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Are You Remembering The Past Or Another Timeline?

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Are You Remembering The Past Or Another Timeline?

by Lindsay Maxfield,
Contributing Writer,

Why it Doesn’t Matter, and How It’s The Only Way to Heal

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Are you remembering the past, or another timeline of your life or alternate reality? Here’s a powerful theory that explains why healing one version of the past heals every other reality (and why it doesn’t matter which timeline your “memory” comes from—it all leads to soul growth and miraculous emotional healing.)

Today I took my kids to the park that borders my old elementary school. As we climbed a hill near a pavilion, just beyond the schoolyard, I told my kids about how there used to be a playground on top of the hill and how my best friend and I used to play “Beauty and the Beast” there. As my children and I sat on the hill and talked and played, suddenly I looked around and realized, there is no possible way a playground could fit on top of this low but steep hill. It couldn’t have been more than 10-feet by 5-feet (and that’s a generous estimate), and the back side of the hill was fortified by concrete, which gave the pavilion a sort of “stadium stair” back wall. There’s just no possible way a playground ever existed in that spot—at least not in this experience we call reality. And so I surmised that this playground didn’t exist in my current reality; it existed in an alternate timeline.

As baffling as it seemed, it was also a somewhat normal experience for me—normal in the sense that these kinds of “glitches in the matrix” are happening to me almost constantly these days. Just another sign that we’re living in a quantum, holographic reality, where time and space bend and meld and cease to exist, where we can jump into another timeline or reality with increasing ease. And so I chuckled to myself and thought, “Well, there’s another Mandela Effect experience to add to the rest: a disappearing playground!”

But it didn’t end there. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it, because the truth is, there’s so much more unfolding here than one simple case of timeline shifting.

I began to examine my memory of going to the playground. In actuality, although I spoke of often going to that playground, I only have one clear memory of it. It was a cold, frosty morning, and I remembered the ice crystals covering the playground drawbridge. My friend and I ran up a neighboring tree-covered hill, pretending to be Belle running from the wolves in the woods. When we came upon the playground we acted bewildered upon “discovering” it, then we each took turns reciting lines from the movie, giving ourselves a dramatic echo as we did: “Hello? ‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello? Anybody there? There? There?

It turns out that although vivid, this is the one and only memory I have of this playground. Which is strange indeed, considering the fact that I attended this school for all six grades (plus kindergarten) and have visited the park hundreds of times since. But it gets even weirder: I have no memory of this playground actually being built. It was as though it simply showed up one day. What’s more, although I recall feeling sad in later years that the playground was no longer there anymore, it seems as though it also disappeared overnight.

Now, I’m not saying that’s 100% exactly what happened. But in my memory there are holes—significant ones. I do remember clearly the feeling that it appeared one year, and disappeared almost as suddenly, without a concrete memory of when. As a child I surmised that the playground must have been built over the summer, and in my mind it was taken down a few short years after that. Yet despite spending literally years of my life at that school and in that park, this one lone memory is the only time in my personal history I can recall actually playing on that playground.

That in and of itself is extremely odd, which is why I chalked it up to a timeline shift and surmised that this playground existed in another timeline or a parallel reality, and the memory my current self holds of this experience is just another “glitch in the Matrix.”

Coincidentally, for whatever reason, I’ve looked back on that memory fondly and often. It’s one of those golden memories of childhood, small as it was. I can’t tell you exactly why it was one of the ones that “stuck,” but it did. Perhaps only for the sole purpose of setting the stage for an epic mind-f* that I’m about to explain to you—which happened tonight, just a few hours after taking my kids to that very same spot.

Tonight, reflecting back on this possible evidence of timeline shifting with the playground, an idea suddenly struck me: What if in our memory we hold all experiences from all our timelines, and when we access them not only do we not realize they may be from a different timeline, but we are unconsciously pulling forth whatever experience we need to support us in this now, regardless of which reality the event itself happened in?

As an example, let’s use a childhood memory where your best friend moved. It could have served to create some powerful beliefs that shaped your life—say, that the people you love can leave, so it’s best to love lightly and stay guarded. Fast-forward 20 years and you’re beginning to realize you have a relationship pattern where you won’t let yourself fully love. You could look to your past to explain this pattern and search for the origin, and this memory might come up to explain everything. Now, does it matter if it happened to you in THIS timeline or reality? No, because the memory fits the experience and gives you an explanation, and with it the chance to heal and grow. It fits the bill and serves your soul growth regardless, so it’s a harmonious energetic match.

As I’m following this train of thought I had this powerful realization: If you heal the block or release the energy this memory caused, it will be healed for ALL timelines and versions of yourself, no matter how they’ve manifested in other realities. You see, one event or “origin story” could result in any number of different experiences in any number of parallel lives. For example, in one timeline this friend-moving-away scenario could be the experience that caused you to create a distant relationship with your children as opposed to a romantic hurdle, and in another timeline it could cause you to behave recklessly in a you-only-live-once kind of way, and on and on. But going back to that single point of origin would heal and clear all of these behaviors and the belief the original experience spawned. Because at their core, all of our maladaptive behaviors and beliefs are only ever about this: the illusion of separation and a belief in the lack of love.

In this way, accessing “past” memories serves us across all versions of ourselves, so it doesn’t matter which “past” it comes from. When it comes to healing the present by examining the past, perhaps the exact “memory” we need will surface to allow us to heal and move forward in our spiritual progression—which, at its most poignant and powerful, is always about seeing through the illusion of separation and restoring true Christlike, unconditional love. This is the very essence of soul growth and it is our purpose here on this planet, in this or any lifetime.

And as one final mind-bending note: This could explain why we don’t consciously or readily know what causes our blocks and emotional problems; it takes digging, intuition, and sometimes a healthy dose of divining, because these problems didn’t always occur in this timeline—they just might have happened in a parallel or alternate reality that our conscious minds can’t access through our “normal” or “current” bank of memories. We have to access our soul record to find just the right memory or origin story. And when we do, our entire record changes in the blink of an eye and miraculous, lasting healing can finally occur.

About the author: Lindsay Maxfield is a writer, speaker, and energy healer who teaches others to heal from pain and suffering by listening to the wisdom of their emotions. As “The Emotional Medium,” she is actively involved in sharing the divine truth and purpose of our emotions and teaches about the transmutation of negative energy by allowing the free-flowing of all emotion. Visit her website,, to learn more and download a free copy of her book, “What Are Your Emotions Trying to Tell You?”

Image: Pixabay

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