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Interviews With The Crystal Skulls Part Five: The Twins Casper And Maya

By on July 26, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Interviews With The Crystal Skulls Part Five: The Twins Casper And Maya

by Robert Stewart,
Contributing Writer,

Interviews With The Crystal Skulls Part Five: The Twins Casper And Maya

“I am a child of Earth and starry Heaven; but my race is of Heaven alone. This ye know yourselves…”
Translated from the Petelia Plate, Orphic Initiates, 200-400B.C.

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The Petalia Plate is a gold tablet that was unearthed at the ancient Greek site of Petelia, in Southern Italy in the 1830’s. Little is known of the events leading up to the discovery, nor of tablet’s subsequent provenance before it was acquired by the British Museum in 1843.

Much the same can be said for our next interview with Casper and Maya. These two rhodonite crystal skulls have been together, twins, both within this skull family and throughout time. Much as human twins, they may look similar, but have quite divergent personalities, as you will soon see.

It is said, that Rhodonite itself is a stone of compassion, creates emotional balance, helps clear past emotional wounds and clears / activates the heart. However, as we step into Casper and Maya’s energy, this will be just a small part of the knowledge and wisdom they wish to impart. Casper’s energy came in first to initiate the conversation and wasted no time in setting us on an amazing journey with much food for thought.

Interviews With The Crystal Skulls Part Five: The Twins Casper And Maya

“Good morning beloveds. I am Casper, and Maya is by my side. We are of the Galactic Federation. Yes, we are twins and we have come together to help honor humankind. We have sat in the energy of our brethren, here for many years and we thank you for allowing us to speak. Are there any questions?”

Can you tell us about the Galactic Federation? Which star system does your energy originate from? How many different types of beings, beside humans, reside throughout the galaxy that are in the federation?

“We ask you to take a larger view. There are billions of souls in different incarnations. There are humans, similar but not actually like yourselves. There are countless other life forms. Some you may have heard of. A few of you may have even seen what you would call an alien in your astral dream time. But do not look at this only from a physical perspective.

There are lower vibrations, lower than this Earth and many who have ascended into higher realms, both in physical and etheric form. The universes teem with light and life. It is only the veil of the 3rd dimensional perspective that has prevented you from seeing. But know that they are watching. Many are watching. There are systems within higher vibrations, where communication is only telepathic among both physical and etheric beings. Systems within many universes.

For instance, imagine the universe, and the Earth, where Atlantis and Lemuria have continually ascended to a vibration beyond any you are currently aware of. There is such a place. So, understand the vastness and the opportunities for learning that the universes present.”

How many of the physical beings in the Federation have visited Earth?

“Three million plus. Would you be surprised to know that a majority of them are still here? They are the souls that have incarnated at this time to help you ascend. They are helping you to prepare for what is coming.” (Note: Both the skull’s guardian and I hesitated for a moment here because we both have heard this phrase “prepare for what is coming” before in meditation.)

What is coming?

“There will be a war. Not like what you are used to. It will be an etheric conflict. It will manifest through you humans, but it is being manipulated in the etheric.”

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How will it manifest? Are there signs that we can look for before it comes?

“Read between the lines. There is much false information out there, as you are aware. Read between the lines. It will seem as if things are crumbling. Then, there will be a group who will step forward to speak the truth. The darkness is very strong, as strong as it was in Atlantis when they closed you down. It was powerful and all of those who were in that moment agreed to it.

They fought against it in the physical. You, Robert, know this. Your lifetime in Atlantis was long ago revealed to you. But understand at the soul level that it was an agreement. This is why so many of you are back at this time. You are all ready to move forward and complete what was started. There will be a group who will move forward to do the fighting – and the legions of light will be behind them, but do not expect a bloody conflict. This war is for minds – and souls, so fear must not be in the way.

This is all hard to understand, but we tell you, know that it will all work out. Fear feed the darkness. Do not feed it. Shine your light in any way you can. Stay present in your bodies. You are moving through some heavy energetic times. People feeling unbalanced. Use all your tools.”

Are there potentials in the 3D timeline where this is likely to occur?

“Very soon. Within the next couple of years.”

How will it manifest on the 3D plane?

“Exposure. Exposure of the darkness, the seed of darkness and who is really in control. On the surface, it appears as desperate children playing politics. They attempt to maintain old programs and forge their own legacies of control, but it goes far beyond them – much deeper. It will be exposed, as it slowly but surely is now. There will be much disbelief, yet it is true. Use your intuition. Trust your gut.”

There are so many people who are waiting for physical ET’s to come down and show themselves – to initiate disclosure because they know the governments of Earth won’t do it. Is there a reason that hasn’t happened and could disclosure occur during this time of exposing the darkness?

“Yes. Yes.”


“It will appear as fake news but it won’t be fake. This will scare the powers that be. Know that there are many good people working to move the exposure forward. Yes, they are in contact and it will be exposed in your lifetime – sooner rather than later. There will be much fear around it. Much fake news, but it will be very, very real.”

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Is the fake news going to be positioned as an alien invasion?

“Yes, but it is not. It will appear that way. If this seems confusing, imagine if the powers-that-be initiated a fake alien invasion, perhaps with their real ships combined with holograms. It would surely appear in the skies as an invasion and cause much fear, but then many more ships appear. They have no idea where these ships came from or who they are. This will scare those powers-that-be. It is then that the light forces and the Earth group that wait to present this surprise will step forward and expose it for what it truly is. It is just a matter of pulling back the curtain.”

(Note: The validation that follows was completely unknown to the skull’s guardian, but as I was aware of this theory, she was more surprised than I.)

Casper’s powerful (some would say ridiculous) statement may in fact hold a level of potential based on the words of Dr. Werner Von Braun. Von Braun was a Nazi rocket scientist during World War II, then was recruited to the U.S.A. through Operation Paperclip and became a high-level NASA aeronautical engineer during the 1950’s through the early 70’s.

After his death, his assistant Carol Rosin revealed a plot, as told to her by von Braun, that would go through multiple steps over 50-75 years – “a game that was being played in the effort to weaponize space, to control Earth from space and space itself. A strategy of scare tactics, as justification for our advanced weapons systems.” “The first enemy would be a cold war with Russia… then terrorists and third world crazies “would be identified. The next enemy was asteroids… and against asteroids we’re going to build space-based weapons.”

“And the funniest one of all was against what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final card. We’re going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens.’ And all of it, he (von Braun) said, is a lie.”1

As always, use your individual discernment when considering if this particular message holds validity for you. We continued with Casper, wondering if people would ultimately be fooled.

Is the combined frequency of the people of Earth, high enough to realize that it will be a lie?

“People are waking up more and more. There are many who believe in us – believe in life across the universes. Many others do not, but events will transpire – they will realize, whatever their conspiracy thought are, that their eyes will have seen the truth. Seen us and seen them, and they will understand, So, as it is exposed, more beings will come and the energies will shift.”

As members of the Galactic Federation, can you tell us your planet or system of origin? Where you may have had a prior physical life?

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“We are from Lyra. We visited Earth at the time of Lemuria. We came back in the first incarnation of Atlantis and we stayed. We watched until the end then we went underground, as you have been told. We participated in Atlantis, as humans, but could not stop the destruction.”

Are you and Maya physical twins or twin souls?

“We are twin souls that have gone through physical lives. After Atlantis, we chose, no longer wanting to be in the physical, we went underground, but we have helped to heal Earth from there, even as we communicate through our skull form. The skulls are the current physical manifestation of our essence.”

Are there still physical civilizations in Lyra or are they ascended?

“They have ascended into etheric form. Very beautiful. A very beautiful place.”

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It has been written that early Lyrans are the progenitors of life in our galaxy, expanding out over many eons to Vega, Zeta Reticuli, Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades. Is this true and are the current inhabitants of these systems still in the physical, or are they ascended?

“It is true, but it is not the whole story. Again, you speak of the Secret of Secrets. We will tell you that, as it is across your galaxy, so it is too across the universes. That is, that many have ascended into higher vibrations, some still in physical, others in the etheric. This is true for the Sirians and Pleidians. Others, those whose focus was on technical advancement, rather than the spiritual, reside in physical, sometimes lower, often violent and emotionless vibrations. The construct is constantly changing.”

Are you referring to the Greys? The Reptilians?

“Yes, but certainly not only them.”

Is time on Earth strictly a linear concept?

“It used to be. Many changes are occurring. Time is changing, at least what you call time. You may have days that appear to fly by and others where the day seems endless. This is time changing speed, as you perceive it. Both are possible as time is no longer a constant for you. Within other dimensions, time does not exist, only the infinite now.”

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So, when a soul enters from the etheric, into a physical lifetime on Earth, does it have the option to pick a lifetime at any point in Earth’s linear timeline, what we would consider our past, present or future?

“Yes. You have always chosen. Always, what you choose to do in each life is up to you. Time is not a factor unless the soul wishes it to be. This is why some may remember past lives from the future.”

Are you speaking on behalf of Maya also or can we speak with her?

“I am here. My name is Maya. How may I help you?”

Is there anything you would like to impart to us?

“It has been my observation that many humans need to connect. Connect their energies of love and patience as they wake up. They hesitate because in some ways, it is a shock to them. You are here to help them as we are here to help them. They are connecting to the stone energy, which is very good. They also are connecting to the skull form – also very good.

They need to be guided in how to properly work with the energies, so history does not repeat. But this new generation that is coming onto the planet will understand and the majority of them will use the energies in the right way, for they will have memories of their prior incarnations. They understand the wars, the disruption. They are the new spiritual warriors. With a little guidance and acceptance, they are your future – and you, as old-timers are very much appreciated.”

I’m not sure we appreciate that. (The guardian giggles,) I’m kidding.

“Well, we must have a sense of humor. But most of the old souls who have incarnated at this time as yourselves, you’re awakening was about remembering who you were. And all your tools are tools you used in prior lifetimes. Share that. Encourage that, but the new young ones will get it quicker – will understand it and they won’t stand for any lies. They will turn that around. Their energies are quite beautiful. They will persist and they will get what they want.”

It will all be in perfect balance for the newborns, the young ones will lead. It will happen and you old souls will see it, just from another place. You can always choose to come in again – or maybe not. It’s always a choice for reincarnation, but for us the stone energy is home and we will protect it always.

Understand that there are many more accepting of the stone energy because they realize that there is much wisdom and knowledge in the Earth. They just haven’t stepped forward as yet. There are many guardians of the skulls who protect us, as you do and they also will speak with us and will always outweigh those who pretend to be something they are not.”

Can you tell us about physical symptoms of ascension and how to best heal them?

“There are energies that have been built up over time. There is fear which you need to release that is deep rooted in past lives. Continue to release that which no longer serves you and watch the healing take place. For example, crushing emotion hardens the heart both energetically and physically, but you can create healing. Continue to do the work. Forgive. Love yourself and other unconditionally and it will become clearer. As you break the physical chains of the past for you and your 3D family, you also break the karmic chains. As you are healed, karmic DNA is released and your ancestors are also healed – and there is joy.

Also understand that the chakra system is being shifted and changed as part pf your ascension. As more chakras come on line both within and above your physical bodies, it can be painful – as if they’re being plugged into your energy field and tested to find the right balance. It is also connected to your DNA which is being upgraded. Your bodies are becoming crystalline and the chakras are being aligned to function in the crystalline energy. The new chakras are being manipulated into the right spots within you, so as it feels like pain. It’s just chakras moving into position. You need to breathe and it will start to balance out. Accept these feeling and work through them.”

So, the chakra balancing is causing most of these physical symptoms?

“Yes, but you are also releasing the past, whether from this or prior lifetimes. Remember, there is a lot that you brought with you. There’s much past-life emotion buried deep within your DNA – your bones. It is about releasing that and as it clears out, the higher light, the activations that are happening with their light codes that are being downloaded are moving into those spaces now.

We see that some are having a hard time understanding the rebalancing, but just know that as you release, more light comes in. Don’t analyze it or overthink it. Accept it and keep moving forward. You will see in time how light and beautiful your bodies will become. Very little illness will happen.

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People have been getting sick – have been contracting dis-ease, like what you call cancer. Those are ancestrals and it’s about you healing your ancestors because you were your ancestors. So, clearing that out in a loving way, knowing that you represent them and that you’re doing the best you can to release those energies, to allow the new light to move into your systems and into your DNA, it will move etherically to the DNA of your ancestors.

So, whatever healing you do, all that you do, know that it’s for a higher purpose. And if you choose to incarnate again in another time, you will be on a much higher vibration. Clearing out the DNA of the old will bring you back into the light and away from this density. If you understand that, you will heal.

Do not give up. Do it for your ancestors, and for the future so when you do come back, if you choose, you will be of a higher vibration and carry the beautiful, massive codes that you will be coming into. I would like to talk more often, but we are a collective – a family – and we each have a voice and place but we will talk again.

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Notes: 1.

If you wish to read the first four articles in the series, they can be found here:

Robert Stewart e-mail: robertstewart

Copyright 2019 – Robert Stewart

Permission is granted to share in full, with credit included.

Image: Pixabay

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