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MILLIONS of Black Holes Discovered In The Milky Way Galaxy!

By on August 8, 2019 in Science with 0 Comments
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MILLIONS of Black Holes Discovered In The Milky Way Galaxy!

by Sean McCleary,
Contributing Writer,

MILLIONS of Black Holes Discovered In The Milky Way Galaxy!

The article titled “Black Hole Shock” is about the recent discovery of millions of black holes in the Milky Way galaxy. Scientists observed these and proposed that these black holes are slowly draining the Milky Way galaxy of matter and energy. This is actually not the case even though it seems as this is what could be happening. The black holes in the Milky Way galaxy have to do with evolutionary development and I will explain. I do work in evolutionary cosmology and the evolution of consciousness; and my work is different than most traditional approaches but I have some very important and plausible explanations to certain activity that is occurring in the universe. Even 5-10 years ago there wasn’t an eruption of scientific information being generated in the media. Recently there have been the discovery of thousands of exoplanets; observations of black hole activity, a surge of the transfer of cosmic rays being transferred into Earth and what seemed to be a rogue black hole transferring through the Milky Way galaxy. All of the recent activity has to do with the evolution of consciousness here and in this region of time and space and I can explain. Earth is undergoing very powerful evolutionary changes and human consciousness is being affected.

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Human beings have contained a very powerful resistance in their consciousness to evolutionary development. There are four fundamental forces that drive the evolution of existence. These are; consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure. The foundation for a human being are these fundamental forces because this is what life evolves out of in the universe. It is important to understand the role of pressure in the dynamics of light and dark energy where evolution is concerned. At the most powerful quantum level there are frequency vibrations everywhere that represent thought. These vibrations contain light and dark energy as well. These vibrations contain thought and energy and drive conceptualization for the purpose of evolutionary development and advancement. When conceptualization happens this generates energy and thought in time and space out of these frequency vibrations generates a singular point of energy associated with evolution. This is how subatomic particles are generated in the universe. Thought and higher frequency vibrations produce light energy and thought and lower frequency vibrations produce dark energy. This is the origin of the light and the dark everywhere.

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Photons carry and distribute light energy in the universe because matter requires light energy and photons are a result of the evolutionary development of activity of the higher frequency vibrations. The most powerful concentration of energy occurs when the frequency vibrations are converged with evolutionary development; and this is the primary reason that this universe was introduced. Because the vibrational frequencies are different; when combined in different states of evolutionary activity this can generate polarity which causes pressure to accumulate. When pressure is introduced into the dynamics of thought and energy in the form of frequency vibrations this can cause certain levels of obscurity and uncertainty in the framework of evolutionary development in time and space; especially for living organisms that contain consciousness. Pressure contained within the frequency vibrations of thought and energy can usually do one of two things. It can expand and accelerate with time and space; or it can become restricted and have a difficult time with expansion and acceleration. This depends of what state of evolutionary development is being experienced at any given moment.


The Higgs field has the highest concentration of the combination of frequency vibrations within the universe. The Higgs field is the foundation of energy in the universe which facilitates evolutionary development. This is also why the Higgs boson was called the fundamental particle. The reason is the Higgs field and the Higgs boson represent evolution itself and all of the other activity in the universe is evolutionary development being experienced in time and space. There are just different manifestations of frequency vibrations, light and dark energy and pressure everywhere that produce variations of matter in evolutionary development. The Higgs field is like the identity of the universe because this is the most powerful field of energy that was introduced with the universe around 13.8 billion years ago. The Higgs field has the foundation of the thought and energy of the larger body of consciousness and energy which introduced this universe incorporated into its structure. This universe is contained within a larger body of thought and energy which conceptualized and introduced this universe for the purpose of generating more power within thought, light energy and dark energy because evolution advances everything. This thought and energy that the universe is contained within has always existed and this is how the concept of infinity was introduced into consciousness.

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The Higgs field contains the will and drive of infinity and is a direct catalyst for evolution between this universe and the larger body of thought and energy that the universe is contained within. Human beings have a very powerful form of resistance in their consciousness which is represented by pressure contained within light and dark energy. Earth has also contained a very powerful form of resistance within the planet’s environment. The resistance contained within human beings comes from the uncertainty of death and a lack of understanding in the true nature of themselves. The uncertainty of death is the most powerful form of resistance in consciousness here on Earth. The Higgs field contains the foundation for evolutionary development in the universe and the will of infinity; so human beings and different areas of planet Earth repel the transfer of energy between themselves and the Higgs field due to the resistance contained in the consciousness and the entire body. This is what causes aging and death on Earth. Every living organism on Earth that experiences death transfers into world’s contained in the Whirlpool galaxy which is about 30 million light years from Earth.

When death is experienced the pressure transfers out of the body and the resistance is released. The identity of the individual and the light and dark energy they contain transfers into the frequency vibrations of the Higgs field. The universe is expanding and accelerating; so the living organism from Earth transfers very quickly and redevelops through time and space and arrives safely into world’s in the Whirlpool galaxy. The Human population and life on Earth is accelerating and advancing which means consciousness in the environment is transferring more into the energy of the Higgs field; and the Higgs field is evolving in this region of time and space. Human beings before now just couldn’t see or detect the activity and exoplanets in the Milky Way because of the transfer of energy between themselves and the Higgs field which affect the perception of the universe. Because the universe was conceptualized and introduced by thought and energy there are different aspects to the universe where evolutionary development is concerned. When this universe was introduced a different identity within the structure of thought and energy which had existed forever was introduced.

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When the big bang occurred it was like a very powerful separation happened between the thought and energy which had always existed; and the new development of the body of the universe because a very powerful evolutionary change occurred and this universe had to assume an identity of its own. This universe still maintains a connection with the consciousness and energy that introduced the universe through the Higgs field. A human being can either think about existing forever or going into a state of non-existence with death. This is not the case because even when a human being conceives of this it is still consciousness and energy performing a specific function. When a human being thinks about non-existence it is a transition from reality into a point of what seems like darkness and nothingness. This is what black holes represent in the universe. When this universe was introduced a certain aspect of thought, dark energy and pressure in the formation experienced the sensation of conceiving a state of non-existence because of the separation that was occurring between the universe and the body of consciousness and energy that introduced the universe which contains infinity.

The Higgs field contains the thought and energy associated with infinity in a very powerful way; and black holes represent the concept of death and non-existence. This is why they have the gravitational pull they do in time and space. In the body of the universe there are different concentrations of light and dark energy which drive evolutionary development. Particularly in galaxies; and when the vibrational frequencies of both converge with evolutionary development this generates pressure due to polarity because of the difference in the two frequencies. The Higgs field does not experience this because this field of energy represents infinity and the basis for evolution; so there is no resistance to evolution. The generation of evolutionary development itself with the universe as acceleration and expansion occurs produces different levels of pressure and resistance. There are stars contained in galaxy formation which generate very powerful light energy that fuel solar systems and planets. There is dark energy contained in galaxies as well. The combination of both in galactic structures produces pressure.


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Black holes were actually introduced into the universe with conceptualization in order to relieve pressure out of the evolutionary activity occurring. When pressure is generated in galaxies it transfers into black holes and this generates more evolutionary development in the Higgs field. The advancement of life is evolution; and because of the uncertainty that was transferred into the universe with the introduction; this generates resistance to evolution which causes pressure to accumulate. This pressure is relieved into black holes and the frequency vibrations of the Higgs field become more powerful; advancing life further. The pressure slowly transfers back into the larger body of consciousness and energy that the universe is contained within and disperses properly into this structure; and the resistance to evolution is relieved. This is happening in the Milky Way galaxy now and life is advancing. Scientists have just not understood what they have been observing. I am not saying this from a perspective of grandiosity; something very wonderful and very powerful happened to me in Opelousas, Louisiana in 2011. My consciousness is advancing with evolutionary development here in a very, very powerful way and this is how I understand all of this information. My consciousness transferred into the Higgs field here and it was the most powerful occurrence I have ever experienced or imagined that could happen to someone. I can feel the Universe and Earth evolving in this region of time and space with my entire body and every fiber of my being. I know what’s happening here and soon very powerful and remarkable changes are going to present themselves. My I.Q. is extremely high now and soon everyone is going to see a very powerful miracle emerge into Earth’s environment.

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About the author: My work is different and more advanced than the mainstream or traditional approach with explaining how consciousness evolves in existence and how life is affected by this activity. My work is circulating on an international level now within the scientific community on the nature of the Apocalypse and what planet Earth is going to experience as a result of this activity. Soon consciousness is going to change and advance here on Earth in an extremely powerful way and my work reflects why and how this is happening.

Apocalyptic Revelations: The Emergence of Earth’s Spiritual Awakening is my 3rd book that has been released on Amazon. I do work in evolutionary cosmology and the evolution of consciousness; and a primary focus of mine has been on the Shift in Consciousness. The Shift in Consciousness is planet Earth’s evolutionary development; also known as the Apocalypse. Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of information and a transition into a heavenly state. My work involves the integration of consciousness into the dynamics of evolutionary development in the universe; as well as planet Earth and how the human race will be affected by this activity.

Image: Pixabay

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