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Tiffany Stiles Confirms Energetic Shifts At In5d Headquarters

By on May 3, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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Tiffany Stiles Confirms Energetic Shifts At In5d Headquarters

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Guest Writer,

Tiffany Stiles Confirms Energetic Shifts At In5d Headquarters

Gregg and I have both experienced “ascension symptoms’ exactly as described by my Facebook friend Tiffany Stiles in a recent post. The synchronicity of Tiffany’s post confirms to us that we are literally being reborn and transformed during the illumination of the solar gates.

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A few days ago, Gregg Prescott of In5d shifted through a massive energetic clearing while walking on the beach. During his daily three mile walks, his heart constricted and he thought he might be having some serious trouble. For the first time ever, he was forced to stop and sit down while it passed. He ended up being okay, and it was confirmed later in the day that I was working in an energetic portal with him in my intentions at the exact time of the tightness in his chest.

The next day, I had heart palpitations as I moved through a major clearing in my heart as well. I also broke out in hives and had a middle back ache. Although I am very aware of exactly what caused all of these ascension symptoms, I really love the confirmation I get as I find what other beautiful people are sharing on the internet.

Here is a post on Facebook by Tiffany that brought our confirmation:

G1-class geomagnetic storms are underway on May 2nd as Earth passes through a region of space filled with negative-polarity magnetic fields. This will bring on crown tingles and “itchies” as well as feelings in the wing area of the back, with some mid back and shoulder aches. (You feel as though you are sprouting wings and you can feel the weight of their magnificence).

You will feel chakra vibrations and flutters. You may experience some rashes from this energy. Some will experience tightness in the heart chakra as it constricts and expands with the old collapsing and the new being reborn. Sub atomic particles are entering our field, causing shaking, moving, and shifting. This affects Earth as well as us. Embrace, receive, accept, and integrate this beautiful love filled energy. We are shifting into higher vibrational frequency now. You may experience some technical malfunctions with electronics as this energy pours in.


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  • JADE


  • ROSE



Sending much love, light and blessings.

We are indeed raising our vibrational resonance with the help of our higher selves, guides, and oversouls. Mercury retrograde, mixed in with geomagnetic storms and timeline shifts, can cause electronics to mess up. In fact they can completely stop working. From what we have seen, wait a few days and intend that they begin working again. Ask them to assist you with your mission and then turn them on and see if that rectifies the situation. We have personally experienced this to be the case.

As I mentioned, Gregg was at the beach (grounding barefoot on the 99% quartz crystal sands) when he went through a tremendous energy clearing and shift in timelines. It is extremely important to be grounded in order to allow Earth to give you the electromagnetic balance that you need to move through these energetic times. I was barefoot as well on concrete, watering the plants and messing with an old water hose when my palpitations occurred. It seems to happen when it is supported by the planet.

This is just one of the many phases we have gone through in this lifetime where we look back and understand this is a part of the ascension process. It seems that every wave of energy or geomagnetic storm brings us closer and closer to where we need to be. We are not only making the shift happen in our reality, but we are shifting through our own “stuff”. Many people are strong enough to take on energies from others and from the planet as well, so try not to judge what is happening to you or others. Some people may be getting a double dose at this time.

The synchronicities at In5d headquarters have brought huge confirmations for us that we are on the right track. I recently heard two different radio shows that said that shifting into 5d was a New Age trap. They said that they felt like the fifth dimensional earth was still a part of the matrix. I immediately felt vibrationally lowered and sick in my solar plexus when I heard this. If there is one thing I can tell you for sure it is that I am raising my frequency with the planet, and I am a part of the planet embodied.

I know I came here to be a part of this shift. I will emerge in a new reality and I came here to do this. Those that choose this and resonate with this are going to attend a party one day with me on this new Earth that we are co-creating together. Not everyone will resonate with this, as those who are enjoying 3d Earth do not want her to shift out of their perception.

Use the tools you have been reminded of- grounding, meditation, essential oils, and alchemy. Also, work on merging with various aspects of your oversoul. Transmute any aspects that are not of a high frequency and rescue the “chards” of your spirit that got frozen in time due to an extreme trauma. For volunteer souls, our job is to be whole once more and to bring in as much plasma light as possible into the physical body. We are in a special time of galactic alignment where stargates within us are being activated, and ancient knowledge is being revealed. I want to throw this out to anyone that resonates with it:

If you see a stargate appear in the near future, seriously consider walking through it.

As I have mentioned many times in my radio shows, be sure to do the things that make you happy and eat what your body craves. Let us know if you are experiencing similar symptoms or synchronicities!

About the author: Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. Michelle is the webmaster for,,, and Michelle is the host of the Cosmic Awakening Show. Her personal Facebook page can be found here.

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