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Awakening To Your Cosmic Nature

By on June 30, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Awakening To Your Cosmic Nature

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by Stein Dias,
Contributing Writer,

This writing is an embodiment of various complex concepts. At the end of this article, you will have obtained a greater understanding of your cosmic nature.


We are living in a matrix where only a few realize the truth. It is easy to be misunderstood, loathed and possibly feared once a certain level of enlightenment has been obtained.

Once your mind truly understands and internalizes the truth, you begin to vibrate at a different frequency from others.

We must shed our dualistic approach to understand it all.

Let us begin by venturing back to a time preceding creation.

A time of NOTHING. Let us imagine this NOTHING is in fact a SOMETHING and what is inside the nothing-something is EVERYTHING.

Lets break this down:-


Briefly Close your eyes,

You see nothing but darkness.

In your minds eye, envision this darkness as a huge, impermeable thing.Now condense this huge darkness into a ball.

A big ball of ‘nothing-essence.’

Now, a ball is an object.

Therefore in the English grammar it can be called a thing; some-THING.

So, this ball of something holds the essence of nothing.

Inside that nothing-essence itself is EVERYTHING (creation)

We will refer to this entire essence as All-that-is. This essence wished to experience itself in a multitude of ways and existence sprung forth.

The Universe, the stars, black holes, planets, matter, sound and earth are all manifestations of ALL-THAT-IS experiencing itself.

You, I, Light, dark are all intrinsically the same.

The human body evolved and is part of the earth.

The earth is part of the solar system.

The solar system is part of a galaxy.

All the galaxies, billions of them make up part of the universe

The universe is made up of a part of the ALL-THAT-IS or nothing.

Please note that all life or piece of creation has a Soul.

It is the goal of all kinds of souls to achieve a higher state of consciousness; this is termed soul-evolution/growth.

Humans as a species, a collective, is now experiencing an ascension in consciousness.


**Higher state of consciousness can be defined as a higher perception of our reality. The higher our consciousness expands the more we are able to experience a higher level of reality. E.g:-

A cat is a soul with consciousness

A tree is a soul with consciousness

As we know though, the perceptual reality these two creatures exist on is completely different. Both alive but both living different lives.

Each constituent of the process we call life is a part of ALL-THAT-IS experiencing a reality in that form.*

It is well-known that everything in our universe is a form of energy.

There are dimensional realities within our universe that vary based on energy vibrations.

The higher the energetic vibration=the higher the state of consciousness=the higher the perception of reality= the closer one is to the reality of All-that-is.

Compared to the highest dimensional reality, our physical bodies and minds reside in a lower dimensional reality which vibrates at a lower frequency.

Humanity as a collective is fast moving to a dimensional reality wherein the human soul fully comprehends and remembers its essence as a part of All-that-is; allowing greater and more expansive control of their reality. This is the realm of greater control of manifestations, ‘chance occurrence’, synchronicity and willing into existence desirable outcomes.

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This remembering of the connection involves the dissolution of the ego and is termed Spiritual awakening. Click here for the written explanation of this event. Click here for the video explaining this. The topic of the collective consciousness can be better understood better by clicking here.

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The higher dimensional realities or states of consciousness are incorruptibly pure and full of light and love. The often talked about ‘heaven’. Heaven in truth is existence or a perceptual reality in higher planes of existence. Compared to that, our denser lower reality can be viewed as ‘hell’.

This topic will be discussed in depth in another article.

Ascension is the official term of this movement of souls to a higher dimensional reality. Hate, sadness, lust, vengeance, greed, etc are all lower vibratory states. All of these energies are of a lower frequency and needs to be transmuted or overcome to make the shift toward higher consciousness.

This explains why feelings of good- Kindness, joy, laughter and compassion make us feel so…good. They essentially increase our energy, vibrations and raise our state of consciousness.

So you might ask, “what is the whole point of this all?!”

Well, you dear reader, a piece of and simultaneously All-that-is desired to experience your own impermanence and divinity by being a part of this earth. An earth you created.

This is all a grand play and you are the director, composer, actor, audience and room all-in-one.

You are All-that-is and All-that-is is you.


Stein Dias

About the author: A spiritual being on a journey to expand spiritual growth on the earthly planes much like everyone else. Awakening and reminding others of their true nature as the ALL. For each and everyone of us is the All experiencing itself. Namastè

Image: Pixabay

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