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Being Vibrationally In-Tune And Aware

By on June 2, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Being Vibrationally In-Tune And Aware

by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing writer,

Being Vibrationally In-Tune And Aware

It is true that nothing is impossible to create or manifest as long as it is for your highest good and also beneficial to those in direct contact with you. That being said, have you noticed a difference recently with your manifestation abilities? That what you think in pure and positive thought-form is happening almost instantaneous? When the reference to manifestation is mentioned, it is for you to recognize the seemingly “small things” that may have happened for you and to you before, even months ago.

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Perhaps NOW you are even more vibrationally in-tune and aware that these differences are here for you to experience and pay close attention to. We are taking baby steps with manifestation. As you choose to move through the stages, you will begin to think “bigger.” The walls or boundaries that you have placed upon yourself are beginning to dissolve little by little.

You have always had the abilities and soul gifts to move beyond the limitations that humanity has settled for so long ago. However, once you become ingrained with such false truths and illusions of who you truthfully are, it is easy to become blinded by the mundane chores or activities of daily life. When you mix rules, regulations, fear, and self-doubt in this concoction… you have set yourselves up to be a “hot mess” of these ingredients.

You have learned to follow others in this way, all the while, thinking that this was and is your Truth. Most of the newest awakened souls are beginning to see the difference and are choosing for themselves to view and and interpret their experience of life differently but in a more positive light with more understanding.

The veil thinning means that you are beginning to break down these expectations within yourself and the illusions outside of yourself, in order to become more OPEN to the possibilities that have always been there. You understand this process of evolution and your heart is reawakening to your individual soul gifts. This higher awareness that nothing is impossible and everything IS possible is our mantra.

I keep repeating the importance of how you speak or think. You are creating with every bit of energy that you are sending out into the Universe, whether positive or negative. You will learn quickly that the negative energy that you focus on, will only create more of the same. This is for you to understand how energy works and that you are creating your own reality at all times.

On the up-swing, you will also notice that when you are truthfully happy, you will uplift everyone else around you. It becomes more effortless to be joyful and positive. This is because the energy supports this higher vibration and alignment as we are slowly moving back to our soul roots and birth rite. We are remembering WHO we truthfully are and now consciously choosing to be this way.

You may notice that you wake up happy for no apparent reason. Or even midday, you receive this energy jolt to your heart to uplift you and your mood. To you, it’s random. But just to mention the difference, in the old ways/time, we often needed a reason to be happy. We used to look outside of ourselves for this to be. “Someone or something” is who/what made you happy. This has never been the Truth, but you are remembering that you deserve to be happy at all times and ways. You don’t need a reason to feel this bliss or gift that is of your Divine nature already.

Consequently, if you are settling in your life and are absolutely miserable in ALL or various situations, this energy is here to bring this more to the light so that you will recognize this gift of freedom that you have. This energy is also supporting every move that you decide to make to change for the positive and do what is best for you.

You are encouraged to leave any and all fears behind. Decide to move ahead bravely and courageously while following the intuition of your heart and soul path. As we ALL understand our connection as being together as opposed to being separated, we are closing this gap of the old paradigm in a very rapid way. When you understand we are all soul connected, you will begin to first experience telepathy with those in your life with whom you connect most genuinely or intimately with.

When you can look into the eyes of humanity without judgement and with unconditional love for one another, this telepathic ability will spread to others. First things first, is the discernment of energy and feeling the intention of others. This is bringing authenticity and transparency to the table. No one with ill intentions will be able to stand supported in this energy. We are moving forward in these ways and some of you may energetically experience more of the ‘impossible’ than another.

No you did not just enter the “Twilight Zone” although it may feel that way at times. Again, it is the reminder that this Ascension process is not a race. Move at your own pace and in your own speed. Be supportive and encouraging to one another in these newfound shifts and growth. You will find the most encouragement and comfort finding those with whom you resonate most with. This does not mean you should turn your back on someone who you feel is trailing behind you. Turn around! Offer them your hand!! Help and love one another. It’s God’s Way and the most uplifting one at best! ?

Be proud of yourselves and all of your accomplishments. You have been tested. You have died a thousand soul deaths. You kept getting back up, however seemingly broken, but strong enough to take on the next blow of change. Because you are a Divine Warriors regardless of gender. AND NOW you continue forward to be unstoppable.

The Universe applauds all of YOU and your efforts. YOU are the change you have been waiting for, and you are proving this to be True with each forward movement that you make. ???

Love and Blessings to you!!


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About the Author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empath and Lightworker who enjoys writing Spiritual and Inspirational messages to encourage the Collective towards Self-Love, Soul-Empowerment, and Higher Consciousness.

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