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November Energy Update – Supermoon, U.S. Presidential Election, Positive Timeline

By on November 12, 2016 in Energy Updates

November Energy Update - Supermoon, U.S. Presidential Election, Positive Timeline

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by Jared Walters,
Contributing Writer,

As I sat and watched the election on November 8th I could feel the world holding it’s breath, but it was deeper than all eyes being on the election, I thought back to the vision I had been given by spirit of Trump taking the oath, and wondered what possibilities it would bring if this did come to pass, personally and collectively, it was at that time I decided to take out my cards and ask spirit for more info on the energy that was currently surrounding our World, and recorded the results on a video (uploaded to Youtube November 8th) and the below is what I found.


Positive Timeline

I was first struck with an overwhelming burst of energy and could feel that the outcome to our present course would be positive, baffled by this feeling as it felt that the American people were faced with what seemed like an impossible choice, which could have gone either way, but what the election to me represented was a new beginning in the collective mindset. I am not pro Trump by any stretch of the imagination, but this was a symbol that people were craving change, and the doors are opening.

Change in our mainstream society has become a slogan, a marketing ploy that had no real value, as it is from within that it comes and not without, but no matter who is in power, that change is manifesting, but like the need for healing individually synonymous with an awakening, we are now experiencing the collective manifestation of this need and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Ongoing Awakening of the Masses

We are now seeing the outward manifestation of the ascension process in the collective consciousness. Think back to when you had your first awakening moments, and compare that to what we are seeing now. It started with moments of realization followed by a renouncing of what we believe to be the social norm, this is what is breaking down now. In 2015, we had months of revelation after revelation and this trend has continued, now this information is seeping into the subconscious minds of the many and manifesting in our renouncing the establishment.

Now as this goes deeper in the coming weeks and months we will see more of a polarization as some will see that it is the systems that are failing us, and not the people who serve them, the old ways are defiantly breaking down, but for every new beginning there has to be an ending, which is why we are seeing such turbulence.

Supermoon Energies

Many sensitive people have been feeling the underlying frustration from the collective, normally manifesting as intense trepidation or emotional anxiety which is coming from everywhere, when making a link psychically to a person, for example, there are normally tangible things I can pick up on, how they are feeling, what is happening in their lives, loved ones and guides associated with them, names, places etc. For the past few months, it has felt as if it is just in the air and this is going to intensify within the coming weeks.

The coming Supermoon on November 14th will bring about an intense personal polarization of energies from within, as the old and the new collide. How many of you have been feeling an amnesic effect, when tackling some of the most basic problems, almost as if you have to remember how to do things again. As we are shifting into the new earth mindset, it is like we are having to learn new ways of doing old everyday things. Money for example has been an ongoing issue for me, I used to be so good with numbers, now the most basic calculations for the everyday shop seem like hard work


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This is because when this process is all said and done, it feels that the methods of exchange used now will become a thing of the past, but, we are not there yet by no means, so it is important now more than ever to stay as grounded and as heart centered as possible as these new energies take effect.

Throughout the coming weeks you may have moments of intense fear, and moments of intense excitement and joy, let the energy wash through you, and understand this is a process of becoming.

The most important message

Throughout 2016 it feels that the forces around us have been hammering home one message, that our thoughts create our reality. This is will become much more evident moving forward as new ways of thinking will become apparent, it has already began, with people finding different ways of making a living, exploring their hearts calling and showing unconditional acts of kindness and love.


About the author: Jared works as a spirit medium and Paranormal investigator based in South Wales UK, For more info on Jared take a look at his website and youtube channel

Image: Pixabay

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