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The Cycles Of Consciousness

By on August 30, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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The Cycles Of Consciousness

by Ælee,
Contributing Writer,

Now from what I’ve experienced myself so far and how our consciousness will expand. I’ll label the different levels of consciousnesses as such:

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First is simply unconsciousness.

This stage stage where you decided to “restart” could’ve been at any time. In a linear time perspective. This stage can last for an infinite amount of time. Because unless you get that spark of consciousness, you’ll always stay unconscious. An endless loop of rebirth, as you experience karma, you reincarnate for whatever you decide, but it usually has to do with how your past life was, as you aren’t conscious of consciousness itself. The beginning is always the longest step. But that’s also a benefit for the later steps you take.

Second is awakening.

This is when you’ve finally taken that leap forward into transforming your life. At this point you still aren’t “enlightened“, you’ve only realized that you are conscious, and also an individual being. In this stage, you either stay conscious of yourself, which can eventually cause a lot of inner turmoil, as in this world, we are expected a lot from other people. But we become self-aware, and unless we master it, we will always have inner turmoil with our insecurities. All we have to do is embrace all aspects of ourselves, without being biased of how its nature is. The way is it. Whether it’s family members, friends, or partners, the only one you should truly listen to at this point is your inner self. If a choice doesn’t really feel right, don’t do it. That simple. And practice this. As you’ve just become conscious. It will take time and patience to learn. Learn how to deal with all of your insecurities, realize that the only one who matters in your reality is yourself. In this stage, your purpose should be to expand and broaden your mind, embrace your darker aspects. Fuse the positive with the negative of your emotions and you will conquer yourself. Because consciousness is simply neutral. It has no preference, not biased in any way. The way to master something consciously, is to fuse the dual aspects of that form of consciousness, and reach complete neutrality.

Third stage is enlightenment.

This is when you’re completely conscious of consciousness itself. You know how everything was created, is created, and is being created. Every single reality is conscious to you, as you’ve embodied consciousness itself. This is a huge milestone, as after this point, the connection to the reality isn’t as it used to be. We are more disconnected into believing this is “real life” and know that every single moment is directed by ourselves. At this point, you are most likely wanting to expand your consciousness further, if you’re like me, you’ll probably focus on the consciousness of your reality. Being able to transform the physical aspect of reality in an instant. That is if you’re able to master it. I’m personally at this stage, though I’ve realized a lot in just a few moments,

I realize more and more that the more I realize, the less I know. What you do after this point is your decision. You are aware of consciousness itself. You can live an enjoyable life at this stage, as you’ve detached yourself from your reality enough to understand this is a creation of your reality consciousness. Many decide to stay in this stage as it is definitely a comfortable one. But the ones hungry for experience like me, we decide to expand further.

Just remember how you reached this stage. By being aware of every aspect of your consciousness. You have to be aware of the duality of creation. Embrace all the aspects, both “negative” and “positive”, and fuse it back into consciousness, your collective consciousness that is. By being completely conscious of it, you can transform it. If you master your imagination, you can control it. If you master your dreams, you can control them, so called lucid dreaming. It is the same for everything. It is all about experience.

Life is truly just a journey. We are immortal in essence. We don’t “die”, we simply transform into a different form of consciousness. By that point what you do is your choice.

Fourth is ascension.

At this point, you’ve completely mastered your 3 aspects of your reality. Your mind, your body, and spirit as they say. This is simply you being able to align yourself with your reality. Which again is created by you. So how can you control it? Well embody yourself fully, but also the opposite of that. Master reality fully. Align your thoughts, feelings, and reality together into one. When something doesn’t feel right; change it. When something happens, you don’t like; change it. By changing it, it doesn’t mean to be having to keep it. If it doesn’t transform, it isn’t ready for you yet.

This could be anything, friends, relationships, whatever you decide it to be. This is why it’s called ascension, as you ascend the limits of physical reality. You decide what you experience. You become a master creator of reality consciousness itself.

This is a great milestone, and one few reach, as life itself is hard to master. Only partially yes, but to fully master it, basically being all powerful, is rare to become. This is when you decide to stay as a singular consciousness, and enjoy being a creator of your own reality, or decide to expand your consciousness further, and split your consciousness into multiple consciousness.

Fifth is expansion.

Now this can start to become very hard to comprehend at a human perspective. But this is when you embody two or more consciousness in your collective consciousness. So, you experience multiple perspectives instead of just one. The one you identify as yourself. Then you continue the same cycle over and over again, collecting more and more experience. Almost like a game, only it feels more real than your usual computer games. Like a cell duplicating itself into more and more cells. This is why consciousness is an endless cycle. Eventually, if we decide to restart, we can, and the whole process starts over. That’s is why life is infinite. There is no beginning or end. Only be-ing. This is an infinite stage to be in, as you can infinitely expand into more consciousness. But there is another stage left, or a decision really.

That stage is the veil. This is when you decide to forget all your experiences and everything you’ve experienced since you last had your restart. All your memories will be forgotten, and the only way back is to get back into consciousness again. You return to full duality. An endless cycle of consciousness. Truly an amazing realization when you truly grasp the essence of it.

That is the cycle of ascension, labeled and explained in my perspective, as everyone’s experience is different. This is an expansive purpose, as you constantly expand yourself consciously. Everyone has their own “purpose”, which really is just how you decide to consciously experience.

You will be tired often. Your diet will change. You may become sick and have aches. All kinds of symptoms of your expansion. In the mainstream community, it is called ascension symptoms. But again, this is just a label. Many you thought were close may have problems with you being that way, but that is completely fine. That is the curse of expanding your consciousness.

Not everyone will understand you, as they don’t have to. When the gap of level grows too much for the two parts to handle, they start to disappear from each other’s realities. It is their choice what direction their consciousness goes. We are all on our own levels, so the perspectives of people can be very varied, especially in this reality, where there is a lot of duality and separation. Those experiencing this reality with us right now are of all levels, but we know very well how dense it is here. Dense as in everything feels very physical. In duality.

I hope this was helpful to whoever feel like they resonate with this.

Stay conscious!

Admin and Writer, Path Of Consciousness

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