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Freedom Codes Activated

By on July 6, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Freedom Codes Activated

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Kim Semetis,
Contributing Writer,

Freedom Codes Activated

We have had some new codes activating in the last couple of days, these freedom codes are bringing forth new awareness, new realizations of the freedom that we have always held within yet did not realize their existence. At least not to the full potential, as we are ever expanding, our veils of amnesia continue to fall.


These codes will continue to open us more and more to our true self, setting us truly free as never before. It is in this place that we acknowledge not only our own divinity but also our true galactic heritage as a star being, starseed, a spark of all there is in our beautiful multiverse.

Along with this knowingness comes great responsibility to acknowledge that all souls are of this great divinity too. This is when we have a “look see” at how we were judging, how we were holding back, not accepting others and where they are on their journey too. We all have this knowingness deep within us, in our DNA, in every nerve, cell and fiber of our being, we have just forgotten. We are all a spark of the divine as is our true heritage. Our responsibility is to not only give ourselves the freedom to truly love, honor and respect ourselves but to do the same for ALL souls.

Gifting others love with non-judgement is something that we need to gift ourselves with as well. Let us take a look at that as we decipher what it truly means when we judge another and hold back on love because they do not live up to what we “think” they should be. The freedom codes show us that this is, in fact, us judging ourselves. It is all a reflection of what is held within. Many souls will do whatever they can to avoid going in, taking a look at their own behavior, their own judgements, through the looking glass. Most will busy themselves with meaningless, time wasting activities to avoid this looking glass at oneself. Yet this is where the magic happens when we truly open up and begin to see ourselves and behaviors with a clear lens. This is gradual most of the time, which is a gift, to give us time to work on ourselves and release the old programming held within. Sometimes the veils come down fast and hard and we are taken down to our knees, sort of speak. When we truly see what we have been avoiding about ourselves it can be quite shocking, yet it is so very needed and deep down we know it.

The freedom codes give us much freedom to see things as they truly are, including ourselves. There is so much freedom as we wriggle out of our old suits, being a slave to our old programs/behaviors/patterns. There is so much more joy as we let others be themselves and just important, allowing ourselves to be free too.

Free to stand up for ourselves, when we used to remain quiet.

Free to be who we truly are without self judgement.


Free to no longer judge ourselves.

Free to no longer live up to others expectations.

Free ourselves to try new things, no longer worrying if we might fail.

Freedom to succeed beyond our wildest imagination.

Freedom to play and have fun like a child again.

Freedom to see all that we need to still work on and loving ourselves with the utmost compassion.

Freedom to recognize the unhealed parts of others and treating them with love and compassion.

Freedom to recognize that we have the right to no longer allow others to project their pain onto us.

Allowing ourselves the freedom to be happy and filled with joy in each moment.

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As these freedom codes are activated they also bring up a lot of our stuff to to “see”. Do not be afraid of this activation for this is the freedom that we have always been waiting for. We have to “see” how we have not only put ourselves in our self made prison but also others as we judged, shackling others and ourselves to this 3D/4D hell/purgatory. Let’s cut those cords loose, break out of the 3D matrix and open up to the higher realms where freedom awaits and it truly is HEAVEN on NEW EARTH!

Happy, joy filled FREEDOM day!

In love and service,


Kim Semetis ~ Divine Warrior Goddess

About the author: Kim is the Author of “Divine Warrior Goddess “Step Into Your Power” (link below) , WayShower, GridKeeper, Gatekeeper, Ascended Master of the NEW EARTH. She has studied, practiced and taught spirituality/metaphysics for twenty years and served as a co-founder and ordained minister of a spiritual church for many years. She has dedicated her life to service of all of humanity. Kim no longer “channels” as she once did as we integrate all of our aspects, we merge those aspects within as all of the universe is held within.

High vibe Sessions, Activation’s, Andara’s, Crystals, Sacred Oils, and her book can be found on her website:

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