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My Ayahuasca Experiences

By on June 29, 2019 in Awareness with 0 Comments
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My Ayahuasca Experiences

by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

My Ayahuasca Experiences

I did my first 2 day Ayahuasca retreat last year in August of 2018. In that first 2 day ceremony, I didn’t have nearly as much happen as this one. Mostly what I remember that happened was the first night I received a very powerful neurological pathways activation in my head. It was during the part of the ceremony where the shaman did the healing.

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It was such a powerful activation that I was out of it the rest of the time there. The second night I did receive information, but as far as visions I mostly received a bunch of downloads and would be looking out the window at the stars and blink and the clouds/stars would be in a different pattern every time I blinked. It took a couple more days to recover from the neurological activation I received from that. I really didn’t have any profound, life changing realizations or anything big like that from the first retreat.

The neurological activation was an important step to get me to where I’m at now though so it was definitely worth it. The rest of what I share here will be all about my second retreat that I completed May 28-May 30th, 2019.

I signed up for this recent two day retreat about 10 weeks before it happened, so I had a lot of time to prepare. The day after I signed up I quit eating bread, which I had been struggling with and putting off for a while. My normal diet is pretty good, the only non vegan food I eat are eggs and the only sugar I eat is organic light brown sugar with oatmeal sometimes.

I worked out every single day for about 5-6 weeks from that point and really worked up a sweat while I did, to help detox. About 4 and a half or 5 weeks before the ceremony I had bought an ionic foot bath detox for home use and started using it every day. I did that detox every single day for 30 days in a row (stopped 2 days before the first ceremony to let my body recover fully).

It took a lot out of me energetically at first, so I cut back on working out and mostly focused on the detox. A week or two before the ceremony I started working out here and there again though before I would do the detox. Two weeks before the ceremony

I stopped eating Avocados and stopped protein powder. Although the retreat I go to says those things are okay, I read on Reddit that those are common ones that other people cut out. I wanted to try it so I did (I don’t really know if it made a difference but I’ll probably do that next time too as this retreat great.).

I know for certain all the detoxing with the foot bath made a huge difference. 4 days before the ceremony I only ate plain scrambled eggs (didn’t use anything on the pan either, so they were completely plain), plain potatoes (I just cut up potatoes and put them in the oven till they are a bit crispy then just eat them plain like that), raw notes (mostly just raw almonds), bananas, and apples. I might have had a smoothie during that time too made with almond milk and fruit.

Day of the first ceremony I had 4 scrambled eggs for breakfast, then before noon ate a banana, and 2 small apples. I also read several Law of Attraction books and watched The Secret Movie on Netflix before the ceremonies. One of my main intentions for this 2 day ceremony was to clear lack energies and limiting beliefs relating to law of attraction and manifestation, so absorbing that material and reading those books helped a lot to bring those energies up and ready to be healed/shifted.

First Night May 28th

After I took my first cup, in just a matter of a few minutes I started to feel taps/energy moving at various parts of my body. There was energy flowing to those spots. I had this happen once before in 2017 when I was lying in bed at night, it was my star family giving me an upgrade/alignment. It was the same type of thing, where specific points were being activated.

It felt like a DNA template activation, but the purpose was that it would result in more of my soul being able to come into the body and cells. It lasted a long time too, an hour, maybe longer. I just laid down and stayed as relaxed as I could while saying thank you a lot throughout the process. I found out later this was my mantis guide that helped and it was a DNA template upgrade.

After the upgrade was complete I started to get deeper into the medicine. The next parts I share are probably not in order of how they happened, just sharing the pieces I remember.

I saw my animal friend guide, a big mouse who I call Steven. I hadn’t seen him in a while and I was really happy to see him. He was like running over my body and being playful so it brought me a lot of joy.

I started to have a conversation, telepathically with what felt like to be God. I was curious as to who it was but was told by the voice that it didn’t matter, all was God and one. I was still curious though so when I got home after the ceremonies I found out it was Zeus, the Greek god. I received a lot of insight from Zeus. A lot of reminders that I am a child of light, a child of god.

I had very clear message that I needed to start writing a lot more and do fantasy writing. I haven’t written any fantasy stories since I was around 15 years old. I have been wanting to write more of an epic, long fantasy story but I have felt like it is a huge mountain in front of me… between developing the characters, world building, and so on just have felt like it was too much to take on and felt more stressful than fun.

I would imagine selling the novel online and getting criticisms, caring too much about what people would think about a story I hadn’t even written yet. Seeking approval from others and that sort of ego type of viewpoint. This was all pointed out to me in the visions/conversation with Zeus. I was guided to let go of all of that and to start with one short fantasy story.

I already had a beginning of this story. It starts with a dragon hatching from an egg in a magical forest type of place. Then the story follows this dragon through various interactions. I was guided to step into this story and have fun with it. I went into the story and ended up seeing how the story ends. At the end of the story the dragon decides to venture to the end of that forest/reality he was in. He gets to the edge and there’s an infinite black void there. He takes a long, large inhale.

And upon the exhale has a very long “AUM” sound pour forth as a cosmic force of magic and creation. The black void starts being filled with many creations: universes, stars, planets, dimensions, and life. The dragon then smiles and jumps into his new playground, looking forward to the adventures.

With the story I realized there was a special significance in relation to God and a creation story there. It was like God first created an inner world to figure out things. Then with the breath of life, with the sound of creation AUM created everything else. This realization was unexpected and was told that my stories would naturally be full of spiritual information that flows out in the moment when I write. This was mostly to serve as a main example of how that can happen. So it became a huge message to me that my writing will lead me to where I’m supposed to go in life.

That first night I also saw a bunch of snakes leaving my body/energies. I felt like it was old negative fear energy that wasn’t serving me anymore. Several times my attention was specifically brought to the tongue of a snake, where the tongue divides into two at the end. Didn’t end up figuring out the message of the tongue.

At another point, I saw some of the bird tribe beings. Another part I saw what looked like higher dimensional circuits/technology. Later I was shown this was part of the makeup/design of my human vessel with lots of sacred geometry. I wasn’t able to fully grasp the designs because a lot of it was past my current ability to understand it at the dimensional space I’m in.

My attention was brought inside the body and was shown a bright ball of energy, part of my own soul, with god-like child energy. The energy ball had an arm/hand come out of it and wave at me. This god/child aspect of me wanted to come out and merge with me. The energy then went into all the circuitry. I was getting that more of that will be revealed as things progress forward.

A lot of that experience and the child of light aspects also related to me becoming happy in my physical body with just the way it is. Seeing the body as a divine vehicle, as a creation of God and perfect as is. I’ve struggled with a lot of that and wanting my body to be a certain way, so this helped. I ended up feeling really comfortable in my body and a lot of love for it. I was reminded that I do have the ability to transform the body any way I wish and having self love all throughout the body is part of that process.

I did a lot of clearing of old lack energies and limiting beliefs. There were many doubts, judgements, and old stuff I had to thank, clear, and let go of. A lot of ego was dissolved. I had the vision of a row of window panes. Each pane was like a lens I used to see life through, perceptions. There were many lined up next to each other, that it filled a big room of them. They all started coming out and being turned into energy to move on and not be present with me any longer. They were old lack and negative viewpoints/lenses. I thanked them as each one left until the process was done.

After the second cup took effect I started to have these instances where my eyes were kind of opening and closing on their own. I could start to see the same thing whether my eyes were open or closed. It felt like I could have navigated myself around the room with my eyes closed and would not have fallen and made it to where I wanted to go. I felt like this was a start to a 3rd eye activation of sorts.

During the healing ceremony (at the place I go to, at one point in the night groups of us sit in the middle of the room and get a healing from the shaman as a group) I had felt like it was a lot more weak compared to the first time I did it with the other shaman. I went into it with expectation of a 3rd eye activation/upgrade and being powerful.

I realized this during the ceremony and had to let it go. I felt doubt and ego being cleared by the help of the healing and shaman. I had to remind myself that I already had received so much up until that point that I was more than happy and grateful. I also felt this shaman had a different style than the other shaman. I felt that night that he planted a seed that would sprout soon. It ended up sprouting the next night during the second ceremony.

I felt a lot of self love during the ceremony and said thank you many times. I felt excited with a stronger reconnection/connection to God and oneness.

I had visions/visualizations of myself doing group healings in person in the near future. I believe that will be in Mount Shasta. I was reassured that I would be there soon.

It was also told to me that my 3rd eye vision would be really on when writing fantasy. That I would receive clear images and visions about what I am writing that will develop further as I write more. I felt that a lot of information and teaching I share with the world/collective, will come from fun stories I play with and create.

At the beginning of the ceremony, I had connected with ayahuasca in my heart space and inside a deep crystalline temple/palace. The rest of the ceremony I felt like ayahuasca was holding my right hand. I go into the heart space and meet with the spirit of ayahuasca and connect deeply there at the beginning of every ceremony.

I feel a much stronger sense for the law of attraction and manifestation and like the missing piece has been found. That missing piece for me was faith and trust. Now having complete faith I know that what I am wanting will be answered and come into being.

I did take a 3rd cup of medicine the first night, but I didn’t have too much come from it that I was aware of. I think at that point I had already received so much that I was at my limit for that night. I didn’t end up physically purging at all the first night.

Second Night May 29th

The second night of Ayahuasca as I went up to take the medicine I immediately tasted that it was a very potent batch. The shaman made a very powerful batch for us. I had to really sit with it for a bit to get it to settle into my stomach and kept connecting deeper with the spirit of ayahuasca.

The first night the medicine hit really fast and started noticing things within a few mins. This second night, it took a while longer. I had to let my expectations go and release control, but as I was waiting I was asking myself “is nothing happening?” and had to clear doubts and come back to trusting myself and the medicine.

A little later, I was sitting up and all the sudden got hit hard by the medicine, it came on strong then intensified over the next minute and I felt so much energy and pressure in the 3rd eye. At the same time of getting hit with the 3rd eye it was like liquid hot light energy was being poured into my heart, almost like liquid lava light energy.

Goddess Pele was the one bringing in this energy in the heart. From there, my 3rd eye opened so much I started to see fractals, patterns, energies, sacred geometry, and it was so many things flashing in my mind it was like I was on a fast roller coaster ride through the 3rd eye. This lasted quite a while, 20-30 minutes, maybe more. At one point, I remember going into some portal type of thing with some lionesses (female Lyrans) that brought me back to ancient Egypt to connect with that energy.

In Ancient Egypt, there was a lifetime there I was already aware of before this ceremony, where I was one of the high level initiates in the pyramid program and successfully ascended that way. At one point during that life was when I really activated my 3rd eye to a level I hadn’t had before, and that was partly done by laying in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid with the 3rd eye lined up to the top point of the pyramid. So, my 3rd eye activation had a lot to do with bringing that ability back in and also healing abilities from ancient Egypt lifetimes.

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I was being reminded that I was a child of light, a child of god throughout the whole visions. It was a complete death and rebirth type of thing, reminding me of my mastery. My child of light, child of god aspects came back and I had powerful realizations that I needed to shift things about my current situation to advance further.

I need to stop playing video games, start having more fun and looking at life like I was looking at things from a child’s eyes. Going in nature more, meeting some new people, and see what pops up to try. I also saw that I needed to get rid of my dark blinds and get different blinds for the windows in my room and really bring a lot more light into the room by changing things around. I need to clear out all my old stuff upstairs and get myself prepared to move.

I have to act like I’m moving already and be ready so that it manifests into reality. I kept repeating “I am a child of light, a child of god” many times over and over through this intense experience. I needed to make sure that I remembered that and started acting like it & embodying that more fully. My connection to God/Source came back so strongly between the ceremonies that I feel a newfound connection to the infinite source/God. I seem to resonate more with the term God now and use that a lot.

I also clearly remember seeing sacred geometry flower type designs at my 3rd eye spot on the forehead and at the pineal gland either during or after that activation.

I can’t even remember all of the rest of what I saw, it was just so much energy and I was so happy that I was receiving this powerful 3rd eye activation that I had been asking for and working towards for quite some time.


That eventually passed and I was so grateful for it. I did end up taking a 2nd cup of the medicine, which I probably could have passed on, but went for it anyway. The 2nd cup I ended up having some purging happen, vomited at one point. I saw a star out the window and it reminded me of Archangel Michael and felt his presence. I also kept looking through my 3rd eye and saw my main guide, my mantis guide. The rest of the night was pretty mellow, just listening to the music and kept bringing my focus to the 3rd eye to keep energy flowing through it.

I am planning to go to another 2 day ceremony this year. My intuitive knowing tells me that the ceremonies I’ve done so far have gone as planned and I have one last 2 day retreat where there will be a crescendo/finale where I’ll experience a higher level 3rd eye activation that builds off the one I just received & helps me access the doorway to higher dimensions with less effort.

I’ll make another post after I do that ceremony if I feel guided to share the experience. I plan to do the same preparation steps for the next ceremony in regards to the 30 days of detoxing with the foot bath right before and the same food plan.

Love & Light

Meashenu |

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