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The True Secret Of The Universe!

By on March 24, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

The True Secret Of The Universe!

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by Jude Fullmer,
Contributing Writer,

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve heard about ‘waking up’ and ‘ascending.’ Do you understand what the end looks like? Do you know where we’re ultimately trying to go? In this article I’m going to do my best to explain what ascending truly is, and how you can help guide yours!


Hello, co-creator! That’s right, you are a co-creator; aka you are part of the essence of the eternal original consciousness, congratulations! Just by being, you are being extraordinary! Along your journey I’m sure you’ll hear about Nikola Tesla and the great discovery that the secrets of the universe can be discovered by looking at it in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. You’ll wish you understood energy the way he did, then you will begin to uncover the true meaning of this saying.

You’ll also realize that you can not be any more divine than what you already are, you can only change your awareness of it. It’s extremely interesting how so much of ‘ascending’ seems to remind me of being a little kid. When you are young, you do things seemingly without explanation. You avoid the dark like the plague, you explore new avenues and ideas such as what makes a good surface to color on, or perhaps what you can paint with. You are so new to the world, uninhibited by any lifelong beliefs or previous experience or fears of future outcomes, you are fully submerged in every moment of your early years. As you ascend, you realize everything you did that was ‘weird’ actually makes perfect sense in terms of energy!’

Here’s why it seems like they’re related. As you begin to face your past selves, converging all of your aspects into one, you truly begin to understand how everything is energy. You realize that everything is created from the same energy source, but we’re all simply separated by the frequency and vibration of our energy. You realize that nothing is bad because creation itself is beautiful, which is what we’re all constantly doing. But you’ll understand that in order to have a high vibration and frequency yourself, you can’t include low frequencies within your own person. You’ll begin to face every negative part of yourself and transform it with understanding into higher vibrations.

You’ll realize that both ascension and intelligence seem to be directly related to AWARENESS. You’ll combine everything you’ve learned to understand the ultimate function of the human body: to allow as much energy to flow as possible. I know, that might seem strange, but think of it like this. Everything is energy, and as long as you are breathing energy is flowing through you. You’ll realize that the ‘negative’ energies of 3D are simply of a lower frequency and vibration.

Do you know what frequency and vibration are? There is a ton of information on both matters all over the internet if you need any info or reminders. But all you need to understand here is that the higher the vibration or frequency, the more energy flow is allowed. Also, the lower the vibration or frequency the less the energy flows.

Therefore, when you focus on these lower frequency energies which have been deemed negative, all you’re really doing is choosing to lower the vibration and frequency of your own consciousness, thereby lessening the flow of energy in yourself, which is ultimately limiting your awareness! That’s right, the secret of full ascension is that you are using your maximum possible level of awareness, which is always increasing, but is directly related to the amount of energy your body allows to flow through your consciousness at any given moment – by raising the frequency and vibration of the single point of consciousness that is you! The truth is, you can access any level of awareness you want to at any point in time, you simply have to regain enough of your energy and raise your awareness high enough to access it!


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Next you ask, how do you get the highest energy flow? You have to increase your frequency and vibration, of course! You need to realize that you are a constant source of energy, constantly deciding where to put your energy. As we grow up, we slowly begin giving our energy away to things like money, drugs, lust, attachment, acceptance, etc., without realizing it because nobody knew to teach us better. It’s nobody’s fault, just a learning experience! But by having unresolved issues with people, or wanting to change the past, or not facing your shame or guilt, or wishing for the future, or by having many other types of blocks in your energy you are constantly giving your energy away. Every moment you spend thinking about Timmy that spilled your juice is energy given to Timmy. Every moment you wish you wouldn’t have gotten drunk and peed on that bush, you’re giving your energy to your past ignorance. Every moment you spend denying that you really did start that fight with Stacy in 5th grade, you’re giving your energy away to support this dream of an alternate reality.

As you can see, the common theme in all of this can be understood in terms of time, space, and energy. Think of yourself as a single point of awareness. Now, imagine that you reach back into the past to Stacy, Timmy, and yourself, and give some of your energy to all of them. Obviously, we now see that if you’re diverting some of YOUR energy away to other points of space or time, you’re not allowing all of your energy and divine essence to flow through you. Thus, decreasing your frequency and vibration.

Yet within the problem lies the solution! By facing these past events, by correcting our mistakes, by forgiving ourselves and others, we are actually beginning to take back our energy, thus increasing our awareness by increasing our flow of energy through raising our frequency and vibration! Because ultimately, being as ascended as you can will come down to being as consciously aware as you can possibly be, using as much of your full conscious energy in the here and now moment as possible. Being absolutely and completely free of any limiting beliefs or thoughts, being unhindered by thinking of the future: simply letting your divine essence flow through every fiber of your being with the highest vibrations and frequencies possible creating pure magic!

Now that I’ve given you a word of direction, please allow me a word of advice. We all came to this dimension for this journey! We came here to experience the lower frequencies! We’ve already experienced the highest dimensional levels possible, this journey is about experiencing and learning from these lower frequencies. Although the end will be amazing, don’t forget to truly enjoy and incorporate your highest level of awareness possible in the here and now to help create a magical world around you and to enjoy what we came here for!


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