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11-11 Marker Point – Are You Ready?

By on November 11, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

11-11 Marker Point - Are You Ready?

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by Lisa Brown,

A magical day it is! The last couple of days opened our 11/11 Portal Gateway more and thus far today, the frequencies are humbling, very soft, yet very “electrifying” too. The stimulating energies and higher dimensional frequencies are running through every cell of our Quantum Crystalline LightBodies subtly and softly right now.


This is a HUGE TIME WE ARE IN, and these marker points are huge too. These are points we’ve reached, accomplished and mark the activation of whole new phases for each of us in why we are here as AWAKENED and ASCENDED HUmans, merged/integrated with our souls, whole-y and firmly anchored in our bodies, all in-service fully, all holding the NEW REALITIES IN PLACE, all the foundation, all re-building/re-structuring everything according to higher-light consciousness… functioning from a REMEMBERING STATE… from that place of love, from that place of unity, from that place of deep sacred respect, honor and integrity, from that place where we all share, contribute, support… FULLY… with everything that we have/are.

This is not a part-time job/existence, where you get to keep one foot in the old… you totally have to leave it, let it go, exit the matrix, the programmed simulation, the lower dimensional illusory realities that all once believed…. because that was the point. ALL OF THAT was our SOUL’S CHOICE…. it was the exact experience that WE CHOSE to wake us up/awaken us to what we forgot when we fell from consciousness, entered the system and dimensional realms of amnesia….. to play those old programs out until we got done with them and were ready to move on….

THIS IS A RETURNING to an EXISTENCE… many of them… many existences, each of your ascended/higher self aspects return and you “work” to embody them…. this is the challenging part for the human aspect of each of us, which fights to maintain control, fights to hold on, lives in fear, holds resistance, fights against …. yet DEEP INSIDE EACH ONE OF US is our SOUL, our purity, this DEEP PROFOUND SACRED LOVE that each time honored, listened to, respected, appreciated, allowed to guide us…. RETURNS ALL FOR US AND TO US…. all that we DESIRE….

Each of us have to choose to listen, have to choose to open our hearts fully, choose to open our minds fully, choose to leave the old matrix and return to love, peace and unity…..

The outside world will show you where you are and are not aligned with this yet. The outside world is your manifestation/materialization of what you have/have not resolved back into love within you. Your reality can be a nightmare or a dream…. for the programming for everything is held within your physical body, in cellular memory/programs that have to be cleansed/cleared so that the NEW CODES and SEQUENCES that “need” to activate your DNA and Genetic re-coding can do so….

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The moment your heart opens fully, your energy shifts and therefore the dimension you are in does too. The more you do this, the more all shifts… and when your heart is open fully, all of the time, without closing back down again, you get to LIVE IN THAT DIMENSION, the 5th Dimension, all of the time… the physical density actually changes… in your body and in your outside world.. to match your consciousness of ALL of your bodies…… You then activate higher dimensions to walk in, play in, fulfill your soul purposes/missions & roles here…. The 5th Dimension is the beginning of life, beginning of all that you DREAM TO EXPERIENCE….. and you cannot straddle forever… there comes a moment when you have to JUMP FULLY…. into the unknown (only unknown to the human aspect), for to us it’s fully known, we fully understand it, we get it and we go for it, with everything we’ve got.


This is one of those moments…. today…. and each moment will continue to be. Focus your energy on what is truly important. Today is a day to focus and continue that focus in creating/bringing forth MORE NEW EARTH for us all, together, as one, through love, unity and peace and by being the example, the WayShowers, to open those portals/gateways for all to realize/see that there is a different way than before. It’s through REMEMBERING through our hearts as awakened souls….. NOW.

I love you!!!!

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Ascended Master Light BEing & Fully Embodied Soul here to assist all with Remembering fully too ♦

Image: Pixabay

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