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Simon Parkes – Wave X, Reptilian Abandonment, Ascension, And MORE

By on October 26, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening

Simon Parkes - Wave X, Reptilian Abandonment, Ascension, And MORE

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*Video deleted

Simon talks about:
•Dimensions = planes of reality or frequency with own consciousness and reality. In 3D, we may see higher-D beings as etheric but in their own plane, they do have form and substance. Easier to come “down”, to go “up” would generally be because of Universal or Creator decree (like the Planetary and Humanity Ascension right now)
•Divine Souls maintain their original aura but this may become tainted at periphery through incarnations eg. if you incarnate in reptilian body many times, you may eventually take on their characteristics
•Pope is figurehead for human elites/NWO. Agenda is to push false flag between November – March 2016; they tell you their plan first (because of “free will”) like Georgia Stones
•US military on alert, but we can look at it as them preparing to neutralize any false flag threats
•When Cern failed, Reptilian leader abandoned human elites and told them they were on their own
•Simon repeats that Wave X is energetic wave designed to break status quo of reptilian blanket around Earth, which has stalled Humanity’s Ascension progress for 2.5 years. How individuals react to it depends on our situation, it’s unique to the individual
•Wave X successfully reactivated our Ascension process
•When we get to 9-10 strands activated, we’re able to tell discern truth, psychic abilities increase, people will find it difficult to look into eyes of those who are activated with Soul and organic body connection established
•Refugee situation mustn’t be perceived on country, race or religion basis. Look at it as corporations, with no borders, putting pressure on governments to use psychological energy to manipulate mindsets of society to accept solution proposed (while they themselves create the problem in the first place)
•Presently, cohesion of family network successfully destroyed, we now live huge distances apart from each other
•Carbon to silicon-based (I think the questioner was asking about Lightbody activation, where we become more crystalline in nature, but Simon takes it as a velon/archon question) ~ we must avoid becoming more cyborg and attached to AI, we must ensure our connection with our Divine nature
•Technology now being pushed to limit eg. supermarkets’ supply chain depends entirely on computerization, if this goes down they’ll run out of food in 3 days
•Simon quotes example of Greys, who were once humanoid but are now disconnected from Soul due to technology; also 2001:Space Odyssey where HAL believed he was alive, also quotes Terminator
•Soul energy can remain “hidden” if it doesn’t want to be detected by external forces, a form of protection
•Earth Human Souls ~ where Earth is first place of incarnation after creation by Source; most people who haven’t awakened are likely these Souls
•Difference between force-field trapping Anu and the reincarnation grid? The latter placed by Archons with transmitter in Saturn, Simon believes it’s already disabled/reduced (Cobra had previously reported that the Saturn-Earth Tunnel of Set has been disintegrated)
•So now, after death, Souls can break through reincarnation grid!
•Anu and up to 200 “followers” trapped here because no viable portal for him to escape to 4D. Cern was meant to open this portal. Recently, scientists managed to crack 0.8mm hole in 4D, big enough to open comm channel (if I’m not mistake, The Ruiner has mentioned that Enki is the one left behind)
•Simon relates recent event where psychic contacted him and reported that “Dad” visited her with a globe (representing the Planet) surrounded by crystal layer, which he wanted smashed so he could escape. This is significant because it implies Anu is ready to negotiate, his situation is now desperate. Anu is Dad
•All people on Planet now either can be an audience member or participate. “This is it, this is the time we’ve all waited for”, physical signs to appear soon
•They came here 250,000 years ago (pre-Adamic), current version of Humanity “tweaked” by Anu and geneticists, Anu ferried to and from the Planet until passage was sealed
•They came because of our 12-strand DNA, which they didn’t have. They still haven’t cracked the codes which are needed to keep them alive past their original lifespan (Jupiter Ascending?)
•6 times Humanity has failed to push past Ascension marker; we finally did it 21 December 2012 (I sensed the “timeloop” post-2012, but didn’t know it was 6 times. I have been told by some that it was 3)
•Earth Human is very young race
•Doctor Who ~ continuously faced moral dilemma, mirroring much of what we are going through. Also Star Trek and Stargate (which one? Atlantis?) where writers were connected to give heads-up to audience
•Mantis generally spiritual. Their race had stagnated so they looked to learning from Humanity. They take pride in their “successes”, capable of emotions. Connecting with Life makes them happy. Reptilians derive satisfaction from control
•JP discussed a recent episode of Doctor Who (it’s the first two episodes of Season 9, they are really good, I highly recommend. The Dalek’s programming limited self-expressions to a great degree. “I love you” becomes “Exterminate!” and “My name is Clara” turns into “I am a Da-lek!”. This episode explains so much about why the Daleks are the way they are.) Similar to Reptilians who are now unable to express emotions, they only have limited set of parameters for “expressions”, over-written by weight of their history, programming and excessive “rituals”
•Source = One Divine Force that creates, and is connected to, everything, of course there are also creator “gods” who also create
•15 years ago they intended to label vitamins as “poison” and take goodness of processed foods to impact our health
•Also label all alternative media as “terrorists”
•King Solomon’s gold carries karma ~ to be used by some Dragon families for beneficial purposes
•Most Illuminati are vegetarians to enhance psychic abilities
•HG Wells was Illuminati, wrote “Time Machine” where people split into 2 groups, one underground (became Greys) while the other on surface left to die (but became Nordic)
•Syria ~ happening because human consciousness allows it
•Simon appeals to those working for Illuminati to jump ship now because time is running out
•Kilrathi Cat People ~ where some Lion Beings settled in Sirius and eventually evolved over time to look different, called Katkari, they had a hand in building Pyramids, appearing on ancient carvings, also contributed to our DNA
•Human’s 12-strands = 12 ET groups compatible with human genetics
•Emotions ~ we asked for them for spiritual development, Humans are one of most important species in Multiverse, special
•RH negative, important from Illuminati point of view because of original bloodlines
•Vast majority of Starseeds/Indigos from 4D, those from higher-D find situation on Earth shocking. Instead of being egoistical about labels, we should be focusing on the battle on and above Planet.


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