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Recalibration & DNA Upgrade In Preparation Of The New Moon

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Recalibration & DNA Upgrade In Preparation Of The New Moon

by Tiffany Stiles,

Dear Beautiful Souls!

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Today appetites will be null as the body detoxes and continues to clear. All goes offline and back online as this recalibration occurs. The body physically will be achy today as further clearing occurs through the heart, throat and sacral chakras. The palpitations and flutters in these chakras makes you aware when expansion/clearing is occurring. As one fully begins to integrate with the higher vibrational energies of gamma, photon, star particle and crystalline, the body requires rest, plenty of water and self care. Every particle, atom and cell rejuvenates with these creating transcendence of lower vibrational energy to higher within. As your body continues to upgrade in frequency with these downloads of energy, the higher frequencies enact a firing off of the DNA within upgrading your DNA’s spliced strands recalibrating and recoding. This fires off signals in the brain connecting new pathways that weren’t enabled before. As the gamma, photon, star particle surges through the body it affects the nervous system as everything recalibrates and comes back online. As this occurs, one is also upgraded with new Metaphysical abilities and capabilities as further mass in the brain connects to the upgraded DNA/RNA. When this occurs you have high vibrational frequency surging through your body, this affects electronics you work with or are in contact with. You will notice these will also come online and go off line too. This includes your cell, laptop, tablet, TV, radio, vehicle, lights, etc…

You will have the frequencies coming in through the ears with ringing, high pitched vibration and humming. This is how new information is downloaded and given. Quiet the mind to hear your messages from your Guides. The lungs are clearing attached to the heart chakra. You may have had extra mucous expel through the night. Headaches also may be experienced throughout the day as all adjusts within. You may notice extra water retention too indicating a flush of toxins needing released. Do this through extra water to release through the kidneys and bladder attached to the sacral chakra. The 3rd Eye (pineal) over produces melatonin and fluctuates serotonin to force the rest the body needs, this also causes moods to fluctuate. DMT also peaks with visions through rest/REM or meditation. Journal these. The Crown becomes tingly, itchy, and tight while it opens to receive Divine Energy through and in. Here you connect with your Angels, Guides, Archangels/God Source/ Ascended Masters/ Goddesses. The root chakra with kundalini becomes active and rises. Your solar plexus activates your free will. When clearing occurs here is causes gastrointestinal issues and stomach upset. This also activates the GPS of the soul, your inner guidance/intuition. All chakras are firing up through these upgrades and this clearing, releasing, activating, recalibrating is what enacts the DNA upgrades/crystalline light body.

You Become A Conduit

You can feel this energy surging through your hands and feet, with your pulse throbbing at your palms and fingertips. This is your body acting as a conduit for this energy to flow through to heal others, anchor into Gaia, and send out into the collective consciousness to stabilize, calm, transmute, transcend. Through this pure state of unconditional love, compassion and empathy connected to All That Is, you are an alchemist. You have the capability to tap into the Divine Energy flow and manifest whatever you wish. Keep your thoughts positive.

Today, as the body goes offline to recalibrate and adjust your energy will be low. Take today to rest as the next major shift comes in on the 26-28th with New Moon in Aquarius. The Twin Flame/Soul Mate Portal is open now and further gamma, photon and star particle will come in on these days too to activate/release more. See That Energy Report By Clicking Here!

Will update as we continue to move through this next powerful shift.


10 Minute Chakra Clearing Meditation

Much love, light and blessings to you all on your continued journey.

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