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Interviews With The Crystal Skulls Part Six: Zoriath

By on August 25, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Interviews With The Crystal Skulls Part Six:  Zoriath

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by Robert Stewart,
Contributing Writer,

Interviews With The Crystal Skulls Part Six: Zoriath

“Ain’t no Cassiopeia in Washington Heights.”
-In The Heights – The Musical


If you’re wondering what connection a lyric from a well know hip-hop musical has with a crystal skull, the answer is actually more than we could have anticipated. The story of In the Heights, follows a group of eccentric, flamboyant residents of the Manhattan neighborhood Washington Heights, all driven to propel their lives forward – each on their own threshold of transformation.

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And while there “ain’t no Cassiopeia in the Heights,” our next skull provides us with the energies of the constellation and its ancient inhabitants, and important guidance to assist us in our own ascension. Zoriath, or Z is a timeless higher dimensional entity whose energies pour forth, out of an orange-calcite and jade crystal skull.

It is said that Orange Calcite, is a powerful healing stone, known to possess very gentle, cleansing energies that can assist in removing energy blockages within the body. Its high vibrations can improve one’s health and life force, balance sexual energy and help us reach our true potential.

Additionally, Jade, which you can see on his head, is said to bless whatever it touches and is valued as a dream stone that can provide tranquility, balance harmony, moderation and perspective.

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So, it is with those unique qualities in mind, and a tingling, energetic surge, that felt like pure love, pouring out from the skull, toward the guardian as she prepared for the channeling, that our interview with Z begins.

Your name is Z?

“Zoriath. I am here. What information would you like from me?”

Do you have a connection to the guardian’s higher self?

“The higher self is the soul. It is a light being. It is a frequency, as we are also, and I connect to that divine part of this human. So yes, and our frequency connection comes through the stone, as you call us.”

Does the connection precede this lifetime?

“It is true. There are many facets to your higher self – soul fragments, all part of the whole. I have connected to different fragments of this human in many of her incarnations. Now, I have revealed myself in this skull. In other lifetimes it has been by different means, but always by frequency, never in the physical.”

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Would you say that your frequencies are from the same soul family?

“Partly. I am of a higher frequency – an ancient tone from a different universe, but she has reached out to join that frequency through her different incarnations. You would consider it a long journey, but for us, all is now.”

How do you see your role in this family of skulls?

“I am here to observe, to teach, to learn and to create balance. My home universe is Zorithin. I chose to step through the portal into this universe, as it was forming. Understand that what you have been told by our friends about the history of your system and incarnations prior to the Lyra progenitors, is only a small portion of the grand design of your universe. The actual birth of your universe would have been billions of your years prior, but again, for us, all is now.”

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“Within what you consider your galaxy, I come from a different star system. We have barely mingled in any other systems, choosing to watch and learn from our small perch. Yet, our information is similar to that of our friends, as we have learned that All That Is creates the universes with similar constructs and laws. That is why now, we have chosen to be integrated and share what we know and what we do with this family.”

What star system, in this galaxy, did you come from?

“It is an ancient system, a small system within the constellation you know as Casseopeia. We have traveled millennia.”

Are the inhabitants of that system still in the physical?

“They are ascended. They have moved on. They help other systems in their ascension.”

Does the knowledge you bring to this family of skulls have to do with the ancient technologies?


Anything that you can share with us?

“Ah, you are anxious because there is much to relearn. I will have to sit with the others to exchange ideas and the timing. It is not that I don’t wish to share, but we are a family. We all hold the knowledge and the technology within us. If we are able to provide insight on this, we will give it as one. The technology is in a higher vibration at this moment in time. It is a frequency that humans would not be able to comprehend. As I sit with the others, we will speak to how and if we can translate that information for you.”

“But there is a reason the technologies are unavailable. It is of more importance to understand that existence in all the universes are not governed by technology but by universal laws. This universe is one of free will, although not all universes are so. All beings have the gift of choice and all create their own path back to All That Is. Many call this heaven, but you already know that there is much more.”

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“Your 3D physical reality is an illusion, just one of many dimensions, as you have been told, and many of the universal laws are known. The Law of Attraction – like attracts like. The Law of Manifestation – easier said than done for you humans. The Law of Cause and Effect or Karma.

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“All are important, but as this humanity works on its ascension, we would urge your remembrance of two more:

The Law of Equality. All light beings are a part of All That Is – and therefore all are equal in the eyes of All That Is. It is only the duality of the physical plane that creates the illusion of separation and fear.

The Law of Perception. Every being has the ability to see beyond the physical plane and into the other realms. Humanity holds the key to the gateway that leads to these other dimensions and that key is within the heart. Why do we speak of this? The reintegration of these laws helps anchor your consciousness in 5D. Do you believe that these laws are followed or even known by the majority of today’s humanity?

In the Lemurian and Atlantean Golden Ages on this world, there was an understanding of these universal laws. But know that the demise of the physical Lemuria and Atlantis – the reason for the true Fall of Man came due to the reliance on increased technology and movement away from the Universal Laws.

The ability to destroy this world with your own primitive technology is already in unsure hands. Can you imagine what could happen with that which is not yet know?”

No. Thank you. Uh, we thought that you were the quiet one in the group?

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“I am the quiet one. I am, of course, here to observe, but when asked, we will provide. Now, sometimes our friends chatter and we don’t understand why. Different frequencies. Different language. The pink one (Halo) and the brown one (Earth) help. However, I will speak when I feel it is warranted, as you see.”

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Are you, individually or as a group, connected to the ancient skulls?

“We are tentacles to the ancient ones. Their information has been passed through, but there is more that you both must experience. There is a skull called Max. There is a skull in Mexico that may be revealed, but at this moment in time, Max is the one to have access to. Look for the guardians that resonate. You will recognize the true guardians as they are much like yourself and you will choose.”

Do you have a final message?

“I, and we, see what is happening on this planet. There will be chaos, as you have been told. More than what is happening now. When the dust settles, then your work will truly begin. Don’t allow these lower energies to take you down. The unseens are here to help you. Keep your hearts open because that’s what will instigate true change.”

The guardian’s recurring sense that she may come in contact, at some future time, with one of the ancient skulls was validated here by Z. However, the true synchronicity came just three days later when we were invited to a private showing of Max; and asked to bring Moe, Halo and this family of skulls. So, yes, it would appear that the unseens are here to help. The day would be only two weeks away and left us with a sense of miraculous possibilities.

If you wish to read the prior articles in the series, they can be found here:

by Robert Stewart, e-mail:

Copyright 2019 – Robert Stewart

Permission is granted to share in full, with credit included.

In5D Addendum

The crystal skulls have captured the imaginations of people for many years due to their mysterious and intriguing nature. These crystal skulls are intricately carved from various types of crystals, such as quartz, amethyst, and rose quartz, and are often believed to hold special energetic properties.

Crystal skulls are powerful tools for healing, transformation, and awakening. They hold ancient wisdom and knowledge, and are thought to be encoded with information from higher realms, including insights from past civilizations, extraterrestrial beings, or higher-dimensional beings.

Crystal skulls serve as portals or gateways to access higher realms of consciousness, facilitate communication with spirit guides or other entities, and assist in expanding one’s spiritual awareness. They are used in meditation, energy healing, and other metaphysical practices to help align, balance, and activate the chakras, and to amplify and direct energy for healing purposes.

In addition to their spiritual properties, crystal skulls have unique individual personalities and energies. Some people have experienced communication or connection with the consciousness or spirit of a crystal skull, perceiving them as sentient beings with their own distinct energies, personalities, and messages. This has led to various theories and stories about the origins and purposes of crystal skulls, ranging from being ancient artifacts or relics, to being guardians or protectors of sacred knowledge or gateways to other realms.

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