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More Proof Of “WAVE X” And UPDATE From Dr. Simon Atkins

By on July 9, 2015 in Awareness, Spiritual Awakening
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More Proof Of “WAVE X” And UPDATE From Dr. Simon Atkins in5d in 5d

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Contributing writer,

The following information is a small portion of information that has flowed in since my interview with Dr. Simon Atkins on the Cosmic Awakening Show.

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I have included recent emails from Simon and some information from Lance White in an effort to share a bit of updated news on the “Wave X”, our sun’s binary brown dwarf, CERN and the subsequent effect these have on the economy and psyche of humanity. Here is the first of two emails I received from Simon:

Question: This is Christopher from the Shattering the Matrix site. Having listened to your latest 3 hour radio show, would you mind if I asked you one question? What bothers me is CERN and the collider and how it could affect the wave and maybe even prevent its effect on our evolution. To me this is a gross violation of free will, for those that know about it and those that do not. What can we do to make sure this wave happens and does what’s it’s supposed to do? I would love to publish your reply to this, as this, to me, is of paramount importance………if you allow me to publish it. Best wishes, Christopher. Answer: Chris, good day. Right-o, I found your question, yea!  🙂  Permit me to answer it in bullets so that’s easier to read.

  • Yes, I confirm that CERN’s intention, creation and scientific ability is to block Humanity’s awakening, full stop.  However, the Love Light Wave (LLW), a 70s-ish way to call “Wave X” (or the intergalactic energy wave) is more than very likely actually going to penetrate a large portion of the planet successfully even if a part of it is destroyed by CERN’s dark capabilities.
  • These types of scientific experiments, even the trillion-dollar-plus program that CERN has become, usually do not achieve their end result the first time, and so the more immediate danger is that CERN could literally create a “warp dimensional hole” somewhere near it (in Europe) that could then “travel” “in and out [of our normal dimensional space] around the planet, causing literal chaos in many areas.
  • Closing that ‘unleashed’ ‘hole’ will be the main threat but it will cause the planet & humanity to awaken further.  We are literally now starting (as of July 7, 2015) the 90-day window of extreme volatility on Mother Gaia. There is going to be such an incredible outpouring of love of which humanity has never experienced, yet at the same time, there will be huge extremes in economic, political, social and climatic occurrences, with many events unfolding that may never have happened in a very long time (since the last evolutionary wave into Earth).
  • What each of us can do is BELIEVE that the Light “wins” and dominates in the ‘play’ against those energies (both human and cosmic-journeying entities here on Earth) that wish nothing but to control and to enslave the human race electromagnetically.  We can also manifest that the power grid around CERN (and all back-up power to it) does not become functional, and that all are protected in this manifestation.
  • We must NOT have fear:  easier said than done when more people begin to see other dimensions and visions into other portals.  One must remember that reality is interdimensional, and that when more experience the natural energy portals that open-up on the planet, that allow the consciousness of humanity to gain positively, it’s going to be increasingly harder for empaths, spiritually-connected and heart-centered people to rise, but the way we have to imagine it is that we are lifting-off in a rocket — in which the G-force will be incredible, but to keep believing every week, every day, every hour, every minute, and every second — with centeredness and gratitude on Breath — that each of us — together — can and will complete this journey at this very important time for our planet’s growth into the Light.  Namaste and Gratitude every day in each one of our lives, in remembering we are all connected as brothers and sisters, and that Love always wins, always.

With heart, Simon

The second email is public announcement from Simon’s website Skyaia:

Howdy! I am “officially” starting a 90-day “Intense Magnetics Alert” time window (through early October).  Magnetics are reaching a critical point on the planet:  they are soaring, and it’s going to go MUCH higher. This is the window of time that I have said for a number of years now is going to be potentially life-changing for many people on the planet.  And many predictions that I had put on the proverbial charts are coming true, including the initialization of the global market crash. Do not have fear:  this will only push you further into the negativity.

Be AWARE and really spend more time a) on your health (mental, emotional & spiritual as well as physical) and b) connecting the dots, and using your life experience and intuition to figure-out what is really going on.  I am just one voice.  It’s far better you do NOT use “live” television to gain your ‘points’ of research and occurrences, because it’s all becoming noise, irrelevant lies and inconsequential bits of information that are just guided toward bringing down humanity.

So without any further adieu, I had the privilege to do an interview 6 days ago (on July 2nd, 2015).  It was a radio show in connection with the largest metaphysical / spiritual site in the world, //, and the name of the show is called The Cosmic Awakening Show with Michelle Walling, a very special and spiritually-advanced lady who I have the utmost admiration for in a new friendship.  For those that know me well, the name of this show is perfect for SKYAIA, and the work I do (beside the climate risk / macroeconomic predictions).

In 6 days, it has reached beyond 16,000 hits, and it’s climbing at over 100 hits every 30 mins.  It could be going viral soon.  This is a gigantic privilege, because I am glad that more of humanity is waking-up.  We are literally on the cusp! IF this interview vibrates “Truth” in your book, then I thank you for posting this on Facebook and Twitter and sending it out to your groups.  This is an opportunity to help many people know more. I talk about so many topics on the interview.

I say everything with a positive intention.  Kindly keep your mind open, plan ahead, and double-check everything.  This next 90-day window is going to be a whirlwind in so many ways, but take a breath, and know, in the calm of your heart, you CAN do it. Blessings from me to you, Simon

PS  I will have even more details on the predictions on the Phoenix Rising Radio / Truth Frequency Show tomorrow evening (Thursday, July 9th, 2015 @ 10 pm Eastern Time).  

Here is the link to their webpage: Dr. Simon R. R. Atkins, PhD, DSc (AM) Author, “Skyaia:  Control or Freedom” (Vol 1) // “Blinded or Awake” (Vol 2) Doctor of Alternative Health & Natural Healing

The frequency shifts are so prominent that there is a plethora of information springing up on the internet. I have included just a few of these for you to check out for yourself:

– Shows more evidence of the Edgar Cayce prediction of a binary star turned red dwarf that will affect the frequency of Earth, as well as knowledge of magnetics in ancient times.

Talks about how the earth and sun are connected electromagnetically

Discusses the Universal process of evolution

Includes a paper on the Geophysics of Planetary Evolution


Reviews predictions about incoming galactic waves at this time


One of many articles on In5d about how magnetic solar energy is affecting our DNA This information is being put out there for you to study for yourself and to use your own discernment.

This is not the time for spiritual laziness. A three hour radio show may seem like a lot of time for you to spend, and there may not be a lot of time on a day for reading several articles, however this is the time we have been waiting for and it is happening NOW.

Preparation would include getting lots of rest and centering and grounding, as described in this article summary: The 2015 Frequency Shift UPDATE from Dr. Simon Atkins

We are experiencing life in a free will Universe that is created with negative and positive polarity. For every nasty thing that is occurring on the planet, a positive outcome is being created against it. The worse it gets with the domination and control system, the closer it is to the great fall of our old reality.

This energetic shift seems to have dragged on, however things have been ramped up to lightning speed lately. When the big “wave X’ will come is unknown but it is evident that is coming soon, as it has been forecasted for late September. Keep in mind that it could happen at anytime as we see an increase in evidence around the world. It is happening as we speak with the economy. Here is an update from my friend Lance White:

“The major media is a SPINNING LIE MACHINE. The truth about the stock exchange, TODAY, Wednesday, experiencing a “technical glitch” and halting trading is BULL-fill in-the-blank-ONEY. You want the truth? “You can’t handle the truth!” (Yes you can…) Greece was a domino. Perhaps not THE domino, but yet another one to topple the interconnected, entangled field that everything resides in. Hence, when banks closed in Greece, and the real people who made the money, trusted in the Mafia-run banks, tried to get it, they were unable. That is going to happen, sooner or later, to ALL banks around the world. It’s on their planning tables.

Additionally, the theft brokers at one of the major institutions is saying “we can’t make any money now, so we’re implementing NEGATIVE INTEREST. This means you GIVE them your money, which you worked for, and they hold it for you – and charge you interest for all that trouble of taking your life savings. What a racket! Back to the US stock market, a system of A.I. theft: The market halted, due to people WAKING UP and real-EYES-ing that the whole system is literally a House of Cards. It’s a huge gaming table, a la Las Vegas, for the super uber wealthy, and their bosses and peers. They’re all in it at the top, which is now topsy turvy, and the people are going to discover that paper money is WORTHLESS.

My father said this in 1957: “The Bilderbergs own the world, and paper money is worthless”. So, what happens when the consensus reality starts to crumble? The stock market crashes, and A.I., which is way beyond what we’re told it is, runs the entire system here. People will TRY to sell their paper stock, and when the computer reaches a set point, as in a 500 point drop, it HALTS TRADING. DUH Double DUH.

You’ve heard of the Pyramids, right? Ever heard of a Pyramid Scheme? The entire Wall Street Corporate ILLusion, colluding with all the governments and petty leaders of the world, vain peacocks flaunting their imaginary power, along with the military, vast wealth of RELIGIONS, all hooked together: Captain Sandy HOOK! The world is a massive, global Pyramid Scheme, designed to break the backs of the real workers, even those at the top of the imaginary “game”, and steal everything they have.

Look at all the laws being passed in a flurry, to confiscate your land, houses, cars, food, water, air… and your CHILDREN! Did I leave anything out? Oh yes, they’re taking our sanity, peace of mind, happiness and joy… but we

are fighting back by laughing in the face of all this baloney, having fun, loving ourselves and our friends and families, and going out into nature – to have a PICNIC of celebration!”

In closing, here is yet another email with a great quote from Simon:

I have a great mantra: “I am seated into my Heart Chakra, one with the earth and the cosmos.  I am everflowing, ever graceful, and unmoved by any negativity.  I treat all with respect, kindness and empathy, and I serve my Self as a part of humanity, growing in the abundance field in the beauty of all sentient beings, now and forever more.” Sending you a big hug! Simon


We will continue to keep you updated at and on the latest proof that a shift in consciousness is resulting from solar and cosmic energy bathing the planet at this time.

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About the author: Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric contributing writer for Michelle is the webmaster for five websites including and Michelle is the host of In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Show and In5d Network. Her personal Facebook page can be found here.

Image: Pixabay

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