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Why There Were Recent Holes Discovered In The Milky Way Galaxy

By on June 14, 2019 in Science with 0 Comments
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Why There Were Recent Holes Discovered In The Milky Way Galaxy

by Sean McCleary,
Contributing Writer,

Why There Were Recent Holes Discovered In The Milky Way Galaxy

There was some very powerful activity discovered recently by scientists who study cosmological activity in the universe. It was theorized that these “bullet like” holes that ripped through the Milky Way galaxy could have been the result of dark matter. I do work in evolutionary cosmology and the evolution of consciousness; where the Paradigm Shift is concerned. The Paradigm Shift is a term that philosopher and physicist Thomas Kuhn discussed in his work.

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My work is a continuation of this activity in universal evolutionary development; especially where planet Earth is concerned. Dark Matter is matter contained in the universe that human consciousness cannot directly observe because human consciousness has been in somewhat of a rudimentary state of evolutionary development where the Higgs field is concerned.

The reason this matter seems dark is because the electrical activity in the brain isn’t experiencing the transfer of energy in that powerful of a way from the activity of the Higgs field. The universe contains a lot more matter than what scientists are familiar with; but they just can’t directly observe this because of the limited transfer of energy from the Higgs field.

The Paradigm Shift is about the evolutionary development of the Higgs field and this is going to advance life and consciousness with Earth’s evolutionary development. That’s why I incorporate consciousness into my work in cosmology; is because the evolutionary development of the cosmos is going to affect consciousness here on Earth. The Higgs field is not that difficult to understand. The Higgs field is a field of energy which permeates throughout the universe.

The Higgs field is the foundation for the evolutionary development of consciousness; matter and the way that energy behaves according to different states of evolutionary activity. The reason I mention consciousness is because this universe is conscious. This has been a subject of great debate among the scientific community. This debate actually has to do with the introduction of the universe itself. Consciousness is the will contained within energy which facilitates evolutionary development.

Consciousness is measured by frequency vibrations in the universe. The most powerful concentration of frequency vibrations are contained within the Higgs field; because the Higgs field is the foundation for evolutionary development in the universe.

These frequency vibrations in the Higgs field produce thought and conceptualization for the purpose of generating evolutionary development. When these frequency vibrations produce evolution this generates more energy and subatomic particles are produced out of these vibrational frequencies.

This is where wave particle duality and string theory come from. The reason these have just been theorized and scientists can’t seem to collaborate all of this together is because of the resistance to the evolutionary development of consciousness on Earth where the incorporation of matter and energy are concerned. There is a reason for this resistance and I will explain. Earth is located in a region of time and space that is 13.51 billion years old.

The universe was introduced around 13.8 billion years ago. Earth is in a region of time and space where consciousness and energy contain memory of early universal formation, development and introduction. This universe had to be conceptualized because this universe has an identity and contains concepts like; stars, black holes, planets, solar systems, different types of matter and the way that energy behaves with all of this activity in this universe.

This universe is contained within a larger body of consciousness and energy which serves as a parental structure for evolutionary purposes. This universe evolves into this larger body of consciousness and energy. Before the universe was here there was consciousness and light and dark energy everywhere without the formation of matter.

This consciousness and energy has always existed; and this is why infinity can be conceptualized by human beings. This comes from the transfer of consciousness and energy from the Higgs field which contains the will of infinity. This consciousness everywhere contains vibrational frequencies. These vibrational frequencies are consciousness. Consciousness and higher vibrational frequencies serve as the foundation for light energy.

Consciousness and lower vibrational frequencies serve as the foundation for dark energy. Photons carry and distribute light energy in the universe because matter requires light energy and photons represent the evolutionary development of light energy because matter was introduced into this universe with light energy.

The reason I incorporate consciousness into the universe is because this is how I have gained a much greater understanding of the cosmos. When consciousness integrates a more powerful interpretation occurs. The Paradigm Shift means that science and everything else on Earth which represents the operational procedures in this reality of time and space will change and advance.

The reason that so many scientists resist the proposal of consciousness being incorporated into energy universally is; the consciousness that introduced this universe also introduced matter and this introduction produced a very powerful level of resistance in time and space. Human beings are extensions of universal evolutionary activity.

The four primary components which drive evolutionary development in the universe are; consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure. Scientists who study the evolutionary activity of matter and energy as their primary focus will resist the proposal of consciousness being incorporated into everything because this was represented when the universe was introduced.

Earth is in a very powerful location and is very close to where the introduction of the universe took place and where the big bang occurred. Earth was introduced into this location for a very important reason. Earth was introduced into time and space in this location so the actual activity of early universal formation, development and introduction could evolve into a state of consciousness and energy where life is represented.

This is why Earth contains almost 9 million different species of life. The universe is around 13.8 billion years old, has a consciousness; and all consciousness and energy experiences evolutionary development. This universe is undergoing evolutionary development everywhere with a much more powerful concentration of the Higgs field being generated everywhere. It is just time for this universe to evolve and planet Earth was introduced so this universe can change forever; starting with where this universe was introduced from in the first place.

This location of time and space had to evolve with life being introduced into this location so this universe can experience evolutionary change, development and advancement. This is what the Paradigm Shift is about; what the Shift in Consciousness is about; and what the Apocalypse means.

This larger body of consciousness introduced the Higgs boson into existence first as a micro representation of itself; so evolutionary development could have a foundation in this universe. A different body of consciousness and energy was introduced into this larger body of consciousness and energy as this universe and matter was introduced with the Higgs boson.

The Higgs field was introduced into this universe as a very powerful combination of the consciousness and energy that introduced this universe and the foundation for the evolutionary development of matter into the universe. Everything else that is generated out of the Higgs field represents the individuality of universal evolutionary development and momentum into infinite time and space. A human being can conceptualize existing forever in their consciousness and energy is involved in this conceptualization. This is a human being experiencing the foundation of consciousness and energy from the Higgs field.

A human being can also conceptualize death and entering into a state of non-existence. This cannot happen; but this is still a derivative of consciousness and energy. This is very powerful resistance to evolutionary development. This is actually what caused black holes to form in the universe and why their energy transfers in the opposite direction of everything else. It is the same principle and human beings are an extension of universal evolutionary activity.

This universe went under formation with the introduction of the Higgs boson. This came from the universe’s creator. Other subatomic activity was introduced as this universe’s own individual formation and evolution. The introduction of matter into consciousness was so powerful that this resistance to evolutionary development generated antimatter.

When the formation of the universe reached the most powerful evolutionary potential; pressure was released and matter and antimatter collided generating fusion and the big bang occurred. This sent consciousness; matter, light energy, dark energy and pressure outwardly in a very powerful way. The activity of this universe being introduced has to evolve within space and time. Everything that is contained within the structure of this universe and time and space is experiencing very powerful evolutionary development now. Like I stated before Earth is very close to where this activity took place with the introduction of the universe.

The early formation of the introduction of matter represents the introduction of life. The formation of different consciousness, energy and matter experienced very powerful resistance before the introduction of the big bang. The big bang itself was a very powerful concentration of consciousness, light energy, dark energy and matter. The consciousness and energy that was being introduced as this universe lost awareness for a moment when the big bang occurred.

This is because a very powerful evolutionary change occurred. This is how death was introduced into this universe. The universe itself being transferred outwardly and experiencing evolutionary development; represents the continuation and advancement of life. This is what is consistently occurring on planet Earth on a global level.

On a global level life is being introduced within fractions of a second. Death is happening within fractions of a second as well and following closely behind.

When living organisms experience death here; they transfer into the Higgs field and accelerate with the universe and redevelop with the acceleration and arrive safely into world’s into the next stage of evolutionary activity and advancement which is located in the Whirlpool Galaxy which is about 30 million light years from Earth. Earth and life on Earth represent the evolutionary advancement of the introduction of this universe. That’s why Earth was created; Earth is my best friend and is very, very special. I am saying this because my consciousness transferred into World Consciousness in a very powerful way in 2011 in Opelousas Louisiana.

This is why I know information like this about the universe and consciousness and energy. I have been very profoundly affected by the Paradigm Shift. In that movie Good Will Hunting; Matt Damon’s character said that he just knew things and he couldn’t explain why to people; that he just did. I understand what has happened with my consciousness and evolutionary development. I have experienced a lot of resistance introducing my work into the scientific community concerning the evolutionary development of consciousness, energy and matter in this universe.

This is to be expected; and evolutionary development happens from a reference point anyway and expands and accelerates outwardly from that point of origin.

What is happening in this location of time and space because of very powerful evolutionary development is consciousness and energy are changing here with the evolution of the Higgs field. The Higgs field is becoming more concentrated everywhere by receiving a more powerful transfer of energy from the consciousness and energy which introduced this universe. Because this universe was introduced close to this location the activity is going to be at its most powerful level.

With the Higgs field evolving and becoming more concentrated; it is releasing pressure from the change in the level of resistance. With evolutionary development the resistance changes and that consciousness and energy become a part of the evolutionary development. Pressure contained in consciousness, light energy and dark energy represents resistance in certain degrees. Pressure that becomes restricted with evolutionary development and has a difficult time expanding and accelerating with time and space represents resistance to evolution.

There has been a lot of pressure contained in this region of the universe and underneath the Milky Way galaxy where the universe was introduced. Some of the pressure contained around the area of where the big bang happened has been very restricted because when the introduction of the universe happened; consciousness and energy transferred back in the direction of the consciousness and energy which introduced this universe.

This was supposed to happen to prevent a separation from occurring between the originator of the universe and the universe itself. When this pressure is released with evolutionary development it transfers very quickly through time and space.

The evolutionary development of the big bang happening, the more powerful concentration of the Higgs field developing and pressure being released has generated some very powerful activity in the Milky Way galaxy and has caused what can be observed as holes being punched into time and space here. What that is; is pressure being released from the point of origin where the big bang took place; because this universe is now evolving in a very powerful way.

The resistance is being released as the Higgs field evolves and this has caused pressure to transfer very quickly in an upward direction as this universe experiences very powerful evolutionary activity. As a result of the evolution of the Higgs field more planets were discovered recently. These planets are incorporated into the evolutionary development of the Higgs field in the universe. A higher concentration of light and dark energy in the Higgs field in Earth’s environment generated an increase in the transfer of energy with human consciousness; particularly scientists because they are looking for more activity.

Scientists use calculations to determine cosmological activity and these calculations become more specified with the evolution of consciousness here on Earth. The holes in the Milky Way galaxy are a result of pressure being released and causing a disruption in time and space; but the evolutionary activity in this region of the universe with the Higgs field will determine what actions are necessary to generate the most practical outcome and there will be no cause for alarm because pressure is also involved in evolutionary activity.

Astrophysicist’s, astronomers and other scientific individuals will experience resistance to the introduction of consciousness into matter and energy. These individuals represent an embodiment of matter and energy experiencing resistance to evolution; because this is what their primary focus is on and this activity is a result of early universal formation and introduction experiencing evolution on planet Earth. In the dynamics of science most individuals will demand proof of any type of new theory that is presented to them.

I know this has been a topic of discussion with my work being submitted to scientific institutions and academic departments. The longing or desire for proof is matter and energy saying “please define me”. The reason is the uncertainty of change through time and space. This is why science demands proof here is because of uncertainty. This is the resistance to the evolution of consciousness; because consciousness, energy and matter evolve anyway and more results are produced.

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This is a very good thing that this happened in the scientific realm on Earth. The reason is the energy was concentrated inward with these individuals where matter and energy are concerned with evolutionary development here on Earth. CERN, NASA and other powerful scientific institutions have been driving a very powerful concentration of matter and energy inwardly in Earth’s environment because this is their primary focus. This has been helping the Higgs field evolve here in a very powerful way.

Soon there will be a remarkable increase in evolutionary development here on Earth and in this region of the universe. The evolutionary development of the Higgs field will increase and there will be a lot more discoveries. The reason is the consciousness contained within the energy of the foundation of the universe is transferring into planet Earth and life on Earth. Earth is a living organism with a consciousness because Earth supports life and consciousness within the environment.

Life experiences evolutionary development and Earth’s life is getting more powerful. This is the Paradigm Shift; or the Shift in Consciousness; or the Apocalypse. All three reference the same activity and this is the advancement of the consciousness and energy of Earth itself. Earth has to experience evolutionary development before evolutionary development is introduced to life on Earth because Earth supports life in the environment.

If scientists who read this article demand proof of my work; watch what happens to me soon. I am proof; I know my consciousness is evolving with Earth’s evolutionary development and universal evolutionary development. I am here to help educate people on the introduction of the Apocalypse. I am not being grandiose or have an inflated ego; I know what I am experiencing personally with evolutionary activity. My consciousness has become incorporated with the Higgs field here in a very powerful way; and I can feel evolution happening everywhere in this region of time and space with my consciousness and my entire body.

Soon people will know what has happened to me everywhere and science will no longer have to demand proof of my work because my experience and my existence here will be proof of what my work is all about. The Paradigm Shift is upon Earth now in a very powerful way and I will have a lot more to explain to people.

About the author: My work is different and more advanced than the mainstream or traditional approach with explaining how consciousness evolves in existence and how life is affected by this activity. My work is circulating on an international level now within the scientific community on the nature of the Apocalypse and what planet Earth is going to experience as a result of this activity. Soon consciousness is going to change and advance here on Earth in an extremely powerful way and my work reflects why and how this is happening.

Apocalyptic Revelations: The Emergence of Earth’s Spiritual Awakening is my 3rd book that has been released on Amazon. I do work in evolutionary cosmology and the evolution of consciousness; and a primary focus of mine has been on the Shift in Consciousness. The Shift in Consciousness is planet Earth’s evolutionary development; also known as the Apocalypse.

Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of information and a transition into a heavenly state. My work involves the integration of consciousness into the dynamics of evolutionary development in the universe; as well as planet Earth and how the human race will be affected by this activity.

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