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What Can I Do As A Galactic Warrior?

By on February 16, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening

What Can I Do As A Galactic Warrior?

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by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Contributing Writer,

Do you feel like you came here as a galactic warrior but don’t know what your mission is? Do you feel an impatience in knowing what is happening with the genocide on the planet, but don’t know how to stop it?


We are experiencing planned population genocide

Those of us who have awakened know the population of the planet is being sickened by radiation, chemtrails, GMO food, herbicides and pesticides, viruses, and diseases.

If you have awakened to the state of dire emergency on the planet right now, you know that every aspect of living has been controlled by a small elite group called the Illuminati that have been successful at dominating the planet through an elaborate plan that has its foundations rooted in money and greed. It has seemed like a battle that cannot be won, and will not be solved in the level of consciousness in which it was created.

It has been a battle of light and dark and the prize is planet earth and the energy her humans create

You have been watching and listening as messages of promise have been shared that say that the light forces will win this battle. Many people have come forth and have said that they remember that they have come back from the future (around 2040) because future humanity was not successful in pulling away from the control group. There are people who say that they have come here from other galaxies and universes because they heard “the call”. The problem is that we are all here, but when we were born we forgot much of what we needed to remember in order to complete our mission.

With that being said, it seems like things are actually unfolding as we knew it would although it does seem cruel and unfair. While the Illuminati is playing out their genocide, they are also hanging their own necks. Pluto in Capricorn is shedding a light on the truth of what is happening just as it should. The light forces have a trump card that is just waiting to be played, like pushing over the first domino that will knock every single domino over in its path. This will be the end of control over humans on this planet who choose to free themselves.

For many people, the shock of how they have been manipulated will be too much for them to handle and they will choose to leave their bodies. Some will choose to leave their bodies because they have done what they have come here to do. For others, it will be as if a light bulb goes off inside their heads and they will be ready to get to work and do what is needed to create a “New Earth” for their children and grandchildren.

The Events

There will be a series of events that will occur that will undoubtedly serve as an awakening to the rest of humanity as the Illuminati plays their last cards. These events have been just around the corner for many years and are in the final stages of unfolding right now. There are billions of space brothers and sisters of the light that are working together with patience to allow certain events to happen. They are allowing as many people as possible to begin waking up before collectively triggering a shift in consciousness that will tip the scales in the favor of the light forces.


The saving grace planned by the light forces has been described as a shift in planetary vibration that will take those who choose it into another dimension on Earth where the dark forces of the Illuminati cannot touch them. In other words, because of an increase in vibration in the body, your consciousness and experience will be a match to a dimension that is not seen from our current perspective. Those that do not choose this higher vibrational way of living will be allowed to experience the control system in the lower vibrations on another planet, because the planet herself is also shifting to a higher level of existence.

Lightworkers have been working

Some lightworkers have been working on holding the space or level of vibration of the planet and the human consciousness. When a planet shifts in consciousness and vibration it could cause cataclysmic events like volcanoes or earthquakes that could wipe out cities. Thus, some people came here to hold a balance while Earth goes through labor. While many of these people are doing this consciously, some of them are simply living a life here on earth and either complete their work in their sleep state or carry joy and happiness in their awake state which does the balancing for them.

Some people are activists and are out marching against the government or Monsanto. Some people are writing articles, “whistleblowing”, or spreading the truth on the internet in order to provide information for those who awaken from the magic fog that has been placed on people’s minds. Yet there is still that percentage of awakened people that want to do something but don’t know what to do!

The clean up crew

If you are in the latter group, know that you have a very special role indeed. There will be a time that the earth’s vibration has reached a point that will allow the human body to resonate with it to such an extent that parts of our DNA will be vibrated into action. When this occurs, we will be able to remember what it was that we are supposed to be doing. We will have a stronger connection with our higher aspects of ourselves as well as other beings of light. Each of us has special talents that will be needed in order to rebuild and reform a higher vibrational way of living as humans. In other words, many of us came here to be a part of the clean up crew.

Have you ever imagined what our planet would look like without electrical and telephone poles? What about the unsightly turbine wind farms or fields of solar panels? Have you ever imagined what your street would look like on garbage day without piles of trash sitting on the curbs? Have you imagined unpolluted waters and lands teeming with vibrant floral and fauna life once again? This is your job right now. Imagine how you would make it all disappear, and imagine what heaven on earth would look like. The power of the mind and imagination is a secret that has been kept from us during this enslavement.

We are simultaneously preparing our bodies through emotions

Another very important thing you are already doing is working through energy blocks as challenges are presented to you in your life. This was all planned as the cells in your body begin to oscillate or vibrate faster it loosens the darker energy that may be stuck within the body. This energy has to be moved and transmuted and the tool that we use to do this with is the emotional body. It is a very powerful tool that does not get enough respect as it will be the key in clearing and preparing our bodies to move into that magical fifth dimension we have been told about.

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The great remembrance

The trumpet has sounded once already, and now you are here. You have an innate urge to be doing something but maybe now you realize that you are already doing what you came here to do until the curtain is drawn back and the lights flood the stage. When this happens, a great remembrance will occur for the clean up crew and we will know exactly what we are here to complete. Patience is needed to get to this point but laziness will surely cause you to miss your cue.

What should we do right now?

As we wait, always be cognizant of what you are thinking as you raise your vibration naturally with the clearing of energies and the law of resonance will align you with the earth’s higher vibration. Recognize challenges as blessings and allow emotions to flow through you with the awareness that you are moving that much closer to “showtime”.

Speak your truth in any way that you feel when you have the opportunity. Write blogs on the internet, create a website, or talk to your family or coworkers. Use the internet as a tool in sharing articles on chemtrails, GMOS’s, banking disasters, 9/11 and other false flag events, and hundreds of other topics that are at the forefront screaming to be recognized. All of the information is there in plain sight within the alternative media. Most people are caught in the fog that the environment has placed upon them, but all we need is awakening people to create the shift into a higher consciousness. When people begin to say no to the blatant control, others will follow.

We have a crew beyond belief helping us

We are not alone in this battle for freedom. There are billions of space brothers and sisters working behind the scenes. We have spirit guides with us all of the time helping to show the highest path for us in preparation for being in the right place at the right time. There is a fine line between what they are allowed to do in alignment with the divine plan for the freedom of humanity while not interfering with the free will of humanity.

Remember the plan

We planned to incarnate within the human race in order to exert our free will by demanding an end to the tyranny and dark force control over the planet. It is time to stand in our power of free will by using our voice to intend that humanity be free. The one thing you can do to end this game is to connect with your Creator, your higher self, the higher aspects of yourself that are “past and future lives”, and the higher vibrational beings of the light that are here to help us make this transition and command that this end as soon as possible and in the best interest of humanity. The intentions of a small group within the light will far outweigh the negative darker forces on the planet. This will contribute to trigger the shift that will raise the consciousness out of darkness.

When this is accomplished, the cogs of the wheel will click into place, the doorway will open, and the light will shine through illuminating things brighter than we can ever imagine. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is us. We are the ones we have been waiting for and we are preparing for our final battle: the cleanup and takeover of planet Earth by the forces of love and light. We are the galactic warriors and our weapon has been patience. Our future weapon is responsible thought and manifestation that is creation from the heart space, and is what will free humans to be able to return home.

Spend much time in imagination of what you want life on the planet to look like and how freedom will be the new way of life on the planet. Most importantly, do not miss your cue. When the perfect storm hits, be ready to take back control of your life and be the example for others to follow.

About the authorMichelle Walling is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in Starseed support, and is a transformational public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. Subscribe to Michelle’s YouTube channel HERE

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