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Alan Watts – How To Not Be Killed By Death

By on November 12, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Alan Watts - How To Not Be Killed By Death

by David Lindberg,

When I heard this lecture, I understood how you can not be a victim of jealousy to other people if you stick with doing what you want. For example, if I would chose the career of a project manager because of the money, I would always be jealous of the lawyers earning more than me. But, if I were to chose a life making films like these, which is what I really want, I could never be jealous of the lawyers and their money, because they’re doing something I would not be happy doing. I’m already satisfied.

As Alan Watts says, I’d do it for another end – to make money, and there’s no end in making money and because of that I’d never be satisfied. Someone would always have more than me.

But if my end is the actual doing of this particular thing, as long as I keep doing it there will instead be no end in my satisfaction.

I also love the twist in this lecture when Watts mentions that if you’re doing what is your thing to do death will not “kill” you when it comes to get you.

Universe won’t see you as something it created but then didn’t do what Universe wanted you to do, and therefore you’re already one with the universal purpose.

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