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The Role Of Polarity

By on January 6, 2014 in Spiritual Awakening
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The Role Of Polarity

by Adam Bell

The role of polarity in this reality is pivotal and for individual advancement it must be understood and embraced. From early on in our lives we are taught what is good. Good is usually related to positive. Our definitions have been embellished upon us by school and parents and the background influence of church. So naturally, all our lives we try to be as positive as possible. But surely positivity is defined by an individual.

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For instance. One person may lead a gym-friendly, holistic life, never touching the poisons. They would consider themselves a positive individual.

Another might find solace in psychedelics, journey to nature, dance under moonlit landscapes to psytrance, and that same person may consider themselves holistic. After a week of MDMA, DMT, and other substances at Burning Man, that individual would return considering themselves positive.

There’s many examples one could make, however the point I’m trying to make is I’m sure the two individuals above would argue what’s positive and negative. Neither are right or wrong. They’ve just polarized to one side more. And one day the clean individual may wake up and say, I played it safe all my time. And the other individual may wake up and say I’ve degraded my body!

Nothing in the universe can stand by itself – no thing, no fact, no being, no event – and for this reason it is absurd to single anything out as the ideal to be grasped. For what is singled out exists only in relation to its own opposite, since what is defined by what is not, is defined by what is, pleasure is defined by pain, life defined by death and motion defined by stillness. Obviously, the mind can form no idea of what to be, without the contrast of ” not be”, since the idea of non-being are abstractions from such simple experiences as there is a penny in the right hand and no penny in the left.

From The Way of Zen by Alan Wattsir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0375705104

When one ponders the words positive and negative, modern linguistics will align good to positive and bad to negative. But in terms of a battery, is one end bad and the other end good? Of course not! This puts the whole notion of our definitions into perspective when we zoom out. One doesn’t work with out the other. A voice needs an echo for resonance. For there to be heroes, there first must be villains.

When one is experiencing a negative situation, there needs to be a certain level of allowance on the experiencers behalf. To sit with it, observe it, find the lesson and persevere is the real pathway to wisdom.

This article was originally written this with the following intention: Any amount of polarization to one side will only cause a counter balance. Consider the nicest person perceivable who is leading a “positive” life.  They will eventually synthesize into their reality. That’s how it works. This may be a great challenge for the spiritually adept but for an unprepared individual, the shadow figure could mean disaster, meltdown, crisis, collapse. You hear of so and so suffering some great tragedy and the response is “Oh ,they wouldn’t hurt a fly!”or “He/she was such a beautiful soul.” That’s the shadow at work. Rectifying too much time in the light with some much needed darkness. I say much needed, not in a sick “had it coming” way, it’s just the universe’s way of saying, “try this for a while”.

The solution to all this is: toe the line. Literally walk the path between light and dark. Be the Yin. Be the Yang. Be a nice person of course, but be ready to get your hands dirty. Get ready for the shadow work. True wisdom comes from experience so be the positive negative. Be the battery. You’ll supercharge yourself and those you come in contact with.

About the author: I ( Adam Bell) am a simple student of life, the universe and it’s various expressions.

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