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Why Are We Not All Psychics?

By on August 28, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Why Are We Not All Psychics?

by Olga Star,
Contributing writer,

The pitfalls of spiritual development

The story is all too familiar. Something happens you can’t explain, the curiosity or desire to understand the phenomena that affected you or is still affecting you is driving you to do your own research. Depending on the nature of the experience, either you enjoy however fleeting that awe state was, or you start feverishly signing up for all the workshops there are to see whether you’ve got what it takes. You want to know: ‘Am I psychic?’

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The journey that starts out in excitement soon comes to a halt only to see one door after another being closed in your face. The excitement evaporates, the teachers are too non-available apart from the ‘beginners’ circles, and you are left alone with abilities that are not fully developed and abilities you have no idea what to do about.

Some give up, some embark on a solo journey. The few lucky ones, get support from their family and friends and pursue their training.

Normally, when we say we have abilities, the first question people ask is “Do you see dead people?” and that is putting a lot of people off sharing their experience for the risk of ridicule and losing their credibility or image. No one wants to be the loony one.

In fact, psychic abilities are so much more than about ‘seeing dead people’. In fact, some very talented psychic people won’t even see them. Being psychic means having abilities we’d normally consider supernatural. Often psychic abilities are referred to as intuitive abilities which seem to be more accepted.

Without going into too much detail, there are many many ways in which your abilities can manifest, starting from the most commonly practiced clairvoyance, when you ‘see’ things or people in your mind, it’s like watching an inner movie.

Then there is clairsentience, when you ‘feel’, and so you get the messages through emotions and feelings.

Then there is clairaudience – when you ‘hear’, in your mind, usually and this one does require some training to learn to separate which ‘voice’ is yours so to speak.

And the last most known is claircognizance – when you just know. Usually you would have a combination of the gifts, and depending on the person or being you are interacting with – you could smell a certain perfume or taste a particular food in your mouth while not eating anything!

Of course there are other gifts. In short, psychic abilities are a sign of your ability of oneness. You can tap into another person’s or a being feelings, knowledge and sometimes their future. You can sense what others are feeling or what others may be thinking. And the big question is, should you do anything about it? Yes. Absolutely yes.

It took my child a year and a month to learn to walk, and who knows how long before she learns to speak, and that is with a lot and A LOT of support from everyone around her. So take this time frame into consideration. Abilities need honing. A lot of practice is required. Do remember the journey is quite lonely although it shouldn’t be so. Psychic abilities are about oneness, and as the wording suggest – this practice is best done together with the others. As you learn, they learn.

Do you actually need to develop your abilities? Think about it this way, you didn’t know the benefits of walking until you start walking! And you know the best benefit in walking is according to my daughter? Running! Your abilities are like this. You think you need to develop an ability to separate other people’s feelings from yours (very important!) because you think that is the final goal. Your abilities are like this. You think you are learning or developing one ability, but then once you have mastered that ability, you realize your goal is different. Somewhat bigger. And of course encompassing the first ability you have mastered.

Lots of love and light,

Olga Star
Spiritual teacher

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