiritual being having a human experience, and not the other way around. The sooner we can come to that realization, the easier we will be able to accept all that is happening.

Just go with the flow, and embrace these changes as positive. Regardless of how they come about, know they are for the better and you’ll skip thru life and these upgrades.

About the author: An Indigo child born in 1962, it was Fred’s mission to connect the two worlds (3D and 5D). He always felt “out of place”, as is something was off in this world, and never conformed to it. Refusing to work for nobody other than himself he started a company at the age of 22 in his parents garage… his office was his childhood bedroom. Yet in just 8 years and well before the Internet was invented and without any form of advertising, it had customers worldwide. The same people that he recognized when he was younger, the ones that made this world seem “off”, approached him at 37 years old and proceeded to rip the company and success he had built, from him. By 42, just 20 years after he began his company, it was all gone and he went from being very wealthy to penniless. This was all part of the plan as he would find out later, because you cannot build a new structure until the old is burned down to the ground. So he spent the next decade becoming spiritual and understanding how the universe works. It was at the end of that 10 years, that his Twin who he knew as Sheryl began to awaken him from the other side of the veil. It was then they proceeded to construct a bridge that connects the 3rd and 5th dimensions.  A bridge that many cross daily now, and one that could only be built with the most powerful force in the Universe…love.  At 54 now he enjoys a life of wonder and amazement every day. He now experiences daily, things that were once thought to be impossible…for more information go to

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