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Light Is Life, Energy And Information

By on February 24, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Light Is Life, Energy And Information

by Angel V.  Ornedo,   Jr .
Contributing Writer,

We have understood and remembered light is more than electricity generation, it is life provider and information.  It is a mode of knowing what has been known before as there is nothing new in the universe and without it you do not exist. It is the language of the crystalline light beings. Light emanates from Love of Intelligent Energy, a force that contains life giving soup and photon substance, filling all known space in the universe. It opens our minds to knowledge that we use in our experience gathering on Earth, a desire of God to know more of Himself.


Earth and all of humanity are preparing, qualifying for a higher evolved vibrational frequency, a consciousness merging with the universe. Earth has been raised from 3d frequency to the early dimension frequency of 5d  with the assistance of evolved collective souls and the sustained consciousness of the planet.  Higher Beings volunteered for this purpose, took the martyrdom risks of the danger of falling to darkness of 3d and below, where the planet is throwing itself out of the sun’s orbit. This is a deeper meaning of Christ Consciousness flowing into our hearts and minds. You turn veiled when you are at 3d and sink further to darkness.

Light with us, these overwhelming waves of energy from Source will flow to the person who prepares for ascension, transmutation and be a part of the collective consciousness of ascending humanity.  You can join Mother Earth as She has ascended to 5d by knowing and remembering who you really are.


Protection of our physical bodies, a component of mind, body, spirit complex comes from light sent to us by All That Is. Concentrate on “Light” giving energy in our physical solid looking illusionary world and you develop a force, a shield of protection untouchable by any dark influence.   Create and imagine a sphere of blue flame, a shield of light protection around you from Source as you wake up in the morning. A NASA scientist calls this earth’s illusion a program and matrix, a hologram now popular at new tech cellphones to understand it. The Source Energy thru prism divides pure white light to seven colors with seven times seven times seven, infinity every dimension where blue stands tall as the color of protection with the assistance of diamond white light. If dark and shadow beings are stubborn, cast them away with thoughts of light flowing unto you from Christ Consciousness and the Source of All That Is.  You can outright see “Violet laser flame from your left hand and golden laser flame flowing at your right hand”.  Strike and cast away all dark beings and gory shadows lurking near you who are trying to suck your light energy.  Nothing can harm you as you are a light being within yourself. Those turning to light are attacked by these shadows as they are full of light energy, the sustenance of the dark.  Again, remember you are a fragment of the Source Energy, God’s version of Him experiencing life in human form, thus darkness can never outwit you.


The Central Sun opened a portal in our Solar Sun that brought cleansing light including these blue and diamond white flames, the fires of light confirmed by our scientific community. We are further enlightened and strengthened by these incoming lights and are preparing us for transmutation to 5d. With love and light you have the total support and assistance from the galactic family, the higher realm of light beings watching over all of humanity mandated by Source.  This is their turn to help selves and others, a huge honor for any being of light.  Realize the planet we reside is a sentient being, just like a human being created from earth, water, air and fire, the message of Christ and the Higher Realm Beings.  Realization of this truth lifts your consciousness to a planetary level passed the individual and group consciousness.   You  have  the  power with  your  thoughts, intention and fully supported by   action  to accomplish  what  you  have  planned while we live in our present carbon physical state.  Thru our experience using the five senses, physical living is an addicting lifestyle. With physical form, we live different experiences from that of light beings and ascending human beings but are all subject to the influence of the dark.

With greed and power over others, we gain so much body satisfaction from physicality that it pulls us down to lower dimensions nearing darkness. Knowing our predicament, be aware and learn the means to claim our inherent soul gifts that emanated from light form where we all came from.  Light can be visible as you visualize and concentrate while doing it in the stillness of the night to cast out darkness or shadow of any form  clinging on you,  suckers of energy  near you. You just don’t know it yet but you will as you are a light fragment of the Creator, God.  As you awaken, feel  lightness  within, see a universe within, a feeling and taste of raised vibrational frequency.


Unconditional Love is utilized by Source Energy to tap the concentration of light. In a similar fashion, an individual can  increase drawing  power of Light several thousand  folds  if  he observes the  positive  values  of human beings, love of self and others.  The attitude of love, compassion and humility are a must. Ascended Masters call it love of others and self foremost as without love of self how can you love others. Never neglect or fail to love self as realization of this truth allows you to share your love with others.

Love means unity consciousness never possessiveness, what we humans are good at. This is a simple application of light as information. The thought that children are possessions are out of place as we agreed to be here on Earth as caretakers of these beautiful little children and we decided by ourselves to perform this function. Several of these children are indigo type, ‘the saviors’,  the volunteers from the higher realm, the ones who will carry humanity to higher vibrational frequency and consciousness.  Yes we made the decision before our birth to raise the vibration of little children, humanity and foremost Mother Earth now on Her way to “New Earth” as we worked thru our collective consciousness that lifted  and raised  Her vibration to 5d. Sages repeat this message, ‘we came to Earth to raise the consciousness and  vibration frequency of Gaia’ to 5d.  Realize again that we, the darkness in humans have abused Earth for millions of years causing her fall to lower dimensions and it is our primordial duty to uplift and raise her consciousness back to her paradise form. 3d allowed the planet partly to heal herself.   It is time to get out of the mess where dark beings, Illuminati, the Anunnaki  and humans alike made havoc of the planet, a sentient being, just like us. Realize once more that Earth has billions of years lifespan than humanity, ascending and transforming to light to a  Sun.

We have misplaced concepts and dark values, the form of greed of horns like accumulating  money,  materials,  collections of art forms, buildings and houses.  Look at what celebrities, mulcting humans and politicians, the  Illuminati  are doing with so called material wealth. All are misplaced human ideas. Most veiled  humans are immersed and obsessed  with  power over others,  we  call  love  but  are in reality selfishness, an inner  darkness, sludge or blockage in themselves.  People have a desire for longevity to cheat death, the sign of body addiction and the love of five senses as they forgot their true function in this lifetime. We are here to  raise the consciousness and  vibration of Earth to 5d and ourselves with Her. We are just passengers, riders of the planet. Realize further that Earth is on her way seeking God and the only way is Her transformation in several billion years to light form,  a diamond brilliant shining star, a sentient light being, a home for us for Light Beings.


Light emanates from love and the moment we recognize the   truth, our lives will be transformed from a veiled knowledge to that of knowing.  Wisdom will smile on us. With love and light, manifestation of all our thoughts will be reality with action.  Seek The Supreme Creator, awaken and realize the wonderful world of collective consciousness, unity and oneness with the Source of All That Is. We are one with Source Energy. Our preparation seeking God commenced and our dream of living in heaven, in 5d is almost a reality.  Humanity’s time of transformation is within our grasp.  Embrace it.  The truth comes always from love and light.  That is our only way!  You can do it  NOW.

Love and light,


About the author:   ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR. is an MBA,CPA, concentrates on teaching acts of love, light and unity consciousness. Thru corporate business capitalist,  he had provided livelihood to where he can at his workplace. He hails from Philippines,  SEAsia.  Link with him at or connect at  Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and  ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator’.  

Image: Pixabay

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