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Applying Universal Laws To Everyday Life

By on May 30, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Applying Universal Laws To Everyday Life

by Robert Stewart,
Contributing Writer,

Recently, the “if it bleeds it leads” local news led with this – a man ran a red light and struck two people in the crosswalk because he was texting. Then, today I actually watched someone walk into a parking meter because… well, his head was down. I mention these events because it seems that people have become addicted. Addicted to texting. Addicted to Facebook, Addicted to the Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblir and… you get the picture. Even as you read this, our heads are buried in a virtual world.

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But today, I also chose to look up.

Cloudless, sunny skies served as an azure blue reminder that it’s a big universe out there. I like to think of cyberspace as just a, albeit too big, part of our multi-dimension experience. If you believe or are aware of the quantum physics theory of multiple universes (the multiverse,) the cyber-world suddenly becomes a nothing more than an atom, on as asteroid, floating through space. Now, imagine an infinite number of dimensions, each vibrating at a different frequency and teeming with physical or non-physical life in our universe alone. Cyber space shrinks some more.

Now, it’s also been said, that within our universe, Earth may be quite unique (but not alone) as its inhabitants – humanity – have been granted free will. Perhaps, the idea is more complex. Many ancient, esoteric teachings that date back over 5,000 years or more from Hopi, Egyptian, Greek and Vedic tradition provide a set of universals laws that complement the concept of free will… which brings us back to lifting our heads up from our phones.

While the concept of universal laws has been revealed in many forms (Google it and see,) I was originally presented with this knowledge, not in the cyber world, but from a higher dimension, at a channeling of the Sirian Elders, a 6th dimensional group consciousness from the Sirius binary star system. The following transcript is from that lesson on the Wisdom of OUR Universe. Use your discernment and try to sense the frequency of the thoughts conveyed in the words, which seem even more important that the words themselves.

“Our universe is one of Free Will, although not all universes are so. As such, all beings have the gift of choice and all create their own path back to the One (God). Know that your physical reality is an illusion, a construct created by the mind.

The Law of Manifestation states that you have the ability within you to create the reality of your choosing. Quiet the mind and merge with the One. Be of singular purpose as you follow the Light and watch as what you envision manifests into your physical world.

The Law of Attraction states that discernment should be used when stating your intentions, for similar energies attract. Choices made from a mindset of fear will attract additional fears; but when love and harmony emanate from your heart, it is love and harmony that will return to you. Like attracts like.

The Law of Truth states that your choices are what allow you to experience as a part of the One and as all experiences of the One are not judged as right or wrong then each experience is a part of your truth.

Yet, the Law of Cause and Effect, or as you have heard it said, the Law of Karma, will assist in creating an equality and understanding of what is learned through your choices. Every choice creates an opportunity for learning and each aspect of the One may only move closer to its Source as it learns from its experiences. When a lesson is not learned, it is repeated either in the same physical lifetime or in another incarnation of the self.

The Law of Light states that the One exists as a frequency of light and all its aspects – all souls – are connected by light to the One. Know that the spark of light that is your essence, your God-source, comes from within and connects you to every living thing throughout our universe.

The Law of Equality states that as light beings that are a part of the One, all are equal in the eyes of the One. It is only the duality of the physical plane that creates the illusion of separation and fear that occurred in the Atlantean end time and occurs in your now. Your enlightenment begins when you can see beyond what the ego needs, in order to honor what the soul has chosen.

This can be achieved by understanding the Law of Perception, which states that every being has the ability to see beyond the physical plane and into other realms. Humanity holds the key to the gateway that leads to these other dimensions and that key is within the heart. Following the heart in all that you do will awaken you to worlds previously unseen. As duality fades away, what remains is the frequency that answers every question. That frequency is love.

Robert Stewart

Image: Pixabay

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