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Do You EVER See Old People In Your Dreams? Just About EVERYBODY is YOUNG in Mine! In5D Network

By on May 29, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening

Do You EVER See Old People In Your Dreams? Just About EVERYBODY is YOUNG in Mine! In5D Network

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Why is it everyone looks like they are in their 20’s in my dreams?

I have a rare sleep anomaly where I go instantly into the dream stage as soon as I fall asleep and stay there all night long. I found out about this after having a sleep study done on me for sleep apnea in 2007. What they do is hook up a bunch of electrodes all over your body and monitor your sleep overnight. As it turns out, I get ZERO of the deep sleep stage where your body does most of its healing and I stay in the dream state all night long.

Ever since I can remember, I rarely, if ever, see old people in my dreams. Even when I see my parents in my dreams, they’re in their 40’s… and I turn 56 this year in this incarnation.

To someone in their teens or 20’s, 40 years old may seem “old” but it’s close to half the age of my parents.

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When I see myself in a dream, I’m always in my mid to late 20’s. When I see friends or siblings, they’re in their 20’s as well.

I remember having this one dream where I was aboard a mothership and there was a group of about 12 of us who were manifesting something. I wish I could remember what it was that we were manifesting but it was all done telepathically.

For example, one person would have an idea and then another would build upon it. Everyone would telepathically say something along the lines like, “That’s AMAZING!” and then someone would add something else to the idea and it would make it even more amazing. This went on for what seemed like hours in my dream where we kept adding on to our collective manifestation and making it better with each new idea.

And naturally, we all looked like we were in our 20’s.

There is only one dream that I can remember where I actually saw a person who looked like a senior citizen. In this dream, I was looking for my car in a parking lot. When I found it, I was walking toward it when I saw an old lady who was walking in the same direction as me. We exchanged smiles and that was it. I have no idea who she is and feel like we’ve never met in this lifetime, but yet I felt some sort of connection to her from a past lifetime.

My daughter is in her 20’s but I will still occasionally see her as if she was maybe 8-10 years old in my dreams. Of course, I’ll still see her as she is now as well, but I find it interesting that even someone in their 20’s would appear to be younger in my dreams.

I had another dream where I was on a college campus with many other 20 year old people when I looked up into the sky and saw 100’s of UFO’s, including the mothership. It was a very exciting dream to experience and felt incredibly real. The mothership landed on top of a huge rolling hill in the Catskill Mountains and many of us were about to go onboard when I woke up from the dream.

I often wonder why everyone is young in my dreams. Am I seeing what our bodies look like in the astral realms? Am I being shown the perfected DNA template?

How cool would it be if everyone looked young and healthy for as long as they wanted?

Do you see mostly young people in your dreams, including yourself? If so, comment below and share!

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