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Attention Galactic Warriors: Where Do We Go From Here?

By on October 19, 2014 in Exiting The Matrix, Spiritual Awakening
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Attention Galactic Warriors: Where Do We Go From Here?

by Michelle Walling, CHLC

First we “woke up” to the slavery and tyranny system we were born into on this planet. Then we gradually found ourselves in oil spills, nuclear disasters, chemtrails, and war that incited Marshall Law. We live in a terrorist state where we are now the terrorists. We know the U.S. economy is next in line which will cause hardships all over the world. Why would we want to continue to live in such a world and where do we go from here?

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What has happened to our planet?

All that is happening is part of an elaborate plan to bring your world crashing down on you, and to cull out the population on the surface of the planet to a “manageable state” through genocide. On a smaller scale this is meant to break you down so the archons can feed off of your negative emotions while their minions get richer by taking your assets. That was the deal they made to each other- the archons would get your emotional energy and their workers would get all of your “monetary wealth”.

On a bigger scale, the plan is for complete world domination through a one world economy and religion . All is controlled on a planetary scale through the Vatican and on a dimensional scale from the archons who cannot stay in physicality on the planet for very long periods at a time. Most of them can only swoop in for an energy rape for a few minutes, while others can shapeshift into a human body for a few days and then have to leave because their energy field does not match that of the planet’s.

There are many more terrible things happening like abducting people, including children for actual flesh consumption, for creating hybrid children with our DNA, and for cloning and cyborg parts in order for them to have controllable bodies. Much of this is happening in underground bases and off planet via spaceships. We all know by now that the “dark” nordic blondes and grey ET species are in tight with our governments. Our water, air, soil, and food are purposefully contaminated and the weather is being controlled to provide flooding and drought. We have been easily mind controlled and programmed. Could it get any worse?

Indeed it may get worse before it gets better. The worse it gets, the closer we are to a huge change in our lives. We are in for a huge surprise, as we all agreed to not know the final details until they were upon us.

Where do we go from here?

On a cosmic scale, this planetary upheaval will cause many people to wake up to the fact that they are souls having a physical experience and have been trapped into a cycle of reincarnation in a false matrix. Other people will wake up to the fact that they came from other solar systems and galaxies to help free the planet and humanity from this tyranny by bringing her light and vibration that will help free her. Ironically, the worsening conditions are allowed so that humanity can make a free will choice to either stay in a service to self vibration or to move to a service to others state of being.

It is very difficult to know what is happening and still interact and live with people who refuse to see what is in front of them. It is a very scary situation for them and most are numbed out on fluoride, sugar, and television (tell-a-lie vision). Many people will not want to wake up to what is happening and as long as they are not in a service to self role they will have the chance to move forward. Not everyone chose to awaken at this time, only those who could handle the paradox before them will do so and will serve as the example.

The real sense of being a “Galactic Warrior” means that the awakened ones hold and ground their light energy into the planet, and this will eventually affect every human being as well as the planet. Even some of the minions will realize that they have been tricked into supposed wealth that is represented by a piece of paper (or a digital number) and will decide to change their lives.

As far-out as it sounds, the only way we will be able to ultimately continue to survive on the planet will be to have a shift in consciousness. This means our vibration will be immensely raised and we will have our memories returned of how to teleport, shapeshift, and manifest anything we need to survive and be comfortable. Our bodies will expand and fill with light. If we are healthy we will be immune to anything the archons can try to kill us with and if we can manifest anything we need we can have clean food and water if we desire it or we can live off of prana. If we can teleport then we will need no oil. We can clean up the planet, live without the need to be governed, and we will need no money system. We will communicate telepathically and will no longer unconsciously use “spells” on each other.

Many of us have faith that this is coming and we have personal spiritual and metaphysical experiences that are occurring remind us that this change is coming soon. There are lightships all over the planet helping with the vibration of each human as well as the planet. There is a symbiotic relationship with the planet; we are her and she is us. When we raise our vibration and it directly affects her.

The best thing we can do right now is to increase our light quotient and ground it into the planet as well as the human consciousness field.

There are many tricks we can rely upon to achieve this. Many articles have been written about raising your vibration. Ultimately when you do things you love and love people and the planet, it will happen automatically. Now is the time to rise above any hardships you have by taking control of your life and manifesting a life in love, no matter what. It seems to be the hardest thing you will ever be faced with, but you have support all around you in the unseen realms, and you can call on them anytime you need to. Many of us have had a lot of work to do to clear out the energy blocks that were keeping our light from shining. We constantly have to be aware to keep the light shining and to not let anyone or anything get in the way of that focus.

We do not have all of the pieces of the puzzle as to how or when this shift will occur. We knew before we came here that this lifetime would be the pivotal shift to free the planet from the archonic rule. The planet will shake them off like fleas because there will be a culling of vibrational resonance. The minions will not have the capability of raising their vibration with the planet and they will not be able to exist on her. The more they cause dissension, the more desperate they get as the more humans wake up to what is happening.

We are in a time of crisis

Two things can happen in a time of crisis. First, people can give up in despair and resolve themselves to die. Unfortunately this will occur because there will be people that subconsciously chose to leave before the shift occurs. There will still be some earth changes that will occur naturally as well as manufactured disasters. There is a virus agenda that is unfolding at this time. There may be food shortages and unsafe water consumption. These are all signs that the time is close because something has to occur to keep all of us from “dying”. Those who are here to ride the changes through will ban together in a time of crisis to support each other. This automatically raises their vibration through love and compassion. Ironically this is one of the ways we planned to raise the vibration of the planet.

It is a very difficult time and the best thing to do is to stay focused on love in your heart space. Love is the opposite of fear, and when we no longer fear dying we can shift our attention to love. We can never die; we only change form. Love is light and that is what our cosmic brother and sisters remind us to focus on at this time. We are here to shine the true light that we are in love, and by doing this we will move closer to the event that we have all been waiting for.

If we were to lose our bodies we would still be able to help as a spirit guide. Just by being here for the time that we spent on the planet in the physical we will have made a difference. The reason there are so many people on the planet at this time is to ensure that there are enough light bulbs in human form to beat the odds. Having the knowledge that we will not be failing our mission if we go out of body lessens the fear of dying. For many it will be a release that will benefit the planet’s vibration more than if they were to continue to suffer a human body.

Survival mode

Whether you are one who will hold the light until the shift or whether you will help from the other side out of body, you now know your role as a Galactic Warrior and supporter. It is a difficult role but we are the best of the best and we knew we could handle it. Just one completely cleansed and glowing person can make an amazing difference in balancing the energy on the planet.

As far as survival, follow your gut instinct on where you need to be physically on the planet and try to keep your body alive as long as possible. Our bodies have codes and geometric pattern in our DNA that will be uncovered that will allow us to share our magic. That is the main reason to try to keep a body at this time and therefore the main reason for planned population genocide.

Try to eat organic but do not despair if you cannot manage this. Love and respect your body and do the best you can. Follow the golden rule and give unconditional love to those in your life. Forgive yourself for not being the ideal image of the most enlightened one on the planet. This is not your role. Your role is simply to find the real you and then to be the real you, without false pretenses or expectations.


The following excerpt was taken from my article What Can I Do As A Galactic Warrior:

Remember the plan: We planned to incarnate within the human race in order to exert our free will by demanding an end to the tyranny and dark force control over the planet. It is time to stand in our power of free will by using our voice to intend that humanity be free. The one thing you can do to end this game is to connect with your Creator, your higher self, the higher aspects of yourself that are “past and future lives”, and the higher vibrational beings of the light that are here to help us make this transition and command that this end as soon as possible and in the best interest of humanity. The intentions of a small group within the light will far outweigh the negative darker forces on the planet. This will contribute to trigger the shift that will raise the consciousness out of darkness.


We will fight white magic against black magic and will win, as it has already occurred in “no time”. Have faith in yourself and in the Divine Plan that there will be a Cosmic Wildcard that will untie your hands from behind your back. You are about to get the reward of shining in your true essence for all of the cosmos to see!

About the author: Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive.

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