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UFO Sightings And Jeffrey Epstein – NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Just Dropped A Truth Bomb

By on February 17, 2023 in Extraterrestrials, Awareness with 0 Comments
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NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Just Dropped A Truth Bomb Regarding UFO Sightings And Jeffrey Epstein

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by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

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During an interview on The Pat McAfee Show, Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers who is known for describing himself as a “free thinker,” shared his opinions on recent events, ioncluding UFO sightings and Epstein’s Island.

McAfee brought up the topic of recent news about unidentified flying objects and the conversation then moved on to a recent train derailment incident. Eventually, the topic of discussion turned to news about the late financier, Jeffrey Epstein.

Rodgers spoke about the upcoming release of the Epstein client log, which is said to include the names of people associated with the financier, as well as allegations that are rumored to be salacious.

Rodgers asked, “Did you hear about the Epstein client list about to be released?”

“There’s some files that have some names on them that might be getting released pretty soon. (Ghislaine) Maxwell was the only person ever convicted of trafficking and nobody who was involved in the trafficking ever went to jail. Nothing to see here.”


Alleged list from Epstein’s flight log

The documents are set to be unsealed soon after the individuals mentioned in them did not object to their names being made public.

Rodgers also commented on the fact that while Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s associate, was convicted of trafficking, none of the other individuals involved in the trafficking ever faced any consequences.

“It’s interesting timing on everything,” Rodgers said. “There’s a lot of other things going on in the world.”

The Last Card and the UFO Invasion

In 1974, Dr. Carol Rosin was warned by Dr. Wernher von Braun about a series of events that will happen in the near future, all of which will be based on lies. The ‘Last Card’ that remains is an extraterrestrial invasion.

Dr. Rosin warned us about the weaponization of space through her professional relationship with ex-Nazi scientists, Dr. Wernher von Braun. While on his death bead, von Braun confided to Rosin about the following external threats that would be created as a false flag by the United States government:

They’re inventing enemies he (von Braun) said, against whom they are going to build this space-based weapon system—the first of whom was the Russians which was existing at that time.  Then there would be terrorists, then there would be third world countries, now we call them rogue nations or nations of concern.  Then there would be asteroids.  And then he would repeat to me over and over ‘and the last card, the last, the last card would be the extraterrestrial threat’…you will find that there is going to be a spin to find some enemy against whom we have to build space based weapons and now we should expect the spin.

What is the difference between a UFO and UAP?

  • UFO stands for “Unidentified Flying Object” and refers to any object in the sky that cannot be identified by the observer. The term UFO has been used for decades and is often associated with sightings of extraterrestrial spacecraft.
  • UAP stands for “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon” and is a more recent term that has been adopted by the United States government to replace the term UFO. UAP is meant to be a broader and more neutral term that encompasses a wider range of unidentified objects or events in the sky, including those that may have a conventional explanation or origin, such as experimental aircraft or natural phenomena.
  • The term UAP is often used in the context of military or intelligence reports, where it is important to distinguish between known and unknown aerial threats. By using a more neutral term like UAP, it is hoped that reports of unidentified objects can be investigated in a more objective and scientific manner, without being dismissed out of hand as extraterrestrial in nature.
  • UFO Bullet points
  • The first widely reported modern UFO sighting occurred in 1947, when pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing a group of nine high-speed objects flying over Mount Rainier in Washington state.
  • The term “flying saucer” was coined by a journalist in 1947 to describe the shape of the objects seen by Kenneth Arnold.
  • In 1969, the United States Air Force closed its official UFO investigation program, known as Project Blue Book, after concluding that no UFO sighting posed a threat to national security or had any extraterrestrial explanation.
  • The Roswell incident in 1947, where it was reported that an alien spacecraft crashed in New Mexico, is one of the most famous UFO incidents in history.
  • Some people believe that Area 51, a highly classified US military facility in Nevada, is used for the study and reverse engineering of alien technology.
  • In 2017, the United States Department of Defense confirmed the existence of a secret program, called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which investigated reports of UFO sightings.
  • The term “close encounter” was first used in the 1977 movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” which popularized the idea of different types of encounters with UFOs.
  • Some people claim to have been abducted by aliens, and their stories often involve being taken aboard a spacecraft and subjected to medical examinations or other tests.
  • The study of UFOs is known as ufology, and there are many organizations and groups dedicated to investigating and researching UFO sightings and related phenomena.
  • Despite decades of reports and sightings, there is no conclusive evidence that UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin, and most sightings can be explained as natural phenomena, human-made objects, or hoaxes.

“Comedian” Kathy Griffin’s take

Not everyone was impressed with Rodgers’ comments. So-called “comedian” Kathy Griffin took to Twitter to criticize his theory on the topic, making personal comments about his appearance and suggesting that he was too crazy for certain people.

Griffin stated, “I think it’s hilarious that Aaron Rodgers is officially too crazy for the gayz. They don’t want him anymore. Plus, he looks like he smells bad.”

Griffin posted a TikTok response about Epstein’s island while wearing a Jimmy Kimmel shirt:

The following is an unofficial list of people who allegedly went to Epstein Island.  Griffin is on this alleged list:

The following is an unofficial list of people who allegedly went to Epstein Island:

Lately, so-called comedian Kathy Griffin looks more like an actual comedian, Carrottop:

Lately, Kathy Griffin looks more like an actual comedian, Carrottop:

Many people within the truther communities question whether Jeffrey Epstein even committed suicide after the bizarre incidents that led up to his alleged death. Some speculate he was kept alive and is currently singing like a canary while others hypothesize that he was replaced by the cabal and escorted to safety.

Most public figures and/or entertainers, whether it be actresses and actors, politicians, musicians, etc… seem to be pushing a similar agenda that includes satanic rituals and trafficking, amongst many other unmentionable acts.

It would not be surprising that those who scream the loudest are all on the Epstein client list.

Time will tell.

Stay tuned, my friends.

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Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!

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