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Energy Shifts – Psychic Dreams Manifesting And Intense Solar Energies

By on November 1, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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by Jared Walters,
Contributing Writer,

October 23rd onwards in 2016, we saw yet more energy waves come in which is causing the manifestation of further spiritual activity, changes within the body, feelings of being out of balance and especially the need to rest and allow these energies to take effect.

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On October 24th I found myself unable to do anything except sleep, where through my dreams I had continued psychic remote viewing like experiences, where I seemed to viewing the lives of others for no reason.

I found myself living the life of two young lovers from Wyoming USA (I live in South Wales UK) and had a particular sensation of being drawn to corn fields, the gentleman I saw was shown to want to stay at home where as the lady craved adventure, they moved to a nearby town where they lived and worked, the man worked construction delivery for a brother and sister run business and ended up delivering to remote location where he had vehicle trouble and found it difficult to get back home, it turned out that the woman and the brother had an attraction (though nothing physical happened to the best of my knowledge) but the gentleman was sent on the errand with the intent of the vehicle failing.

Realizing what had been dome the father and principal owner of the business found out what was happening and immediately defused the situation in a restaurant where he made it quite clear that the situation cannot go on, prompting the couple to have a heart to heart and move back home. I saw them a year later both attending a college or university. I feel that the young woman was named Cassy or Catherine (Cassy for short) and have no idea why I dreamt their lives. (If anyone reading can relate to this please let me know).

During the day this happened I and my partner Sam found our house was swarming with intense energy that made it difficult mentally, physically and spiritually to do anything so just slept until the early evening, even our dogs felt to be effected by the symptoms. It feels that the waves that have been coming through recently, that have been caused by intense geomagnetic storms were containing what feels like physical energetic information.

Unlike the energy from this past September (which is probably the most intense part of the ascension process so far) which was primarily focusing on the heart chakra, these energies seem to be focusing on the lower based chakras, especially those that deal with confidence, self worth and understanding of self. I also feel that for those who have been working spiritually in some capacity, there is the discovery of new abilities, or ways in which to use existing abilities more effectively.

I feel that moving forward, there are shades of people now, being activated to take action and bring their true potential to the surface, this may manifest physically but primarily will focus on the sense of self worth and value of others, the feelings of love and compassion that have been coming in for me personally for humanity and our own divine light along with loving guidance from other entities on and around the earth that have our best interests at heart has been overwhelming to the point of being moved to tears of humility from these energies, and acknowledging that what we see around us is a reflection of what we feel within.

In the coming months we are going to see this reflection more outwardly as the collective consciousness starts to become more aware of this these shifts in energy which have been occurring since March of 2015 (in my experience) and I feel this is something we are going to become aware of. Those some of us feel these energies more intensely than others, they will manifest for all of us in a variety of way.

About the authorJared works as a spirit medium and Paranormal investigator based in South Wales UK, For more info on Jared take a look at his website and youtube channel

Image: Pixabay

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