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New Earth News – Where Is New Earth?

By on February 15, 2018 in New Earth News

New Earth News - Where Is New Earth?

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by Sonja,
New Earth News Correspondent

Among the millions of ideas about the existence of the New Earth, the only one that is important for you to understand is your own. The only way I can explain my point is to share my own version. What if I told you that I believe the New Earth existence can only be found in your own eyes?  Although what you see originated out of one, that scene now has compounded into what billions see. In order to expand out of one, the extreme friction of polarity was used and was a necessity. Humanity has forgotten what took place as one collective mind. In turn, that allowed itself to be in the exact position it resides in right this minute.


Being multi-dimensional since birth has allowed me to see the distinctness between one reality compared to an infinite multiverse. There is one version which includes the extreme polarity existing of each individual and another version running side by side with the construction of the same moments above and below with slight, but defined, differences. Those differences would determine what would be compounded in the next layered external tier. It moves and changes with what looks to be an entangled, but constant, flow. Once entering into the flow of what just earlier had seemed to be a conglomerate of confusion, now has become a definite path of which I personally created. Crisscrossing over and entwining with my own road were layers upon layers of those I had co created with.

I have spent decades traveling these threads of what we call time to come to the understanding of what I was seeing and where I actually was. There is the side of creation and the side of transformation. One flows in one direction and the other flows in the opposite. I am not confused anymore as to which side is which as a whole, and I am going to try to explain this to the best of my ability.

Some say that God is vicious because of the so-called games that have been played on humanity. Even myself, knowing him as I do, have even felt that way a time or two while not being warned before tripping and stepping over things that I could not tell were actually in the reality I was looking at in that present moment.  But how else in this free will universe could he have gotten the message across to me?

The distortion we look at is so dense and thick that it can seem as if we are being attacked by something or someone absolutely horrific. I hear his voice very clearly as I always have inside, and I came into understanding how brilliant his creation was after years of feeling like I was being literally jerked around.

Once you can understand that we created out of ONE I AM (Adam/Atom) into billions of I AM, then you can see the path of how to get to where we all want to go. I personally know it is on the other side of right NOW. Being multi-dimensional allows me to see where it is. I have seen it, traveled through it, cried for it and literally begged for it. But there is always this wall that looks to me as if it’s made out of glass. The wall looks about 3 inches thick with no start or stop, vertically or horizontally. I could travel through it in my spirit body but was not able to pass through it in my physical body. I have seen everyone I love and adore there, and there are generations backwards and forwards of me in all shapes and sizes. What I would perceive great grandparents, aunts and uncles to have been, I am able to see their faces.

On so many occasions that I cannot count, I have returned to this body and wept for hours until my eyelids were almost swollen shut. This place I speak of is the genuine, untarnished essence of pure love. English words cannot begin to describe how upon entering, the human senses go into a state of blissful delight. One cannot even imagine this type of Love being magnetized in each and every particle of it all. This place does exist and we are going to be able to reside there. But as a collective, the questions still remain of how to exit this matrix, how to enter the New Earth, or if there are really two earths. Who gets to go? What about my babies or my neighbor? What about the good people versus the bad people or the suffering children with the abusive parents in this corrupt appalling nightmare prison we reside in?


I believe the biggest concern is “Who am I and am I doing all I can to make this happen?” I am no different than anyone else and these were some of my own questions. WE ARE ONE separated into individual portions of Creator. If you still see corruption on the streets or a hungry child somewhere then that means that we are NOT there yet. If you still have to pay bills, then we are NOT there yet. If you are stuck in traffic, we are NOT there yet.

There is NO WAY to exit something if you do NOT fully understand what THAT something IS.

The work that needs to be done is INTERNAL, not external. This is an illusion that traps our conscious mind and tricks us into thinking that we are hopelessly stuck in a web of deceit. The illusion causes us to blame someone else or point fingers at what we perceive as bad. If you think you have not done this, you’re kidding yourself, whether you say it out loud or not. There is no bad or good. Once this realization takes hold, your mind will be able to understand what YOU have been doing as a Creator.

Sit in the God seat and look at your creation. This is a really good exercise to come into the understanding of how to go HOME. After you sit in the God seat, the first thing most will say is, “I didn’t do that, but I am responsible for that one!!” when they really see what all is outside of their own bubble. Follow the threads back in your mind and look at the people in your immediate surroundings. Really look at them, not the outer perception. If you find an emotion then trace it back to where it derived from. Bingo!

You may be shocked because it’s not so divine looking. So, what does that mean? If there is no good or bad, because we had to use polarity to create out of ONE, and if Source/Father God is all in all then where did the bad come from? Hmmmm. Now sit in the other seat. Yes, the Bad seat. The Devil/Satan/Lucifer/Anunnaki/yucky seat. Now OWN IT ALL. How can you claim to be who you are as a spark of creator or God without owning both sides of creation? It’s not possible. The perceived Bad part is just as important as the perceived Good part.

If we created from extreme polarity for the sole reason of expansion from ONE, then it stands to reason that the only way to follow the yellow brick road home is to trace back to the origin. IN THE ORDER IT WAS RECEIVED. Extreme polarity all the way good to all the way bad and back and forth and back and forth and so on and so on until the point of completed expansion WAS achieved. Then we came back over that completed expansion and transformed that expanded space into something more desirable to reside in-  the New Earth.

We are already there on the New Earth. It’s our own minds that are keeping us from changing what we see. This process can look as if it is taking forever and cause doubt. As long as you know what you are really doing, that in itself allows your consciousness to be more at ease and allows you to see what is really taking place. Feeling like a victim in an unfair prison will only escalate the emotions that were only used for the sole purpose of expansion. Emotions do not serve us in any way at this point. Reacting to Emotions of either polarity keeps an individual trapped in their own mind. This makes it look like you are being attacked or that you’re not in total control of your own destiny and that someone else has the ability to control you.

Over the last several years I have had to totally isolate myself from the public. No social media, very little television and no personal contact with very many others at all, mostly close family and a few friends. Of course, my husband is with me, and I go and see my children. But 99% of my time has been with Source/Father. I can’t help it, it just happened. My husband even does most of the grocery shopping. At first, I didn’t understand why this was so very important. But the more alone time I had, the more understanding came and laid over the knowledge I was born with.

I believe that everyone is born with the knowledge intact. They just have to remember, who they are and what is really going on. Once they start remembering then it becomes new understanding that literally lays over the divine knowledge and becomes truth. Being multi-dimensional and having visions wasn’t always easy. Once I came into the understanding that everything is all coded messages, then things started flowing. One of the things I came to realize is that I never lost the memory of any of the visions or any of the dimensional traveling I had done. I couldn’t remember if I had eaten that day but could remember something that happened in another dimension three years ago in detail.

Then one day those visions started playing out in this reality. It was very shocking, because the me that was playing out in real time wasn’t the me I had seen in the visions. The clothes would be the same, the vehicle would be the same. Same house, town, and story line. But the odd thing was, this person would be either one of my daughters, my sisters, or my mother. In two different ones, the woman that I thought was me was actually a friend. Of course, I had shared so many of my visions with my sisters and close friends so when these things would play out, I would mention it to them to see if they saw it in the situation as well. As a humans, we love and need confirmation.

These steps evolve into a greater understanding of history repeating itself. For the longest time, I truly believed that we were trapped. I no longer feel that way and refuse to speak those words because if I felt trapped, that would mean that this physical body still had emotions lodged in the cellular memory and was reacting to it.

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 Free will of an energy signature in a vessel allows the choice to be made that reacting to emotions no longer serve that physical vessel.

You don’t have to say anything out loud or tap three times and turn in a clockwise circle. Just believe it. Once the cycle of something has become repetitive, then that’s an indication that the signature in the vessel still hasn’t learned the lesson. But in all fairness, if you spoke only English, you wouldn’t take a class that was taught in Italian. So, if you don’t know what the lesson in front of you is really about, there’s no way you can pass the test even if you are the one that created the class.

This is because somewhere along the line of expansion as we were divided and divided so very many times from one, we lost part of our memory. But I can promise that we didn’t lose any of the knowledge, and now it doesn’t take long for the mnemonic flow. This brings in all into a whole and you will then know how to apply the same thing to a larger version. As always, the answer is right in front of your face but we sometimes miss it because it’s too obvious. All you have to do is listen and watch, because the truth always unveils itself each and every time.

In my opinion, The truth is where spirituality and science come together. To find the complete truth, one does not work without the other. It’s the same as claiming the perceived good and not the perceived bad and that does not work. You may become all warm and fuzzy on the inside at a feel-good moment when someone agrees with you, but that’s only emotions fooling you. Do not be fooled because you are literally fooling yourself. It ALL MATTERS.

We reside on a planet that is extremely dense and gravity is in control. How can you change what you see to the New Earth if you don’t understand what you’re seeing? Once I learned to get rid of the emotions that were trapping me in this web of deceit, I was amazed at how things changed. It made sense to me that I needed to remove feelings of any sort to be able to see what was next. My own feelings were distorting what I was trying to read and literally what I was seeing out of my two human eyes.

I recently went through this series of events that taught me how to remove myself from the equation to see the truth. The moment I came out of these series of events was like someone turning the switch on. I could not believe what I understood. It was absolutely incredible! It was as if the larger parts of my brain started working and I actually got it. I got the big picture! I could understand on a scale that it was literally impossible for me, as this human named Sonja to understand. I understood that we already had the answers. We look at them every day and all we needed was the equation which would pull it all together. You created your own answer, so look for the equation.

I can now see that each and every single thing that has ever happened since the beginning of time wherever and whatever that may be, and IS happening now, is the message that you have left for your own self. It just happens to be billions compounded by billions. Polarity does not matter, because what we see as a human is the distorted version as a whole. You have to be able to look beyond the distortion and see your message that only you can understand.  It repeats itself over and over until you find it and it is RECEIVED. And what is received is that portion of yourself fractured off in the configuration of an emotion that took form as a person place or thing. It will continue to emit and continue to get bigger and louder until you accept that it is you. Which, then, has now become so hideous, who in their right mind would want to claim it?

Well I am here to tell you that I did and once I did, it freed me from a mass of confusion. What if you truly allowed yourself to understand that time does not actually exist and that everything is happening at the same time? The moment you realize this fact, history of any shape or form as it is recorded in the books from supposedly centuries past can start playing out right in front of your eyes. This is what you have to look forward to.

One would think and maybe say, that if I totally understood the knowledge of the NOW moment and that all IS truly all, then why did I wake up in the same reality this morning? Why would I have this understanding and what is it to be used for? In all religions of sorts and intertwined throughout myths and legends, they repeat that all it takes is ONE to shift out of this reality to a New Earth. And once one does it, their portion of truth is so compounded that the rest will follow by universal law. I truly believe this is fact, just by what I have seen with my own eyes.

Has the first one already succeeded, or is that first one still walking amongst us? And does that First One represent us all as One? That is an impossible question to answer by anyone on this planet at this moment because if there has already been the first one, he/she would not be in the same reality in which we reside. They would be residing in a place where extreme polarity does not exist. There is a specific equation of a location in which most of us want to be and it’s been called so many different names. New World, New Earth, Heaven, 5th dimension and many many others. It’s the same place we all have in mind, but with a little twist of individual personality added to it.

Where is the New Earth? I personally believe the specific location is on the other side of right NOW. And the only way to find your path to your own right now is to follow your own lead. We can all guess and believe different things, but the fact remains that there is absolutely no way of knowing until you are there. Which end of this reality’s perceived time are you actually looking at to gather the platform of belief that you are standing on? One of which was creating mode, or that of transformation.


Keep doing the emotional healing and clearing and know that we already are on the New Earth in “no time”. As you finally peel away the layers of the wall, you will find yourself there. The more of us that take responsibility for all of creation, including the distortion, the more the layers will be removed that keep us from the real existence that we long for.

About the author

Sonja is an intuitive visionary, holding a direct connection with the Divine since childhood. She has been blessed with pin point visionary skills plus, enhanced spiritual gifts and abilities. Her path has now led her from behind the scenes and into the public, focusing on blessing the people of the earth with Pure Love. Assisting with delivering the understanding required to find truth in knowledge.  Sonja’s extra sensory gifts will now be shared in areas directed by Divine.

“Changes are made through the generations of time by enhancing consciousness. By enlightening ourselves, we transform the World!”

Image: Pixabay

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