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Prepping For Graduation To 5D

By on April 7, 2014 in Indigos, Spiritual Awakening
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Prepping For Graduation To 5D

by Kim Hutchinson

Earth is a classroom for the soul. For most of us, this is our last 3D incarnation. We are getting ready to graduate (shift / ascend) to the next dimension. In preparation, we are busy cleaning up loose ends from this lifetime and from prior incarnations.

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Pre-Grad Stress

Preparing for spiritual graduation is akin to prepping for high school graduation. Students scramble to finish assignments and pass exams so that they can graduate with their class. Some work with tutors to bring up their grades and to pass challenging courses. Others take full advantage of extracurricular activities. Most students feel ready to graduate, although many are apprehensive about the unknown future. Those who do know where they’re going are anxious to get on with their new life, and so interest in their present life wanes. The majority are worried about leaving their friends, family and home. Many friendships and romantic pairings begin to fizzle out. It’s a time of poignant endings and exciting beginnings.

Mastery Learning

Earth is like a giant one-room classroom in which students of all levels are learning side-by-side. Within the classroom there are learning stations where students learn at their own pace through group-based activities. Students do not compete against each other. They are focused instead on achieving their personal best. Frequent feedback is provided both internally (i.e. feelings, thoughts) and externally (i.e. events, actions) which helps them to correct mistakes. At the end of each trip to Earth school students self-assess their progress through a life review which provides them with guidelines for future instruction, called karma. Souls start as a group and then move through the learning stations at their own pace. Some may skip a grade while others repeat, and others still may drop out of school. There is no right or wrong path back to the divine.

Cycles of Time

Prepping for Graduation to 5D |

There are cosmic cycles of 13,000 years – half the Precession of the Equinoxes – which you might say roughly equate to the 13 years of grade school on Earth. At the start of each cycle, a new group of souls comes to Earth to begin their education. At the end of the cycle, those souls move on to another learning laboratory. We are at the end of our learning cycle which means we are preparing to graduate from 3-D Earth into a new 5-D classroom. Before we move on, we have to finish as many lessons (karma) here as possible.

Karma Purging

The main task at hand for the majority of people is to resolve karma. Essentially, karma is unfinished lessons or learning opportunities. You accumulate karma when you act in a way that is not in alignment with your highest self. Each lifetime here, we chip away at old karma and we accrue new. Considering humans have spiritual amnesia, you can imagine how much karma we have accumulated.

Intense, Steep Learning Curve

In light of our pending graduation, the time for accruing new karma has passed. Now when we make a misstep, our karma confronts us almost instantly. Similarly, once we think we’ve learned a lesson, our mastery is tested right away. We have no time to accrue new karma so we have to attend to it as we create it. Additionally, we are going through an accelerated karmic purge. Past life karma keeps coming up for us to heal and release. We no sooner get through one lesson (i.e. phobia, trigger, blockage), then another pops up. There is very little time between tasks to rest. This can feel overwhelming at times. You may think you’re going crazy or feel that your life is a mess. It isn’t. You’re just tying up loose ends from many lifetimes.

3D Life Review

At the end of every Earthly incarnation, a soul is gently and lovingly guided through the process of a soul review. This helps us to appreciate the lessons we have learned, and to identify areas which require further study. For the impending graduate, however, the process is different. We are preparing to step off the Wheel of Karma (the birth-death-rebirth cycle). That means we have to undergo the life review process right here. This includes facing up to your mistakes and those of others, and then forgiving everyone involved. Needless to say, doing a life review and burning up karma while you’re still in 3D form is insanely difficult. Thankfully we have lots of help.

Cooperative Learning

Earth is a cooperative learning classroom so, as students complete their own assignments, they then assist fellow classmates with their karma. Helpers include healers and spiritual guides along with the undercover do-gooders (i.e. earth angels). If you find yourself in this group, then chances are you are very busy helping to resolve karma for your family, friends, soul group, city, country, gender, ethnic group, and so forth. Even souls with no past Earthly lives (i.e. starseeds; crystal and rainbow children) are helping to resolve Earth’s collective karma. Starseeds frequently say they feel like they were abandoned in an insane asylum. You volunteered to help, but nothing could fully prepare you for the challenges (i.e. violence) of Earth.

Spiritual Teachers

In the learning laboratory called life, we are all teachers and students. We are here to learn from one another. No one has all the answers. As long as you are still here, there are lessons for you to learn. Whenever you master a lesson, you automatically become a teacher for others. Some souls have more past life 3D experience, and so these old souls frequently incarnate into younger souled families in order to accelerate their learning. If you feel like an outsider in your family, chances are you are a teacher for your loved ones.

Spiritual Tutors and Coaches

In addition to Earthly helpers, there are many off-world beings who are helping us prepare for graduation. These include angels, ascended masters, soul groups and higher selves, along with beings from other planets and dimensions. You can call on them for help whenever you need. They will lovingly guide and inspire you, and help you in any way they can, short of doing your homework for you.

Graduation Day

Intrinsically we know graduation day is looming large. Most of us can feel the energy shifting higher and higher. We can see evidence of changes in our personal lives as well as on the global stage. You may not feel ready to graduate, but if you’re reading this article chances, you most likely are ready. Still, you probably won’t have much time to sit back and reflect upon this, for we are like high school students who work until the final day of classes. So do the best that you can, and have faith that all will work out beautifully.

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About the Author:
Kim Hutchinson Kim Hutchinson is an intuitive spiritual healer and teacher who offers Multidimensional Healing and Guidance worldwide. She is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Chios® Master, with training in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Angel Readings and Crystal Reading. For more information, please visit

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