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What Does Ascension Mean?

By on November 14, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening
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What Does Ascension Mean?

by Geoffrey West,

I had a conversation with someone this past week, an individual whom I am coming to regard as a wonderful and close new friend.

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She was asking me about the process of ascension, and how it would unfold. She asked me how those who were left behind would deal with people who had ‘suddenly’ just disappeared in their own Ascension.

It is a very real question, and a very valid one also, given the information that has been shared over the last few years regarding this experience that is known as ‘Ascension’.

It has only been in the last few years that another idea was starting to become more clear in my head and heart. I had to put together a few of the pieces of the puzzle to really allow this idea to begin to really make sense to me. My friend allowed me the opportunity to try to vocalize what had been sitting within me for a period of time, but I had not really given it much thought until that moment, even though it had been sitting in the back of my mind for a period of time.

Until recently, the concept, the idea, and the experience of ‘Ascension’ was that those who had achieved the ‘spiritual enlightenment’ required to be worthy to ascend in the past, would leave the physical plane, and enter a space of existence that is currently beyond the full comprehension of a liner-thinking, 3D-grounded human.

Earth was the lower-vibratory realm, and ‘Ascension’ meant learning and completing our soul contract lessons, and then ‘graduating’ to the next experience. I hesitate to use the word ‘level’ because this suggests a kind of hierarchy, that one experience is somehow ‘better’ than another. In the space of Oneness, we are all contributing to help each other with experiences and lessons. At a higher level, this is done with unconditional love and service to LIFE, which I spoke of last week.

To return to my friend’s question: if one’s Ascension means leaving the physical plane, then what will this mean for those who are left behind? Will they experience some kind of memory loss about certain people, events or experiences? Will they have to deal with the pain of seeing lots of people disappear, and realize that they have been left behind? Will one even be conscious the fact that one has been left behind?

There will be some listeners who may already be starting to sense the direction I am about to go with this discussion, but for the benefit of new and future listeners who may listen to this, perhaps a bit more information may be required.

There are spiritually-oriented people who speak of creating Heaven on Earth, or co-creating the New Earth.

For those who choose to accept the bible, or at least the christian bible, it has been written that there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth. I apologize that I cannot speak with absolute certainty to other religious texts about whether or not there is a similar saying, but it is my belief that every major religious text has addressed this idea to some degree, given that they have all pretty much come from the same source.

Even if one looks at Ascension from that single concept alone, one may feel inclined to ask about why Heaven is being created on Earth, if the Ascended souls are leaving?

Over the years, more sources have spoken about the planet as wanting to raise her vibration, and to go through changes, and to Ascend herself.

Some sources have spoken about the galactic families as contributing to helping Gaia raise her vibration, because humanity has done such an extreme job of destroying her, that she is not strong enough any longer to complete the process on her own.

Again, looking at it from this perspective, one may be inclined to ask about why Earth or Gaia, is seeking to raise her own vibration to Ascend, if it is the lower-vibration people who are being left behind.

There are scientific sources now that are starting to describe things that have not happened before, at least in our current lifetime. There appears to be evidence at this time suggesting that the Schumann resonance of our planet is rising. The website describes the Schumann Resonance, in its simplest terms as being: “ the resonance of low frequency electromagnetic waves bouncing around in the earth, with the earth being the active “resonant chamber.””

Are you starting to see where I’m going with this? If you do not agree or do not accept where I am going with this, that is perfectly okay. I am not asking anyone to accept this as truth. Based on what I think I know up to this moment, the following information feels true to me.

The hints that have been placed before us, in religious texts, in spiritual writings and conversations and even now with some apparent scientific evidence that changes are happening upon the Earth. Many of these changes are being measured in the magnetic fields as I just mentioned, but also seismically, as the Earth is experiencing more earthquakes and movements of the tectonic plates than in the past. There are more volcanoes, floods and storms, and the storms are also becoming more intense.

It could be argued that chemtrail spraying has contributed to this. It has also been argued that our planet is going through a shift to a higher vibration because our planet is a living, sentient entity. As a living entity, she has become tired of being bullied and beat up at the hands of humans who have sought to control her and destroy her for profit, power and greed. She no longer chooses to have this experience and thus, like the victim who is pushed over the threshold, they begin to strike back.

I have gone a little bit off topic, for the purposes of planting seeds for thought.

Where the process of Ascension, in the past, meant leaving the physical plane, we, meaning Earth and humanity, are in the process of a very different type of Ascension, arguably one that has never occurred before. We are in the process of experiencing a planetary and human Ascension.

I will use an analogy from school, because almost everyone has at least one memory of a situation like this. When the group consciousness chooses to think, speak, or do certain things, the individuals will have the choice to accept or reject those energies. If they accept, there are consequence to those choices, either LIFE-affirming or non LIFE-affirming. The same if they refuse. In refusing however, one may find oneself separated from the group, by individual choice or by group decision.

Humanity is being given the choice to participate in creating a better planet and a better humanity. As more and more choose a higher-conscious way of thinking, speaking, doing and BE-ing, it impacts all energies around.

It is this collective energy that is now scaring the global cabal, and it is also pushing more individuals into states of fear, because everything that they once knew, or accepted as real, is no longer working for them.

All the events we are now witnessing in the world are responses by individuals and groups aligned to an energetic vibration that is no longer welcome, nor is it sustainable upon the planet any longer. This is why people are lashing out more in anger and violence.

In the Ascension experience that I believe we are now going through, one no longer has to worry about loved ones who are left behind and what they will experience. It will be the awake and aware humans, those who have chosen to participate in this Ascension experience, who will understand that it is they are now co-creating the new Heaven on the new Earth, and that they will have the love and compassion to release loved ones who were unable or unwilling to choose this experience, and thus had to leave. They had to leave because their energies were no longer compatible to the prevailing higher consciousness energies on the planet. 

Thus there will be events that will help to facilitate the departure of souls who cannot continue. It is in these events where those who are left behind must anchor energies of love, compassion and forgiveness, so that people can more fully understand why people are departing at this time, and thus also choosing not to engage in dramas or fears of negativity that continue to feed the old paradigm.

We are all being called to stay in step, while others are marching to the wrong tune. Soon enough, more and more of us who have chosen to stay in step, will become the new marching band, and the tune that we will all be following will be a new tune that replaces the old one.

It is then that we will be one major step closer to co-creating the kind of world that we are all claiming to want to experience!


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