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5 Signs We Are Ready for a Paradigm Shift

By on June 4, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

5 Signs We Are Ready for a Paradigm Shift

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by Lexie Laredo

Well because everyone is talking about it of course!

If you consider yourself “awakened” and aware of what’s really happening on the planet, you’re ready for a major change. Who doesn’t want to shift from this negatively charged way of living?


We are thrust into a life where we’re told to act within the existing limits of normality. Don’t question authority, live within the two gender models, pay for your education to work a unsatisfactory job, don’t freak out about the fact we are so disconnected from the earth, and from each other.

Coming together and talking about the issues is the first step in manifesting the solution – but we need to act on our ideas. This shift doesn’t come from just writing articles like this then continuing on in life. It comes from creating spaces around the world people can gather to live off grid and from the earth, like we’re suppose to.

Our existing governmental systems have proven failure

When we get down to our core, no one wants war. Everyone wants to exist within love, its our natural state of being. Our lineage has lived in a paradigm of fear and conformity, where they assumed segregation and discrimination was the way to live life, simply because they were born into it. Tools like the internet have allowed for a global awakening in seeing the truth of what is really going on.

Recent polls show that only 29% percent of Americans are in favor of air strikes in Syria. All the unnecessary acts of our ‘protective’ military happen without any real consent from the rest of the world.

It is in favor of the few, and continually sets us back in establishing a connection with one another while keeping us in a state of fear. We are all our own governors that can work together in a new system of gratitude and honesty, we just need to act like it.

Experiences of ‘contact events’

This topic is scary and unbelievable to some, and a completely casual, daily occurrence for others. It depends on your belief system and what you allow to manifest in your life. It is becoming apparent that we are much more than our physical 3D bodies.


People around the world are having interactions with – essentially just different forms of manifested energy that we call aliens, angels, spirits, higher selves, source or God.

Humanity is realizing its true potential, which is still quite scary to some. Earth is an incredibly special planet that is garnering a lot of attention from different consciousnesses in our universe. The radical shift that is taking place here, emits a lot of energy that radiates throughout space.

There is still a grand number of people who close up their belief system when these ideas are brought up. And who wouldn’t? Overlord Draconians, hive mind grey aliens? We still exist in the paradigm of ‘that’s impossible’ when of course, we are the creators of this reality, we have just forgotten.

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Synchronicities are happening at the smallest scales, and its up to us to notice them. It is important to not dismiss something as a coincidence because nothing is just a random act. Something that happens to me a lot is I’ll be listening to a song or something with dialogue and if I drift off in thought for moment, I’ll always say a word in my head at the exact time it’s said in the song.

It’s small, and easily overlooked but I know those moments heighten my awareness because I physically feel lighter and often make new connections in my mind. In the moment of seeing the time at 11:11, that number represents whatever you make it.

When I see that time its a reminder of the awakening of the consciousness, and in that moment sometimes new ideas or ways of perceiving those ideas are brought into my awareness. The importance lies within seeing the bigger picture, and being reminded we are part of a much larger story that we are all writing.

The state of the world is disintegrating

There are a plethora of ways to view the idea of ‘the world ending’. It’s really just shifting to a new beginning, and we are in the process of creating what type of beginning that will be. The urgency of this isn’t easily seen because if you run out on the street, the roads aren’t crumbling and people aren’t running for their lives.

We can’t envision a global collapse because it still seems like a distant, unreachable thought that we keep pushing away.

Really, we are at the precipice of our manifestations on earth and there is no more time to keep living how we are. Why are we still using oil, having radiation pumped out, rapidly burning away our resources, then acting like this can continue for 10 more years? The real shift into this new paradigm will take place when there’s no more buffer time to keep putting these issues off. In the moments of true darkness, we will become the light.

In the end, there’s no need to be scared, we are eternal beings and everything is light and love. The point is we are defining what it truly means to live in a world of love and light. It is the process of everyone connecting to manifest a reality where we remember we are in control. We are the creators and we need to remember this before life on earth- within the third dimension is not possible.

Image: Pixabay

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