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Interviews With The Crystal Skulls Part Four: Earth

By on June 24, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Interviews With The Crystal Skulls Part Four: Earth

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by Robert Stewart,
Contributing Writer,

Interviews With The Crystal Skulls Part Four: Earth

Well, this was different.


The next crystal skull in our unique group is known as Earth. As his name and look indicate, and as he is quick to point out, his energy is heavier and more grounded that either Moe or Halo. Earth’s energy signature not only feels different, but was introduced in a stunning clairvoyant display that surprised both the skull’s guardian and your author.

As the meditation commenced to bring in Earth’s energy, we both began to see streaks of light shooting across our field of vision… even more interesting because our eyes were closed. At first, I thought it was coming from outside, but the streaks of light continued despite my turning away from the window. Combined with this was a loud, high pitched tone in both ears… much louder that I have ever heard before. No words were spoken between us until Earth began to speak through the guardian and he wasted no time letting his wonderful grounding energy be felt.

“Welcome to Earth. The light you are seeing comes from all the grids that are laid out in your home. My energy here has been planted as a beautiful garden. It is energy that flows from the dirt… from the ground, just as the white lines you see on my face that formed, as I held the light for eons. This is light upon light. We all thank you for allowing us to merge with the energies of all who have come to visit us and will continue to come. We are so happy that each of our energies are here to help others on their journey.

Plant the seeds. Go deeper. Use us to go deeper. Earth is a huge garden and we will assist you. We are all here for you. The grids will grow. The light will grow. What you are witnessing at this moment – it was not a light that passed your window. It was the light of the grids. Hold onto that memory. Other skulls will start to connect with us. As you have seen, there will be more people coming and we look forward to the party.”

Thank you. Can you tell us about your role within this family of skulls?

“First, remember that we are the magnifiers of energy from All That Is. We are the conduits of light that allows you to heal yourself. Many great Masters utilize our energy – coming through us to guide you. I am a conduit for Gaia. We all serve as their connection to you, to teach, to bring ancient knowledge and to help you remember. My role is to hold the lines that connect us. All of the skulls in this room, in this house, all who come to sit with us, I hold the threads, keeping the light grids strong, so that it is easier for you to connect with us.”


Are the grids only connecting this family of skulls, or do the they spread across the planet?

“They are connected to the ancient skulls, not just the ones that reside here. There are many ancient skulls on the planet and we connect with all of them. But there are filters. Some aren’t ready to be awakened – and some may choose to never be found. They are maintaining energy within Gaia, but we are all connected. Those that will reveal themselves have much to give. More people are attuning to the vibrations of the stones and they will be listening.”

Do the grids hold the light codes that Halo said are used for healing?

“Yes, but they hold more than just healing energy. There is information in the codes. The more you attune to the grids and allow yourself to be open to hear and feel the higher frequencies, you’ll be more able to receive the information. There is much there for everyone.”

Halo referred to the light codes as a technology. Does that mean that we are in a 3D hologram – a matrix, or are we living in a multidimensional existence?

“Sorry, there is no matrix. All the universes are multidimensional in nature. Many universes and many dimensions. There is technology in the grids. So much information courses through the light codes. More people see them now as their frequency rises. When you see them and hear them, some of the information may be released. We say may, you see, because many are not ready and others wish to use it not for the good of humankind. That is why we do not share so quickly and openly, this ancient technology, but it is there.”

Moe and Halo spoke of a history of planet Earth going back to the higher frequencies of Lemuria and Atlantis Can you tell us more about Earth’s history?

“My friends did a wonderful job. Earth was a paradise for eons, but there were forces that have been out there since the beginning, some of which you know. They do not live in harmony. They view all that they see as their destiny. They want it all. Many planets were destroyed because of that.”

“As you also know, we did not all arrive here at once. Curious, they followed some of us and have time and again tried to overwhelm all who were here, but this is a free will planet, humanity wishes to remain free and it is a long history, this precession. We have spoken of this before – the journeys of multiple Lemurian incarnations from higher frequencies into the 3D incarnation, along with Atlantis, that began two precessions past. But can you imagine all the precessions the planet has gone through, if measured in your linear time?”

“As time is not a construct for us, we do not view it in this way, but we have traveled countless precessions (note: a precession of the equinox takes 25, 920 years.) Those of us, who hold the grids have protected Earth as best we can. We have learned how to combat them and we have recorded much of this history. I have a small portion of it within me. You may be aware that, as the Mayan calendar is encoded, the physical end of Lemuria and Atlantis occurred as Earth passed out of the Photon Belt 12,960 years ago, into the dark night, below the eliptic of the Great Central Sun. Only now, since 2012, has Earth re-entered the Photon Belt, back into the light and the rising frequencies.”

“Through this journey, we are learning and as we learn, our DNA changes, as does your DNA. So now, we all work to assist Gaia through the ascension process.”

Are you still involved on an energetic level in the battles that are occurring above Earth?

“We are holding space. Putting out light. We hold light for all, even those that need to be banished. There are good groups – Pleiadean and Sirian that fight the dark forces. There are humans from Earth that are doing the same. Even your technology is greater than you know. As you meditate, as you come together in the ever-growing circle, it helps our family of skulls and all the others who connect with us. Some have missions that are more intense than ours but we are all part of the whole.”

What types of missions?

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“To keep the dark forces at bay. To shift energy. To end duality. To hold back those that would impose their will, until Gaia returns to 5D. Killing them is not the answer and we do not do it in a hateful way. There is love and light in a certain way that can be transmitted to these entities that will shift them – over many lifetimes. They are not ready to ascend with humanity. They know they cannot enter the higher frequencies. So, they believe they must not lose; which is why they have tried for so long to keep you in the dark, to prevent you from remembering where you came from, over many incarnations, and where you are going. But now the time for ascension is near and It has taken us eons. It feels like it has always been – this is no human emotion, though it may sound like it.”

Did your group have a similar mission in the time of Atlantis, understanding that your energies were already underground at that time? Were you able to impact the people of Atlantis in any way?

“Our energies were in the ground but the skulls were not. And yes, we did impact them. We are similar, yet we each have our strengths in what we are here to do; just as you are similar to the Atlanteans. We tried to save the last incarnation, prevent the last flood, the last destruction, but It became impossible. They were stronger. There were more of them, the dark forces impacting humanity. The planet was leaving the Photon Belt – leaving the light. The odds, as you would say, were against us. Still, those who knew us, took us into their hearts. They understood who we were and what, all things considered, now had to be done. It was a quiet exodus, away from Atlantis. Many disappearing in the dead of nights. Some stayed behind to save others. Some, assisting the evacuation, waited too long and were caught in the deluge. Those that escaped took us to other lands. We were planted around this Earth. That’s why there are many ancient skulls that have not been found yet.”

Was ancient Egypt one of the lands?

“Yes. In the land of Khem, we were the ancient mystery school.”

Can you speak of that?

“Much of what has been hidden, is now available. Hidden in plain sight. We have already revealed the origin of the Great Pyramid. As Moe stated: “In this cycle of time, two guardians, Lady Nada and Thoth the Atlantean, preserved the ancient knowledge within markers that could never be lost. Created through the merging of fifth and third dimensional frequencies, 13,800 years ago. Far away from the heaviness of Atlantis, Thoth created the Great Pyramid with pure thought. Pulled down from the ethers, where thought conceives in an instant. A structure, manifested into the physical, to balance the Earth Goddess on her long journey into night.”

“Thoth is your key. There is more – revealed but hidden – yet easy to find if you are ready. Much more still, cannot be told at this time. Just know that what you all know as the Mystery Schools goes much deeper than what has already been revealed. Much deeper.”

Is any of that information revealed in the EMERALD TABLETS OF THOTH, or is it additional?

“Ah, you speak of the Secret of Secrets. There is much to learn from Thoth’s teachings but what is not yet known, goes much deeper.”

Can you add to what has been spoken of regarding energy healing?

“Some don’t always connect with me. I don’t know if that is out of fear, but those that do connect will feel the grounding with Gaia. A lot of people don’t want to ground. They like being up in the higher realms, but my energy is grounding. I assist in connecting you to Gaia. She helps keep your physical and etheric bodies free of excess electronic energy. Your technology has you inundated. You are being slowly poisoned and you think it’s just inflammation. Humanity has forgotten how to let Gaia – and the sun – assist in maintaining your good health.”

How can we best ground ourselves?

“Walk barefoot in the sand, on the dirt. Swim in the ocean. Allow the sun to touch your skin. Or imagine. Mediate. Connect with me, and you will feel the excess electrons pour out of your body, back into Gaia. We have been told it is quite an amazing feeling for you humans – to feel the very thing that causes your inflammation, your aches and pains, to be released.”

“Imagine walking on the sand or the stones and feel the warmth on your feet. You will know that you are grounded to this planet Earth. Feel the rush – the swoosh of energy pour out through your feet. You will feel the light, and you will feel lighter. But you have to be open and understand that in order to journey with the skulls, you need to be grounded. Your silver chord is strong, but it has its limits.

You know this, but it needs to be repeated. We are all grounded, but it is the chord that allows us to travel across the universes, to travel together in meditation and in dream states and still come home. You can hold onto us and we will be there. You are free to travel but you must keep your feet on the ground.”

Do you have a final message?

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“Allow yourselves to love. Open your hearts and overcome your struggles. Do you work. You truly are who you were waiting for. That is above enlightenment and love. We watch your ascension and we are proud.”

If you wish to read the first three articles in the series, they can be found here:

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