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Ascension Gateway Opens

By on April 24, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Ascension Gateway Opens

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by Amanda Lorence,

Ascension Gateway Opens

Profound energetics are being received to GAIA right Now, from our Sun. This also means a Gateway for humanity.


I’ve explained before that GATEWAYS present, to Gaia, and also all humanity as part of the overall LABYRINTH of LIGHT. Once any Gateway has been presented, to this MASS STORYLINE, it means the gateway is then OPEN. Gateways presented to the hologram of this ascension always stay open. Each human, (in truth, it’s their own facet of consciousness) moves through an ascension gateway when they match the energetic frequency of that/any gateway.

This is how we EXPERIENCE any human shift. By our consciousness going through a gateway, into a higher energetic field for our next experience. Where a Human energetic frequency matches a/any gateway frequency that has become an active gateway.

Gateways, in purest truth, are NODE POINTS of LIGHT. There are infinite Node Points, within the UNIVERSAL Labyrinth for all that is. For an array of consciousness facets, facets of the One, being physical and non physical. To be clear, consciousness facets exist ALSO outside of the Galactic Labyrinth, of which we can have memories/knowing of being.

Since 2012, particular and most perfect Gateways have presented within this reality, for human beings to match frequency to, and traverse through. Hence the ascension of human consciousness, and thus the consciousness you are, experiences changes; to reality and all your physical senses, and all your bodies (mental, emotional, physical, energetic). As one goes through each gateway, it adds to the overall energetic of Mass Collective Human Consciousness on Gaia and beyond (the sum total of humanity experiencing). Then more and more go through, the exact SAME gateway that was opened to GAIA and HUMANITY.

As one goes, so too do others, then more and more, it’s a dominoes effect, just that each do this, go through a gateway themselves…as per their own divine will. As more and more shift, so too does the mass reality we experience, individually and together. Yes…we ARE the change. We create the change BY OUR energetic, in a solid world of experience.

This current energetic period is HUGE. That is the understatement. For this Gateway is transformational and HUGELY significant to the whole and affects the timelines ahead of us. Not all will go through now, yet THEY WILL. Most likely, masses will go through this gateway presenting Now, in approximately 2-3 months. The point is, its here, and remains open. For each to align to at precisely their ascension timeline, as per their unique and cherished CRYSTALine Light program they came in with, this lifetime. I can’t emphasize enough the significance of change to each one facet (human), this current gateway holds.


If you are experiencing it NOW, you may feel space is required. Only because your consciousness is currently not in the world of matter. You may feel pulled out of the solid experiences of the world for this one. You’ll know, to honor your own current energetic and allow yourself through. To be IN and AS your energetic form.

God bless everyone. What we are doing, is beyond words…

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The awakened humans NOW, as many still awaken NOW (!) are of such array of frequency and ascension stages. So if any are going through periods of intensity, letting go, clearing, any emotional pains of vast array…JUST keep going. It’s all a part of the ascension process that EACH one goes through. To strip away the old patterns, that then allow you to BEcome, once more, the purest version of light you already ARE. It is forgetfulness INTO remembrance of that which you already ARE.

You are so held, loved, honored, applauded for what you are accomplishing. One stage at a time. You ARE Light. You are LOVE. And…you ARE seen. To be a humble witness; to SEE the light of YOU, is an experience of shear beauty and TRUE honor. So so humbled, I honor you. I see you.


The Gateway opened. Remains open for all ascending.

The light is upon us. The love is for you, and of you.

THIS NOW timeline and Gateway explained in yesterday’s Wayshowers post, IS the “NEW DAWN” we have aimed high for.

And Brothers and Sistars of all nations and creds, shall know this Light. For it is here and open. Allow your journey. Do it. It is the hour. To hold yourself and all others in Love.

For the way, is through the heart.

And the NEW Creation is through the Collective Heart of HUmanity.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence

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