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How To Guess Someone’s Astrological Sign

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How To Guess Someone's Astrological Sign in5d

Has anyone ever guessed your astrological sign? It’s an amazing feat to perform and it requires research and practice. While not everyone believes this is possible or that the Zodiac has any meaning, here are some tips from those who believe it can be done.

Always remember though that this is just based on sun signs, if we were talking about Ascending/Rising signs it would be different since the ascending sign of someone represents how they appear to someone before we get to know them. We are also not talking about Moon signs which are the persons inner personality, emotions and reactions to certain things in their life, so it could complicate pin pointing down just their Sun sign, since that only represents their characteristics.

STEP 1: Look for people with strong personalities.

Are they confident in their habits? Do they display distinct qualities that most people do not possess? Do you know the person rather well? If so, this person may be a good candidate for analysis. On the other hand, does the person tend to act like everyone else? Is the person shy? Is the person quiet?

STEP 2: Examine their appearance

If none of the obvious signs are there, look at the person carefully. What strikes you most about how they look?


STEP 3: Learn about astrological masculinity/femininity

It has little to do with being macho or girly. In fact, men with astrological femininity often compensate by acting macho (working out, claiming to be promiscuous or tough) and women with astrological masculinity often compensate by acting “girly” (wearing “girly” clothes and makeup, claiming to be emotional).

STEP 4: Become familiar with the elements

STEP 5: Observe their behavior, especially in conflicts or while working in groups

We all learn to hide our inner feelings to some degree while in public. People usually display their astrological traits in relationships and tense interactions. Refer to the element for the nature of the reaction that they will use (for example, Aries’ first reaction when faced with conflict is to yell or threaten, Gemini will talk his/her way out of it, Cancer usually responds with an emotional outburst, Taurus responds to conflict with silence and a posture of strength, etc.):

STEP 6: Pay attention to the age of the person’s sign, Aries being the youngest and Pisces being the oldest, also known as the oldest souls

The younger signs tend to display quick tempers and be more selfish and eager to learn while the older signs are wiser, more compassionate and more set in their ways.

STEP 7: Ask the person’s birthday and birth time

Use Google to find a birth chart calculator.

STEP 8: Don’t use pick up lines like

Hey, baby. What’s your sign?” For one thing, pick up lines don’t necessarily work, and for another, it takes all the fun out of guessing, doesn’t it?

STEP 9: Predict a person’s two basic signs

1) monthly sign such as Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc, and 2) yearly sign such as boar, rat, ox etc. Base your prediction from your study of astrology. The average guesser should have a 1/12 guess rate, and your results will be less than 1/12. Any study of astrology will, however small, improve on the 1/12 rate. Keep studying astrology from experts and from your own observations and your “guessing” will be 1/11 – 1/10.


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