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2017 To 2025 – What To Expect In This 9 Year Cycle

By on August 18, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

2017 To 2025 - What To Expect In This 9 Year Cycle

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by Shawn-Dee Scott,
Contributing Writer,

Humanity has entered a most pivotal period in Gaia’s history. The earth year of 2017 is known to many cross galaxies to be the pedestal of change.


What kind of change am I talking about?

I am going to ask you to ask yourself that question; because whatever changes occurring on a planet originates within the species of that planet. Surf the waves of your INNER-net and let whatever you have discovered there, wash up shore. There is no greater place of reference for that which you seek except the living library of wisdom that is available inside us. On that note, I am here today to share what my soul knows and have experienced throughout its journey across existence.

What is happening now? The current state/status of our NOW MOMENT

I’ve been having repeated dreams of saving people/humans for over 3 weeks now. Someone, or more than one person is in trouble and I end up saving them at the end of the day. The same dream every other day repeating itself! The only thing that changes are the persons I’m saving and the situations they are being saved from. One dream I had last night was particularly unique. This time I was on a different planet rescuing some octopus-looking ETs from a cell they were being held against their will. I had assistance also from a tall white blonde being who was hovering in his UFO above the building the ET was being held.

This isn’t the first dream like this I’ve had outside earth. In one of my recent ones, I was on the moon seeing to the destruction of the malevolent ET military bases there. Persons have been telling me and I have always known it within myself that I am meant for something great. My empathy to connect with others and my healing nature is a constant reminder of my purpose here to assist others in their awakening journey.

RIGHT NOW those of us who are experienced Lightworkers, healers and Wayshowers like me are being called out more than ever before to step up and provide our services to those souls of the rest of the collective who are just now waking up. 2017, a year one, marks the beginning of accelerated awakening of the human collective on this planet. Many and I really mean many will be finding themselves one morning or one afternoon questioning everything they have ever been told and everything they have ever believed.

I have been a inspirational and motivating person all my life; but since the start of 2017 the universe have screamed out the Spiritual Guide in me to get to work and since then I’ve worked with persons from all over the globe guiding them on their new spiritual journeys. It’s amazing how these persons even find me! Because my only online base for people to reach my services is my Facebook account.

I also have in5d to thank because had it not been for them publishing my first article, 17 Year Old Indigo Child- Message To The New Children And Lightworkers, some of those people wouldn’t have found me. Obviously, now I will be setting up platforms to make myself and my gifts more available in the future. The universe has definitely been guiding me towards that. But not just me….. My dreams are short clips to give a glimpse of what is happening energetically now for all of us. In the astrals I am constantly helping souls from all sorts of places on & off the planet.


This is a call dear one

A call forth, from our higher selves and Galactic neighbors for us to STEP INTO purpose. STEP INTO LIGHT STEP INTO LOVE IN UNITY

No longer is earth a place where Starseeds don’t belong.

What did I just say? No longer? Yes, you heard right. I am a native human being. I lived in Lemuria. I served as a King there in one of its earthly periods. But I am from the Pleiadian star system, so how can this be true? Lemurians are Pleiadians as well, that’s how. After the destruction of Lyra, the beings migrated to different stars. Pleiadians are from Lyra.

Pleiadians migrated to earth after the destruction of Lyra. PS: Pleiadians don’t equal the total population of Lyra. The original version of the Living Library (earth) was home of beings from many different star systems. These beings were the main reason why earth was called the Living Library. Here was an exchange center of information for others to come and learn about different species and life forms. Lemuria and Atlantis resemble the Living Library, the way earth was before malevolent interference. It was unpolluted, an abundance of life and life forms and so much more. WE ARE ATLANTIS AND LEMURIA.

The fall of Atlantis and Lemuria wasn’t just a physical event. We fell in consciousness that time. Metaphorically but actually, our raising in consciousness (ascension) symbolizes Atlantis and Lemuria rising; and as such, the dear Starseeds will not feel as lonely after what is about to commence. For those who are just awakening, my words to you are Let go Embrace Accept Follow your intuition. You are in the process of breaking free from a paradigm that has lied to you about the truth of who and what you are and what you can become and a paradigm that no longer serves the highest good of humanity. This is a new beginning for you and every birth comes with it, it’s own birth pains. Expect to be broken down completely. I will not sugar coat anything.

Take the caterpillar for example. When it enters its cocoon, the caterpillar then dissolves into this pure liquid form that is just raw genetic material. It does not keep its former shape when becoming a butterfly nor did it just grow wings and fly. You are like a caterpillar in its cocoon right now; but it won’t all be pain, I assure you that. There will be those, like myself, who will show up on your path—able to relate and ready to show comfort and love. “Suffering encourages evolution but nothing is complete without love”.

For those who have already been walking the earth as conscious beings, Keepers of Frequency—Lightworkers, Gridworkers, Reiki healers, Starseeds, earth angels; you are entering higher dimensions of reality. Your vibratory rate pulls your attention into higher realms and higher ways of being/existing. This point in your timeline, a timeline split, is an ending for you. Endings too can feel disruptive but as you know, you ARE life and life does not end. Nothing ever truly dies, just transforms into something else. Something new! “In the book of life, the end is not the last chapter”.

~ Shawn-Dee Scott

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2017 to 2025 – What to Expect?

I believe that our individual experiences can teach or reveal things to us about our collective experience on the planet.


People of every color, culture and social status will begin to question the integrity of current governments on the planet. Persons will find themselves out of their usual religious practices and questioning the things they were told to believe. Humans will begin to rebel starting with even the simplest forms of control on up. They will remember the art of self governance, the rich value of their intuition and will gravitate less to being led by others as the only way to find yourself is to follow the path of the self.


As many begin to search for themselves, the truth of who they are & why they are here, they will feel like they are losing their self in the process. You will experience a stripping of everything you were conditioned with. You’ll feel like you don’t belong anywhere except alone. Your circles of friends will gradually change because the old you that your friends liked or that liked your friends, may not be the same you now. You’ll experience mood swings of all sorts. My advice to you would be to find yourself in nature. Mother earth will comfort you and you’ll get through your emotional ‘stuff’ a lot smoother than without her. So practice a lot of grounding if you’re experiencing this. Meditation also helps.


Every living being has a soul mission or purpose. The more you awaken to who and what you are, the more you will come in alignment with that soul mission and purpose. Natural gifts or talents and passions often are indicators meant to direct you to your reason for being here. Don’t ignore those.


Your body is changing due to the higher frequencies it is being exposed to right now and those your soul gives off when you release old beliefs and limitations. It’s highly possible you’ll feel less drawn to eating animals and processed food because you’re coming into more alignment with who you are and universal truths. You’ll desire more life force energy, the kind provided by fruits and vegetables. My journey has unexpectedly led me to being vegan. Natural food from the earth gives the mind, body and soul the sufficient life force it needs to live, to grow and to interpret the frequencies entering the body as one lives and grow.

If you make the courageous choice of removing lower frequencies from your diet like meat and processed foods, you’ll rapidly begin to feel more balanced, content and healthy on a daily basis. Just in case you didn’t know, food has been a major frequency control tool used by dark forces to weaken and control you. You function off the things you eat so it is extremely important to be conscious of this as well.


Many of us did not come here alone, you come in teams, especially those that are here to do major work in assisting the ascension of the planet. I’m talking about indigo children here, crystals, blue rays & Starseeds etc… You’ll experience some form of reunion with your star self and your star family as you begin to remember your ET linage, your cosmic roots. You will meet people that are from your star system, people that you remember from past lives; many of you will even have encounters with beings from space, you might also recall memories you never knew you had of being taken on ET ships.


For centuries now, this planet has been under the dominion of masculine energy. We have been cut off from the feminine consciousness that we are, to be led to believe that one energy is more important than the other. This isn’t so. This condition belongs to duality and we are entering/creating a paradigm of unity. We are both male and female and neither as well. This form of integration will reveal to/remind us of our true nature, our androgynous nature—genderless. This can manifests in different ways. The breaking of gender roles will emerge from this as humanity becomes more conscious of their sexual/creative energies.


The illusion of separation will begin to fade. Life will no longer be seen through the lenses of consciousness in the dual way of light and dark, good or bad, either, or, because consciousness is moving from that now. The illusion is behind us. There is no past, present, future, no linear time of forward and back. Things just are and we experience the NOW like never before. We live the law of one in unconditional love. My friend Michele Elizabeth explains the unity consciousness extremely well. In fact, I’ve never heard a better explanation except from her. You can watch a video of her explaining the conditions of the unity paradigm that exists in someone living in that paradigm here.

This should be a sure expectation of every Wayshower as many of them will be called to do work involving the collective consciousness. As such, one will be required to reach the awareness and unconditional love of oneness.

Love and Light Dear Ones Shawn-Dee Scott

About the author: Shawn-Dee Scott (soul name Sayvon) is a Pleiadian Starseed, Indigo, Systems Buster, Writer, Rap Artist, Poet and a Spiritual Guide and Life Coach. Shawn-Dee lived in Lemuria in one of his earliest past lives on earth as a king there. He has carried with him from that lifetime to this one a balance of masculine and feminine energies. At the age of 3 years old when he drowned and had a NDE, his awakening journey kick started. That journey is still in motion today. His mission is to liberate the human race through his writings and other gifts. You can contact Sayvon for energy reading and card reading sessions on Facebook

Image: Pixabay

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