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Are You Feeling A Big Change Coming?

By on May 25, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Are You Feeling A Big Change Coming?

by Paul Dobree-Carey,
Contributing Writer,

Are You Feeling A Big Change Coming?

As a Child of the Sun, you have become accustomed to creating a third dimensional physical environment around YOU through your interaction and reaction as a personal experience of reality. You are the center of your own energy construct which provides a unique perception of your world.

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As you move your Self through the landscape of your environment, your own energetic forces influence the particles around you to change their appearance into forms which you can recognize, relate to and interact with. Your personal quotient of subatomic particles flow with the intention of your projection in order to flex and adapt to change shape, color, density and substance to become the objects, beings and thought forms you have become so familiar with during your symbiotic agreement.

You will not see what you do not recognize. You will create form only from that which you are frequency attuned to. Raise the vibrations of awareness, remove the confines of belief, release the constructs of control and you will reveal form beyond that which is currently known to you.

A Belief System controls your environment to accept and allow recognizable standards and patterns of behavior. Once you learn to understand the rules of the Belief System, then life follows a simple set of guidelines. The strongest Will controls the patterns of behavior. Authority and Power dictates the behavior and etiquette so that you are just required to live within the environment that is created for you.

Once you are taught the answers, why is there need to raise further questions? Just follow the patterns, the rules, the laws and the normalities. Conform and follow the system and work towards achieving all your needs. Why question those in authority or those in power?

Is that really what you came here to do?

For who is in authority and who is in power?

It is actually YOU – when you move beyond belief and into the creation of intention.

What exactly are your motivations, desires and influences? Are they in conflict with power and authority or can you quite happily perform them within the constructed environment around you. What remains once your connection with the energetic constructs built upon third dimensional laws disintegrate and dissipate around you.

As you rise in frequency above your Belief Systems, indoctrinated influences and ingrained patterns will no longer resonate with who and what you are becoming. Time for closure of what no longer serves purpose for your existence.

What you focus upon through attention becomes manifest in your world. You are drawn to that which matches your vibration, and it to you. Your world will match your expectation of it. Choose those you wish to associate with, not keep those that keep you where they are. Climb to where you see further, not stay where you see nothing.

What you seek to destroy, consumes you.

Recognition of power maintains Power, Compliance supports Authority, Acceptance sustains Will. Ignorance allows Atrocity. Apathy and Ascidia supports dominance.

There is already a Higher Power, Authority and Will in existence that is self governing, self sustaining, self supporting and is rising up through the ranks, becoming an instant vote winner with all that experience awareness through Its reality in their lives as It manifests as Unconditional Love.

It is clear that the higher expressions of Self are presenting to you all that you have chosen to experience at this point of your ascension process. It is through desire that you will manifest each scenario that requires the benefits of growth and achieving wisdom through experience. Whilst the mind focuses on physical desires, physical challenges will be presented to you. If the focus changes to emotional desire, then emotional challenges will manifest.

This is the nature of Fifth Dimension to bring to you the very scenarios required to provide the maximum growth. It is when the focused desire switches purely to the experience of Unconditional Love, will you start to manifest all your hearts desires rather than those of your head. It is only through Unconditional Love that you will find the peace, serenity and pure joy of existence.

Before that happens though, all that is rigid shall be shaken. All solid form constructed as third dimensional thought forms will need to separate, segregate and re-join as a higher dimensional construct. Nature needs to react, reshape and reform in order to create an environment in which it blends once again into a perfected crystalline form. All that has been created as lower density form can no longer be sustained as a higher density construct. Nature has been reshaping and adapting itself over countless millennia while taking care of its inhabitants along the way.

This time, it is your turn by consciously raising your own energetic body construct to influence your particles of substance to the highest sustainable levels you can achieve. This is turn raises the vibratory resonance of all that comes into your energy field.

Are you feeling a big change coming? not quite sure what? is it in the air? can others feel it too? what is it? where is it coming from? It feels big, big energy and the highest level of energy achievable is Unconditional Love. That’s what you are feeling and its overwhelming.

Any reason why you are not flowing with this every moment of every day? That’s where your real purpose lies and that’s the work you have come here to do, Here and Now.


Feel it, Live it, Love it. I AM.

With Loving Blessings <3

Paul Dobree-Carey / polaris ab messages, events and articles –www.Polarisab.Com

Online sessions – Paul is available for soul guidance consultations to assist with connection to higher dimensional aspects of self, manifesting and understanding life purpose events, establishing and maintaining higher expanded consciousness states of awareness.

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