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Adam Kadmon Light Body Interview

By on June 5, 2019 in Indigos with 0 Comments
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Adam Kadmon Light Body Interview

Adam Kadmon Light Body Interview

I think many of you will find this article quite fascinating. The Adam Kadmon interview originally took place in 1997 and goes on to talk about many things we are experiencing today, such as time speeding up, raising our vibration, the great shift and much more. For the record, Adam Kadmon is a phrase found in the writings of the Kabbalah meaning “original man”.  Enjoy!

by Andrew Lutts

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Q. Tell us about Adam Kadmon man.
A. First of all, there are many references to it in the The Keys of Enoch book, and the Keys also talk about the Adamic seed, and the Adam-Kadmon light body. We are moving to the Adam Kadmon body of light.

It is an integrated light body in physical form. It has NEVER been done before, anywhere in the universe. The galactic wars were fought over this Adamic seed, and the DNA components.

Q. Has it ever been tried before?
A. Yes, it has gone through many mutational processes. For example, Atlantis and Lemuria were fourth, fifth and sixth dimension processes of it. However, in a third dimension physical planet it has not yet been completed.

Q. How come the integration of the Adam Kadmon light body has not been accomplished yet anywhere for mankind?
A. The differences are free will and emotion. This is new. In other places where people have physical form, there usually exists a group mind rather than free will. The problems we are facing have to do with how the free will component operates within the group mind.

The other reason this has not occurred in third dimension is that humans have strong emotional components. This provides a whole new challenge for us.

Q. How can we help with this process?
A. Practicing telepathic communications is most helpful. This is an attempt at understanding group mind.

Q. What will the result be of a successful integration of the Adam Kadmon light body into mankind?

A. The forms you have today will be very similar. If you like the body you have, you will be very happy. Those who are unhappy with their physical forms should take steps now to adapt the forms to something you can comfortably live with. This has been a great concern amongst many of the lightworkers.

People will be able to, using field ratios and adjustments, take your entire physical form and place it into a multidimensional interdimensional status. You will literally be able to stay in the now. The concept of your linear time will cease to exist. You can travel to many places and do many things, which even now would seem inconceivable to you.

Q. Is it like everyone having his or her own merkabah field?

A. Yes, and more. Right now many have merkabah fields. However, few are able to take the human form with them in the merkabah and travel from place to place on the planet. This will become a common everyday occurrence.

Adam Kadmon Light Body Interview

Q. Are there any other features or characterizations we should know about?

A. The crystalline matrix and the crystalline light body is a function of the Adamic form. This matrix is what processes the higher etheric energies of photon and subatomic particles within the cellular structure of the human form. This is what will allow the human form to activate and have the human portion become part of the whole vehicle.

Q. Will the photon belt assist with this integration?
A. Yes. You have been in the photon belt for quite some time now, for 18 months. The illusion of time is beginning to dissipate and disintegrate, as the dimensional components come closer together. It is only your current lack of remembrance on how to utilize this gift of having no time that you are frustrated and feeling out of sequence with what is going around you.

Q. Will this mean the end of war, greed, hatred, fear, etc.?
A. These are personal choices of some now. This is why we have some concern with the element of free will. However, as the grids of the earth are brought into an elevated status of alignment, this allows for multidimensionality components to be freely available on the third dimension. The plan is to work towards the Garden of Eden which existed before war and peace, and before the forces of dark and light. However, these have been great lessons for mankind.

Q. Was either Atlantis or Lemuria close to realizing something similar to the Adam-Kadmon light body?
A. Yes, however their emotions and the human emotional aspects of power and greed and misuse of power came into play, and therefore the civilizations were terminated.

Q. What’s different this time? Why will it work this time?
A. This time all of the key players who have component pieces are here now, and are coming together now. In this coming together of all the puzzle pieces it will be found that no one person was given too much power. The incarnations have been split out. The information requires a group mind to activate all of the final components.


Q. What is the best way for individuals to prepare for these new changes?

A. Raise one’s vibration. Stay in touch and in tune with others attempting to be open to seeking this new information. Be without judgement, accepting what is given to you, but using your own discernment. Not all information that is given is always for everyone.

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Also, clean up one’s physical body. Toxins do not translate well into multidimensionality. They tend to hold the vibrational ratios of the physical body down. Cleaning one’s body is important.

Ultimately, when you have remembered your full powers of process and transmutation, you should be able to translate all of it instantly. However, this is a process as the grids are aligned. This is not likely an overnight occurrence for most.

Q. When will all this occur?
A. We do not have linear time. You must remember that the more the events are come together that time is speeding up. As time speeds up, it allows these linear dates to move into an accelerated pace as well.

Q. Why are man’s emotions so troublesome?

A. Anger short-circuits the component field ratios between the merkabah and the physical form. This causes one to lose their alignment. Maintain your center, and your alignments. It is much easier for us to work with a love vibration. Work on Love, Freedom, and Acceptance.

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