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Ascension – Duality And The Importance Of Acceptance

By on November 28, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Ascension - Duality And The Importance Of Acceptance

by Janie Carter,
Contributing Writer,

Below is the double-triangle symbol that I saw and that I will use throughout the article. The red triangle is the movement from single to multi-dimensional PERCEPTION and the blue triangle is the movement from DUALITY to UNITY – both essential in the process of ascension.

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Ascension - Duality And The Importance Of Acceptance

Unity Requires Love

What actually is LOVE? Love is the binding force of the universe – it is the drive towards UNITY. The ongoing pattern of evolution of life explains love. Life as we know it in this reality started as atoms which then became elements, which then became molecules, which then became cells, which then became organs, which then became organisms. This process involves a drive towards organization, complexity and efficiency – and what provides the biological urge to come together in larger and more complex structures? Love!

The perception of love has also evolved over time. A cell’s experience of the urge to come together with other cells is going to be different than the human experience of love. But however we perceive it and feel it, the energy of love provides a biological imperative to unite, organise and cooperate.

At this point a discussion on the difference between emotions and feelings is relevant. An emotion is an energetic frequency, and how we perceive this emotion becomes our feeling. This is why humans can have such vastly different responses to a situation – because of their perception of the emotional energy. Everyone has their own unique experience of reality based on a blend of their own individual and collective beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

As an example, take a person standing on the edge of a bridge about to bungy jump. There is a specific emotional energy associated with this situation – however, one person may perceive this as fear, another as numbness, and another as excitement. It is the same emotional energy for all three people but it is the individual perceptions or feelings about the meaning of that energy that differ.

So what does this all have to do with love? Love is the uniting emotional energy of All That Is. Love is what drives us relentlessly back to unity, that desire to be ONE with everything. But we all perceive and express this differently – whether it is the force that keeps an atom orbiting within an element, the bond and communication between cells within an organ, or the human desire to find a soulmate – it is always about the journey back to ONENESS and UNITY.

This dance from separation to oneness is contained within the breath of the cosmos. The in breath and out breath of expansion and contraction – from unity to duality and back to unity, always driven eternally by LOVE.

Part of that beautiful dance is the concept and creation of duality.

Duality Emerges from Love

Duality can be defined as SEPARATION.

In the quest for All That Is to know and experience itself in ever-expanding ways, LOVE was broken down into separate archetypes in order to provide for different human experiences. All archetypes then have a spectrum of possible perception from LOVE to DON’T LOVE, and this is what duality is. Duality is what allows for our human experience in this universe.

By creating a duality in every single particle, you create an active universe that is self-balancing and is never at rest.”


Take the emotional archetype of anger – it seems that anger has very little to do with love, but in fact anger IS love. It is caring for something so deeply that we don’t like the way it is and a desire for it to be different. If we didn’t care so much about it we would feel neutral, not angry.

Ascension - Duality And The Importance Of Acceptance

So anger is an archetype of love, and then we have a spectrum of experience from not being angry at all to being very angry. Either way we care deeply about the object of our awareness and we just have a perception about whether it is OK or not as it is.

In a way we love the object of our anger and want to be closer to it – if only it was how we wanted it to be!

Every archetype is a separation from love and there are an infinite number of archetypical expressions of love.

Ascension - Duality And The Importance Of Acceptance

This is the meaning of the blue triangle. The further down the bottom of the triangle we are, the more points of separation and the more archetypes we see. And just like the red triangle of perception in Ascension – The Biology Of Altering Perception, there is no bottom of this triangle – the possible perceptions of human experience are infinite.

The further up the triangle we are, the more we have recognized that what appears to be separate is in fact not separate – until we arrive back to the top of the triangle, back to oneness, back to source where there is no separation and everything is love.

How do we collapse the separated archetypes of duality back to unity?

Trinity Returns us to Love

Trinity is the structure that allows us to move up the triangle archetype by archetype in our ASCENSION towards UNITY.

Instead of being “stuck” in the spectrum of duality, we gain a higher perspective and see archetypes like anger differently. Instead of fluctuating between the perception of being angry/not angry, we realize every point of the anger spectrum is actually the same thing. It is all just a way of experiencing and perceiving love.

Ascension - Duality And The Importance Of Acceptance

We are able to reframe our thinking and instead of focusing on what we DON’T LOVE about something and being angry about it, we instead focus on what we WOULD LOVE instead which we do not feel angry about. In every DON’T LOVE, there is an opposite which is what we desire or WOULD LOVE. By flipping it around we realize anger = love and we therefore transcend the archetype of anger.

Every feeling – whether “good” or “bad” – is simply showing us what we LOVE.

Once we realise this there is no need to judge or resist feelings. This is ACCEPTANCE. We realise that both wanting something and not-wanting something are two sides of the same coin – and the coin is love.

Ascension is Acceptance

To ascend from a world of duality to unity requires full acceptance of WHAT IS. No judgment or labeling as “good” and “bad” – and instead recognising that the spectrum of duality for each archetype is but one energy being expressed and perceived in infinitely different ways. We start to stay in a place of divine neutrality – where there is no judgment, but just a deep acceptance of WHAT IS. Because everything is LOVE.

As we accept the that each archetype is an expression of love, one by one the archetypes of duality collapse and we work our way up the triangle – each collapse moving us towards love, and a step closer to the next great urge of organisation and merging of matter.

What will be the next grand expression of human beings coming together – when we are united, organised and fully cooperating with each other?

How to Live a Life of Acceptance

So ascension requires a deep acceptance of WHAT IS. Here is what we can do to stay in a place of divine neutrality:

  1. The first step is awareness – we need to start to recognise when we are judging or labeling. We can set an intention to become aware of when we do this.
  2. Realise feelings are neither good nor bad, but are a 100% accurate guidance system to show us when we are experiencing duality. When we become aware we are experiencing a negative feeling, we can flip it around and focus on what we DO want instead of what we DON’T want. We can always find something we LOVE in something we think we DON’T love.
  3. Awareness of triggers – these are people and situations that provoke a negative reaction within us . Realise nobody ever does anything to us – it is OUR reaction – and the universe is providing us with a perfect mirror of what is happening in our inner world. So we need to take responsibility for our reactions and realise the trigger is showing us when we are in duality and what needs to be transcended.
  4. Look for the gift in every situation. There is always something to LOVE contained within something we think we DON’T love. Even if it is a better, imagined future.
  5. The source of all suffering is our expectations about how the external world and other people should be. We need to set others free to be themselves, just as we would want them to do for us. We can let them have their experience and instead focus on our own inner experience, and deeply accepting ourselves.

Image: Pixabay

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