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6 Things You May Not Realize About The Spirit World

By on November 6, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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6 Things You May Not Realize About The Spirit World

by Jared,
Contributing Writer,

The major thing that set me down the path of exploring consciousness was losing my brother Jonathan at aged 16 to a sudden onset of a congenital heart problem previously unknown to our family which swiftly took his life here on earth.

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Jonathan was an ordinary 20 year old boy from the Valleys of South Wales. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside, a typical jack the lad, with a heart of gold worn mostly on his sleeve. Since his passing I started to see Jonathan more and more in spirit form, each time learning something a little more about the afterlife, so though I would take the opportunity to share some of these insights with you today.

1) You don’t explore spirituality to talk to the dead, you do so to understand yourself.

To cut to the chase on this one, if there was a way that I could wave a magic wand and have my brother not have passed away, then there is that part of me that would. It has taken sixteen years of soul searching for me to walk this road to a point where I am at peace fully with how things turned out.

This however was not always the way. There were times where I felt sad, lonely, and enraged by his death. Many times had I thought I seen the worst, only for this new level of understanding to strike me with the wave of emotion that preceded it.

When actively setting out to explore my spiritual gifts, I was told two things. The first that never think that a small group of people with well meaning intention cannot change the world, as they are the ones that usually do, and the second is that exploring your consciousness and your connection with spirit is not about giving readings, or going on ghost hunts, it is about exploring the self more deeply than you ever thought possible, to the point where you feel that each of the layers of protection you have within you are stripped away.

Each person’s development is different, as we all are different, though we can relate to the experiences of others no two sets of experiences are the same, as each will come from a unique point of view, through my dreams, Jonathan would show me what he had experienced in the spirit world, and how that may have related to our continued journey, leading me to accept the hardest thing of all, that maybe there was a more profound reason to his passing.

Every time you have an interaction with spirit, you will find that the experience is always unique to you, I see this in my development groups when I watch spirit guides interact with others, how each experience given is unique to them in such a finally tuned way that it has the right profound impact in planting the seeds to better choices down the line.

2) We do not lose who we are after we die.

Throughout our interactions over the past sixteen years, the one thing that would remain constant is that personality, to a point the remnants of that 20 year old fun loving mischievous young man would still shine through, and there would be no shortage of pranks either. He still had the ability to let me know when he was upset, and would still fly off the handle if he seen something he didn’t agree with.

The greatest demonstration of this however was the time that I brought him through using the PSB7 Spirit box. A device we use on paranormal investigations to physically communicate with spirit. The device seen on such shows as Ghost Adventures, scans through radio frequencies producing intelligent responses to questions asked by an investigation team.

This particular session was done with my mother. Who when asking him to come forward after receiving enough information to validate his presence from the initial line of questioning was met by a sudden feeling of emotion and the words “I cannot talk” coming through the device followed by my father who is also in spirit stepping in. After being given the opportunity to speak to his mother in such a way, it was clear to see that Jonathan was overcome with emotion.

Though we do not feel physical pain when we are in spirit, we do still retain our connection of love, and retain the entirety of who we are, with all the traits that come with that.

3) We do grieve in spirit.

The ghost box session was the strongest evidence that we still feel in spirit, and to me the experience made sense another vision Jonathan had given me a few years previous of being met on the other side, by his guides, (one of which we both share), and being furious that he would not be there to watch his then 2 year old son grow. It took some time for him to understand and re-integrate the agreements he had made before coming to earth, and in my opinion did not realize the magnitude of how they would affect him in spirit.

We grieve in spirit for a while for our lives we once had, through after the life review process, and other forms of healing, we do come to see things very quickly in comparison to what we perceive here on earth.

That being said we continue to experience and learn, through interacting with others in spirit realms, attending great schools like the ones described in Michael Newton’s booksir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=ur2&o=1&camp=1789 and much more. We even look ahead to future lives that we may have on Earth or other worlds, and even travel to other worlds in spirit form.

4) Spirit can see multiple realities and timelines.

Spirit can also see multiple timelines for those close to them, or those they may be working with at a specific point in time, if this sounds confusing then think of it this way. If you have a video game that takes around 20 hours to complete, everything you will experience when playing these games is stored on a disk, therefore it takes a decoding device to experience the game, and time to let it play out. In many modern video games there are multiple paths to the same ending. Spirit see our lives in much the same way, and with each choice we made the probability of us experiencing a potential timeline becomes lesser or greater depending on the circumstances.

Jonathan demonstrated this to me by showing me a series of events that lead to me meeting Sam. Starting with a choice between two jobs, then a choice to further pursue my personal spiritual growth, the then becoming part of a developmental group and meeting Sam and choosing to take different paths at each of these turns would have lead to adjustments having to be made to how Sam and I would have met.

He described how this was to him, seeing a reality like a dream, a hazy and distorted, ghostly reflection, and as choices and events moved towards a conclusion the vision would become clearer to him. If the choices I made took a different route the reality he seen would have faded, to be replaced with another potential.

5) They need you to let go and move forward.

You cannot grieve for a person, who has passed, and this goes for any other form of ending in life, death is simply a transformation of one state of being into another, and though it is horrific you grieve for you. For me, grieving has been a personal healing process, of self awareness leading to eventual acceptance and letting go.

When you letting go after the passing of a loved one, you are not letting go of the person, you’re letting go of the sadness, hurt and loss, There is no set way to grieve, no given time it should happen in but for each person it is different and that is how it should be, everyone and everything in nature is unique, there are no two ever the exact same, and this is what is honored during this process. Let yourself feel what your feeling and express it with love.

It took me many years to learn to do this and though I said in the beginning of the article that I would jump at the chance of bringing Jonathan back to physical reality, but who am I to do this?

To deny Jonathan of the person he has become or the experiences he has had since passing to the spirit world. Spirit need us to move forward in our journey as they can continue with theirs. Though for a time you feel the pain of loss, let it lead you to a place of acceptance that your journey together has not ended, just changed form.

6) You can continue to have a relationship with them in spirit.

My relationship with Jonathan now is not dissimilar from my relationship with any other of my family and friends on this side of life, he pops in from time to time, and we catch up, just as we would if he was here, to me now, the relationship I have with my brother is like that of one where he would have moved to another country.

We laugh, joke and engage, even work together from time to time There will be times when I cannot get rid of him and times I don’t see hm at all for a while and this is absolutely fine.

To me following this path, I have been able to create new memories with him since opening up and allowing him to come into my life again, and this I believe can be the same for anyone who chooses to have this relationship with their loved ones in their life. Trust yourself and your intuition, and the next time someone you love in spirit is close to you, open up and talk with them, and trust your thoughts on how they respond, you may be amazed at what happens.

About the author: Jared works as a spirit medium and Paranormal investigator based in South Wales UK, For more info on Jared take a look at his website

Image: Pixabay

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