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The Ancient Language of the Soul: Reconnecting with the Energies Beyond Our World

By on February 16, 2023 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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The Ancient Language of the Soul: Reconnecting with the Energies Beyond Our World

In a time long ago, communication were not limited to making noises with your mouth. Souls could communicate through telepathy, energy, emotion, symbology, and intent with effortless and instantaneous exchange. However, this form of communication was hijacked and compressed by some, lacking in compassion and empathy.

Despite the ability to see and feel intent, fully ensouled individuals were at a disadvantage in battling such unconsciousness. Yet, there are hybrid warrior souls, from both the past and future, who can move between light and night, answering the beckoning call of souls here. The universe is calling back every fiber of your being to your true nature. Energies from far beyond this world are pouring in, activating your limitless potential. Rise, remember, and embrace your power.

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by Tone Mellard,
Guest Writer,  

All that is yet to unfold and underway is what has already been before.

Before evolution within this region was hijacked and switched off.

There was a time where all souls here could speak, without making small mouth noises.

We could speak through energy. Through symbology. Through emotion. Through INTENT.

This communication was far deeper, far faster, more intricate, and much more complete than anything seen in this current, tiny timeframe of hidden, controlled modern era.

This communication was done mind to mind, heart to heart, soul to soul, consciousness to consciousness.

It was effortless.

It was instantaneous.

It was between all ensouled creation. It was with the entire multiverse.

Some decided to capture and compress it in those they could overtake via force.

It wasn’t easy, especially with this ability to see and feel intent.

But the ones who hijacked it lacked the one thing that ones they overtook had – A SOUL.

So they played by a different rulebook. Devoid of compassion. Empathy.

The fully ensouled, despite this ability, were at a disadvantage, because they could not bring themselves to match such unconsciousness to battle it.

But here and now, there are hybrid warrior souls, which can move between light and night.

They have come from far past, and far future.

Jumping timelines, at the beckoning call of souls here.

What once was, will yet again BE.

And it will move even beyond what WAS.

You were always a telepathic, limitless Being of creation. Your ancestors and future selves and spirit family are activating you back to what you were always destined to be.

Creator and the universe are calling back every fiber of your being into your true, uncontaminated nature.

Energies are pouring through from far beyond this world.

Rise again, remember, and KNOW your power.

About the author: Tone Mellard shares a deep connection to the natural world and a sense that there is more to life than what we can physically see. Through meditation and a deep commitment to his own growth and healing, he has cultivated a powerful connection to the Creator that permeates every aspect of his life. Now a respected teacher and healer in his own right, he helps others to discover their own spiritual paths and awaken to their true potential. You can follow Tone on Facebook and Telegram.

In5D Addendum

You are not just a physical body, but a vast, infinite consciousness capable of incredible feats. The power that lies within you is beyond measure, waiting to be unleashed. Trust in your intuition, your inner guidance, and allow yourself to remember the ancient ways of communication that once came so naturally. As you connect with the energies of the universe and your higher self, you will begin to unlock your full potential and rise to your true purpose. Embrace the warrior within and know that you are a vital part of the unfolding of the cosmos.

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